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now that is a pussy for munching on

Check her out on Sex Art today. A wonderful set.

And God created woman! What a glorious pussy!!

I'd have a really hard time getting my face out of this scrumptious pie!!

Linden tell us where is that forest.
All of us would like to meet you in that forest.

Love her! More please.


This is a technical question, so you'll have to bear with me: Where is her clit?!

Trust me, it's there. Give some alone time with this girl and I'll find it.

Pardon me, this is gonna sound snarky, but... that is the question guys have been asking ever since gynecologists clued us in to the fact that the clit exists...

Why can't I see any of the pictures?

Hopefully it's not temporary blindness... LOL

J-841 ironically a similar problem was reported over on Sex @ 5:290 PM Pacific Time. What time was it when it happened to you and in what time zone. Jon's site administrator here will probably see your post but since this happened on the site you could have done a direct email to support.

that is one yummy lil butter tart. so cute....and that labia. thumbs up.

Linden is very beautiful. She is also very hot. I just wish we could start Ukranian beauty contests in the U.S.

This is an amazing set of a wonderfully beautiful young lady.
I like the fact that she is more of a "girl next door" and not the rail-thin fashion model type of beauty we see so often. She is much closer to the body type of the first real-life woman I had a long drawn out sexual crush on... ( :
I hope many more sets (and vids!) are on the way of this beautiful young lady.

Just imagine what she could do with her butterfly if we had her over on SexArt.

Ha ha! Point well taken, swplf... personally, I decided to unsubscribe to SexArt because I like to see my models' attributes without fingers/toys/other boy's penises in the way... ( ;

But of course, this is not to diss your tastes... "to each, his own." I'm glad they dreamed up SexArt for y'all, I have to admit it features some stunningly beautiful women. ( :

She is gorgeous. I'd like to see her with her muff grown out.

Apart from some wretched cropping, I like how Leonardo has photographed Linden. I wonder how glazar will view this set. Linden has so many attribeauts (sic) that any decent photographer should be able to garner high ratings for photo sets of her. Linden, of course, will always receive high ratings. Two sets, two photographers. Wouldn't it be interesting if many more photographers worked with her and we could judge how each present the same model.

This is her second outing. Young, Cute, Not sure her breast qualify as "small". And, of course. Ukrainian. Have to wonder if her hobby is lip syncing.

Sailor, you don't have to say a word. The Old Fart Brotherhood already voted. This Ukrainian doll, is already on your dinner menu.

I am deeply moved. As soon as I surface, I will express my gratitude in several thousand well-chosen words. (Relax. It won't happen soon. Dinner is going to take a very long time. This beautiful child has a lot to love.)

P.S. Do you think both of her eyes are in the same zip code? They're fantastic.

I agree a quest for my Sancho....

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