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Une merveille pour... Renoir!

Beautiful model...beautiful photography...one of the best sets ever. Perfection.

Love the mix of full body pictures, beautiful face close ups and mouth watering pictures of those delicious lady parts! Thank you Linden for opening up to Leonardo for such an awesome set of pictures.

I can't believe that this is a Leonardo set????? Are you sure???? Starting off with 2 in your face clearly focused pussy shots and full of closeups, rear shots??? this has got to be a mistake!

Maybe there is hope. I have never seen a set like this coming from Leonardo but it is a refreshing change for sure.

Amen brother, Maybe he has been reading our "comments" i.e. bitches.

I just about fell out of my chair in disbelief. Perhaps someone is listening!

Ya think? Naw, Maybe K pulled his tail.

Linden has grown to be one of my favorites. I like that she has a fuller figure and is not afraid to show it off. This is a good set and I agree with 5seadog that she is great for the outdoor shoots. The set opened with some closeups and I had to do a double take that it was indeed shot by Leonardo. I'm glad that he is apparently adding some closeups to his shoots. A nice balance of poses in a scenic outdoor setting make this set a keeper for sure.

Eh, not that hot. Also why do I have to be the only person to post a negative comment? Usually I say every set is great, but the model needs to shave up inner legs better.

Still, though, its always nice to see a naked girl. :)

Jeff and Linden on the same day!!?? I'm positively giddy!!! ;o)

Hi Linden, beautiful mermaid, waiting for a lover who caresses your graces.
Proud to be female and to show it.
Thanks for letting us take a look at paradise.

Linden is a very beautiful girl who is a very good outdoor model. I'd go to the lake with her anyday.I like full figured girls with something to get hold of. You will notice on the close-ups that Linden just shaves the pelvic area,she waxes the undercarriage, which looks a lot better than shaving, no razorburn or inflamed skin. Per rags25 who is a female member, its a lot more comfortable too.

In front of the grace and beauty you think about fur?
The Nereadi had no hair.

Hi Gaetano Maria in fact I prefer it, but having been a painter and photog myself, I do agree it has to be neat. Wax the undercarriage( American modelspeak for the opening of anus and vagina,) and trim the rest until its neat, and that's all. I never did understand why a grown woman likes to look like a baby, but there are things you don't argue about with women(I have been married twice,the first ended in divorce,the second lasted until she passed.)One of them is beauty and fashion. What do women want?- S. Freud.

Warm smile and delicious oyster!

Christmas came early today!!!

So did I!!!!!!!!!!

Linden has a robust body which is a pleasant variation to the more petite ladies often featured here on MET. She also has nice eyes, beautiful long hair, a fetching smile, a fine derriere, love handles, and great inner labia. Here's hoping she takes better care of that one thumb.

Linden and Leonardo, thanks for bringing another great set of pictures to Met. Linden, you are looking lovely.

What a day two Ukrainian babies. One 18 one 19. Both should be at least 9's. And an 18 year old Russian. Youth rules today....

It's a great day.

When a set starts with a butterfly with its wing spread... Awesome...

That is some rear .xx

Isn't that the truth.

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