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  • CZcz
  • 10 months ago:

Ask for ass, see 76-86!!!

I suppose if my anus was that beautfiul I'd show it off too!

Perfect Liuko 10+
Beautiful and sensual.
Perfect photoset 10+
Perfect set 10+

Why does she look so reluctantly?
Why does she look so sad?
Connoisseurs,can you enjoy these photos?

I don't believe it, they let us see a girls bottom in panties and not the normal thong only rear view, great work and thanks for the shots, complaining aside she has a great body lovely arse, perfect vagina and anus.

Dear Ivan Harrin, I am just wondering if you can reduce the using of editing. Your photos look absolutely unnatural.

Wow what a beautiful girl. naked or dressed she is so pretty and lovely.
thanks for the chance to see you like eva.
i hope to see you many times

Wait just a minute. Can someone explain why the first ten shots have Liuko's hair free flowing, and all of a sudden in no.11, she's still standing there with the panties down on her thighs, and presto! Her hair is BRAIDED! So she stood there with the panties down while someone briaded her hair, and the shoot continued from that point as if nothing "strange" had just happened??? This is....interesting....

pssst... rockhard... some girls braid their own hair... ( ;

pssst...What the hell does THAT have to do with the discontinuity!?

Nothing to do with the break in continuity, rock, good point there. However I found the assumption that someone else had to braid her hair for her kinda amusing. ( :

Ha ha! Perhaps the continuity dude took the day off.

That's possible...'he' takes a LOT of days off!! lol

Rockhard, I'm guessing she pulled the panties back up, and maybe even put on a robe while they braided her hair. Or maybe not, maybe she likes wearing them halfway down her thighs. Now that would be my kind of girl!!!

But my question was "why!" Did she suddenly decide it was in the way? Why didn't they do it BEFORE the shoot? It's not something I've ever seen before on here, and it was pretty obvious. They don't seem to be overly concerned with continuity in the sets here. It's a matter of frequent complaints. BTW...I thought the set was great!! I like this Liuko a lot!! Harrin's doing a great job with her. And I like to believe that she IS our "kind of girl"! ;o) If you were the "braider", how far could you get before dropping to your knees!? lol

Ha ha!
I for one would not get far at all...

Gorgeous girl, would love to see more of her. Not enough close shots, and is it me or is the focus a bit off?

Sorry to liza fan, but truth is there are just not many who think feet are all that exciting, so you should actually be happy that as many shots are devoted to feet as I see. Most of us couldn't care less about feet.

Definitely my type!

Liuko is a very beautiful model,and deserves the time and effort to make every shot of every set a masterpiece!!! The photographer that shot this second set,had neither the time nor the ambition to do better,and that is a Crime!!!

Same photographer both sets.

Is there a prettier tush in Russia? Maybe, but I wouldn't bet on it. Wow!

I'm in love. Liuko is simply a beautiful young woman.

I like the debut set better. This is a bit of an odd setting with less creative poses, from my point of view. But Liuko is sooo delicious, the setting and poses and everything else become invisible as she amazes and arouses... I hope to see at least one set with "smiles"....:oD 9/10.

Both sets are gonna keep me glued to this confounded machine the rest of the day!! I'm falling in love with this gorgeous creature with her beautiful expressive eyes... She'd look fantastic with a beautiful tattoo in the right place...and easily hidden from the camera for the detractors...;o) Or big enough to make a statement and impossible to miss! ;o) I can see it in her eyes...lol

No Tattoos!! They distract from a girl's natural beauty.

Horsefeathers! ;o)

NOTHING could detract from this girls 'natural beauty'!! She could be 'covered' with ink and not lose a bit of her attraction for me!

Photos 2, 6, 7 and 8 positively glow with beauty.

Yet another cub reporter who sick and tired of writing "Lifestyle section" puff pieces!

Oh, and ZOMG she has the perfect butt!

How about a movie with her?


Yes, Yes a movie would be fantastic! I'd love to see her "move"!

Run the slide show real fast! ;o)

What I liked about this girl is that its obvious she is very eager to please. She even holds her legs apart with her hands. She looks at the camera to make sure she sees us. And she has got to have the best looking rectum in all of Metart. LOVE her anus.

I agree, Achilles, about the rear view of her. The girl's anus rivals those of Altea B, Giulia A, and Vesna A for the best looking "rosebud" on MET-Art.

I am trying to compare the anuses of GIULIA A and VESNA A but there are no results. Are you sure you spelled them right?

Oops! I used their Errotica names by mistake. Their MET-Art names are:

Alyssa A (Giulia)

Nika N (Vesna)

Sorry for the confusion.

Smoking hot

There are some very, very sexy shots here ... check out #85, an invitation to imagine stretching that sweet little ass wide open. She has a cool reserved expression, but redhot poses. So cute!

How good does the full panty look. What a sensational butt too.

Totally agree with both of you. I'm so sick of thongs. They have their place, but I suspect most women still wear full panties for comfort and it's partly because they are everyday that they are erotic (at least to me).
Having said so, I don't like granny panties and prefer not to see them... but regular cut panties like in this set are totally hot. Wish we could have seen more shots with them still on.

Love the full panties. they are more real everyday undies. Very sexy especially on that cute butt

Personally, I prefer "bikini-cut" panties.

But variety is a good thing.

I don't care what they wear as long as they get them off fast!! lol I get "panty shots" every day in the newspaper ads!

Very inviting photos of an amazing body.

......sigh...how typical...a girl who has fantastic arches...(yeah im talking about her feet...so feel free to ignore me)...fantastic arches...and guess what? they are all but ignored...im not suggesting her arches or feet should preclude the rest of her...but photographers have a nifty lil feature on all decent cameras...this is called an aperture...by adjusting this lil feature the photo can be adjusted from a limited depth of field to a wide field...the lack of decent foot shots is a active choice in these pics...and thus this set deserves a crap rating

Ignore....ignore....ignore ;o)

Wonderful woman, I love those blue eyes. Beautiful face, flawless skin, nice tits and a beautiful little pussy, what more can we ask.

you left out an amazing ass! She is damn near perfect...

What a sweet face this beauty has... good thing I don't know her in the real world because she could get me to do ANYTHING just with a pout...

A lot (90%) amateurish photos of a nice model.

Soft focussing but very pleasing to the eyes.


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