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Met-Art confuses me. Somehow you find the most beautiful women in the world and then turn them over to art school dropouts. So many of these sets hint at what might have been that it brings me to tears (metaphorically).

Agree with the focus complaints. Like 62, what was he thinking? You do a close-up with her legs wide open, and focus on her tits? Boggles the mind...

I agree the set is way to busy. This is Mark's biggest broblem. He messed up a shoot of Iveta over on EA and that's HARD to do. Lieuko herself is worthy of a 10,she has a pretty smile great figure and wears cute underwear. Must be riding her bike to a no-pants party.She is a perfect example of what I always say,a model (and all girls for that matter) look better if they exercise. Lieuka gets a 10,Ivan Herrin a 4-. We really don't need two Marks.

Yep, a set so busy it's difficult to find the model; a job made that much more difficult by some of the crazy angles; model 10; set pants.

This girl is absolutely stunning, but I think it's time to start passing out 3's and 4's for piss-poor focusing. This set is also very 'busy'..way too many props.

My "10" for the day --

Liuko has brought a fragile beauty and much joy to my New Year --

Thank you --

  • 2 years ago:

Liuko is the neighbor's kid who used to come over all time time and play with your legos, watch cartoons, and share cookies and milk. The neighbor's kid who would meet you at the corner and walk to school with you. As you got older, one day you notice this kid is wearing lip-gloss. And stands closer to you than normal. And smells funny ... like roses. That's when it fignally dawns on you the neighbor's kid is girl.

And really hot one too.

These photos remind you of that time she came over one summer after your freshman year at college ... and no one was home.

You skip the legos.

Aaaaah -- you bring back fond memories, Philogyny --

"My" kid next door was just as petite, but blonde -- and a year younger.

Her name was Monica -- and she smelled of Gardenias --

It was, indeed, "freshman year" -- but I didn't wait until college.

That was back in the 60's. Our clocks were set a bit faster in those days.

She touches my heart to this day --

Thank you for reminding me --

  • 2 years ago:

You are welcome, friend. :)

Philo, I didn't have the luck you and Dread had...
I got started early. When I was 6 I started noticing that girls were girls and falling for them...
I noticed my (1 year older than me) sister's best friend Julie was the prettiest girl in school... one day we were riding on the bus home from school and I noticed Julie had nobody in the seat next to her... and I happened to be in the seat behind her... I vaulted the seat and (tried to) plant a kiss on her lips.
Boy was I puzzled by her response... ( ;
It went downhill from there, until I was 33 and met my first true love...

Such a dream girl!


This enticing bicyclist needs to peddle her apples over to my neighborhood... I'd gladly play Adam to her Eve!
What say, Sailor... has she popsicle toes, or no? ( ;


... but by a better photographer!

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