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This is the best of six sets. You are so sexy and lovely Linden

Of all the Vagina's I have seen, this one is the weirdest.

Great work on behalf of the photographer for getting this girl to pull the pose on Pic 26.

No woman likes to degrade herself by having to pull her arse cheeks apart to show off her Anus for men to inspect its perfection, for all his pleasure.

The combination of the pink and brown makes this Anus all the more perfect, inviting and pleasurable than the out of shape Vagina she possesses.

The elegance determination beauty and prowess of all women is made even when she gives up and opens her bottom and Anus for the pleasure and gratification of a man.

Very good first set. I'm looking forward to many, many more of this alluring young woman. Top marks.

It's difficult to imagine a woman being more exciting than Linden. Like most men, I'd give anything to spend some intimate time with her. Arkisi, you are The Man! Way to go, superb photography. :)

I'm not sure, but I might've just found my new Favorite MET model. I'll wait for her next set before I pass any further judgement. Until then, thanks to Arkisi...and more importantly thanks to Linden. Superb.

sweet flaps.

the bedspreads blacks leave them to the funeral home

the bedspreads blacks leave them to the funeral home

Wouldn't it be nice if every Met-Art set was like this?

Met people, show this to Leonardo, and tell him that this is what people want. If he doesn't want to produce pictures like this, let him take his camera away.

I like sets like this... I like sets like what Leonardo shoots as well. There are four sets + per day. Sometimes one is by Leonardo. If you don't like it, skip it. Variety is the spice of life, man, and if all I want to see is closeup after closeup of pussy after pussy...well, there are lot of sites like that.

Welcome to Met-Art Linden, and Thank you for such an outstanding, uninhibited debut. Your beauty is flawless. Beautiful eyes, beguiling smile, your breasts are perfection in shape and form, great hips and shapely legs. Your pussy is eloquent in its expression, soft and a true delight to observe - proving God is a bloke and he has created the sweetest plaything designed for man.

I have rated you a 10, only because I couldn't rate you higher:-)

10 also to Mr Arkisi for his creativity and flawless photography. I hope you both continue in the same vein you've started in.

One last thing, I've been known to enjoy a decent dollop of cream in my morning, or late night coffee. At any time really:-) Cream is also exquisite floating on my after-dinner Grand Marnier;-)

Nice debut! Beautiful, natural blonde and alluring blue eyes! Sweet smile! Great body! Y Oh, ¡Sí! Me encanta a ver esos grandes grandes, sabrosos coño labios separe abrir!

Quite simply...Exquisite! Set,...Model,...and Photography, each in their own way collaborate to capture your eyes- and complete the art of erotic seduction. I'm eagerly anticipating my next 'encounter' with Linden!

Nice debut from this teen.Hope to see more of her.

I forgot it was the first of the month and nearly missed this set; what a little hottie you have found here Met. Pictures #106, #107 and #108 are my favourites. More Linden as soon as possible please.

Beautiful woman, great debut. I believe Linden's beautiful labia will photograph and look great from any angle. Another great "find" from Arkisi. Welcome and thanks Linden.

Most perfect vulva in the universe! More, please!

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