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Cigarettes, quite literally, stink. I can't imagine a bigger turnoff and disappointment than finding oneself with a beautiful, naked and soapy woman who suffers from ashtray breath.

Pretty woman, great body.

Those pussy shots from behind are fantastic!

To take a beautiful model and wrap her in cigarettes and soapsuds is a complete turnoff for me. Sticking to the shower is much more fun!

a soapy, sudsy fantantic set

Such a delicious ass.Soap suds are so not needed.

This is one beautiful and sexy girl, but let's keep her in the bedroom....huh? Or at least on a nice couch!

A beautiful woman (or any one) smoking is a big turn off for me!

I do agree with your, Dr. Dave, no matter how beautiful a woman is I get really turn off when they smoke

Lisi is a gorgeous woman with really hot body!!! But I agree with you Frankieboaby, of all the things out there that are "supposed" to be sexy, smoking is the one that does absolutely nothing for me!

Smoking is NOT sexy. Smoking kills.

This is a grown woman and she knows what he's doing.
One cigarette for a photo shoot is not going to kill anyone, yet :D

I'm particularly fond of this beauty, but with the exception of a few good shots, this set blows!! Bathroom sets are seldom appealing and hiding the model in a bubble bath is downright criminal! And I was sooo looking forward to her new set!!! Very disappointing...:o(

Uhhhhh....I'm gonna do a bit of backtracking on this one. This is actually the first 'bathtub' scene that I really enjoyed when I took more time to look at it. Maybe it's just Lisi that made it enjoyable to me. I think this girl is something special. It's harder and harder to find fault in any of her sets...even THIS one now! Not quite as disappointed as I thought I was...

Not keen on bathroom scenes myself,but its the beauty of Lisi which makes so enjoyable.

Gorgeous uninhibited girl all soapy and wet, what's not to like?, Lisi is a real timeless beauty and not afraid to show that beauty in all it's facets, magnificent.

....unstable pic quality!

Maybe...the...Flux Capacitor is broken in Goncharov's Image Obtaining Device!!

....I don't think so! :)

Awe sure...c'mon. Sounds good to me!! ;o)

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