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Wrap those delicious legs around me on that boat dock and let her have it hard.

wow this girl is super pretty! wow such a pretty face! Thanks!!!!

Lovely Lena, Pretty face, awesome breasts, great smiles and magnificent legs! Those legs are a wonder in themselves. you don't see legs that perfect very often. I think they are her best feature but then all of her features are quite lovely.

A very nice set in a very limited space. Nice work

To bad most pictures are out of focus!!

I wish that was my boat dock.

One of the best stomachs in all of Met-Art, and we only see it for a few frames. I am so tired of this trend.

Maybe it's because it's summer; maybe it's the girl but this was the PERFECT set and setting to wake up to this day. Lina is gorgeous. The shoot is simple and sexy without being vulgar. I loved it.. Thanks Rylsky!

Cara bonita! Hermosos ojos! Bastante coño! Sólo deseo que ella dejaría ello se extendió abierto más! Quiero ver adentro tu precioso, hendidura rosa, cariño!

I veri much like tath yu stop riting such a damned nasty spanish.Spanish Language is not what you hear from the latin american inmigration or the films about the mexican border .It´s a
language with many centuries of History behind,and the second in the world
regarding the number of people who speak it,and was born in Spain,a Nice sunny
country in the south of Europe once the center of a huge Empire.Speaking Spanish properly is like tasting history,so stop offending spaniards an go and
write your obscenities in your mother language.

The seller

Cualquiera que sea?

My favorite Spanish word is 'arrogancia', of which you have in abundance. Half the world speaks Spanish 'because' of the "Empire" you mention, which forced their language on every culture they encountered in the New World, and did their best to irradicate the cultures that survived for hundreds (if not thousands)of years without them. The "Mexican" language of today is in part, a combination of their native tongue and the Spanish that was forced on them. If 'Caballo's "mother language" had survived the Spanish "invasion" he just might be 'riting' in that language today. So stick to commenting on the photosets, not criticizing other's comments and using poor English to tell someone their Spanish is not up to your standards.

Ain't buyin' it!

Thank you Lord,your wish is my command!

The seller

Very sexy to see Lina around the water only dressed in a t-shirt, exposing her totally shaved pussy with pleasure!

Typical Rylsky set: Repeats without end. Up to more than 10 times the same pose.

That is a darned cheek, if you will pardon the expression.

I would be happy to 'pardon the expression' if I knew what it meant...;o) Please elaborate. It occurs to me that this may be an older set though, as I see 'typical Rylsky' sets of late are a bit better than this as far as repeats and his 'signature' focusing issues. There's enough here for ME to enjoy this gorgeous creature though, and ignore the shortcomings of an otherwise great set. Lighting, poses and setting are very pleasing to me. And it IS Lena!! Adorable, sexy and delicious Lena...

This is the quickest kind to make money...

Sheer loveliness AND eroticism.... an easy 10.

I am a Rylsky supporter, but this set is ordinary. Lina still is beautiful, slender, and has the same great eyes and eyebrows, brilliant smile, cute butt and lovely pussy.


Why do U scream like a banshee?

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