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magnifique plante super

Very nice retro feel to this set... almost 1950's at time. What really would have made it would have been garter straps coming down from beneath that skirt.

This is a wonderful sexy woman . She seduces by looking at you and shows at the same moment her magnificent pussy. I love you baby ! More like that with dresses on

The best set of the site !!!
Thanks to Goncharov for not over using of close up !!!!!!!

This is a great site and the girls are a knock-out. I'd like to see more close ups of their assholes, though - preferably with them looking back at us and smiling.

The most beautiful girl in the world.

The most beautiful girl in the world.

Very sexy lady . Great outfit , and I really like her hairstyle and

Amazing set, Goncharov hits it BIG!

Very Clever, old fashion look,

Great Photography, Retro look

Supper cute Lisi A,

I was under the impression that this site was all about nudity. Where is the nudity in this set? Next time take the damned clothes and stockings off! If I want to look at women in clothes and stockings I will check out JCP's catalog.

It isn't. It is all about the beauty of the female form... all of the female form. There are sets that start nude, there are others that don't. I really like to watch a woman disrobe... feels like she is putting on a show for me.

Ever heard the phrase, "less is more?"

Incredibly sexy! Great how the lovely lady forgot her panties from the start. Very elegant!

Yes I agree exactly !

Would be nice to see her barefoot towards the end. Take off those stockings please.

NoNoNoNo... don't!!

Everything about Lisi and this set....magnificent!! I could tell right from the start that I wasn't going to get enough of this exquisite beauty, and I was right. One set per week please...?

Lisi has always been a 10 ... this set makes her a 20. Might be her best work yet. THANK YOU for leaving the stockings on! She has some gorgeous legs and the stockings show them off nicely.

Please ditch the make-up on the pussy.

  • 3 years ago:

All class Lisa and Goncho.

Smoking hot! Really love the stockings and killer heels. The face of an angel, and a body to die for!

Lovely shots from Lisi. Very sexy to see her in clothes without waering underwear showing her goodies: lovely tits and a totally shaved pussy. Ofcoarse it is OK to show the girls totally nude, but if they choose to wear clothes I hope they always "forget" to wear underwear and show their tits and pussy as well. Totally see-through clothes without underwear is sexy to.

Yes. Classic is the right word, she combines red hot sexy with simply perfect beauty. And what a dresser! And WHAT an undresser :)

¡Ah! ¡Sí! Magnifico Señora. Ella es tal Señora rubia hermosa! ¡Gracias!

Great set, Goncharov's choice of girls and settings are always a delight. Lisi looks fantastic here in an outfit that really compliments her gorgeous body, the skirt whilst concealing later delights, beautifully accentuates her lovely legs and arse, whilst the small jacket left unbuttoned, nicely reveals her lovely breasts on occasion.

Lisi is becoming a fast favourite with her classic beauty and flawless body.

We seem to have returned to the 80's. Pretty good set all the same.

After a tame start the set finishes very sexy and raunchy.Lisi is breathtaking.Wow!!
Great work Gonchy.

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