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Not the best set, but it's always a pleasure to watch Liv's body.. Her face, her skin color, her pussy and labia, her ass.. Such a dreamy girl!!

Two beautiful girls with wonderful bodies & nice shapely legs. Great to see them in their little strappy tops & tight panties - love to see more shots like this

Rylsky ain't the artist he was pre-banner. I think his #1 ranking here has gone to his head. He in not producing half the quality he was prior to 2012. He's lost all imagination!!
Look at this set again you guys!! What draws your attention to the images? Is it the pale skin on the models, the washed-out pastel shade of their lingerie, the pale background, or the dark timber in the walls????

The first thing I noticed was the timber. I had to LOOK for the models. Both are very attractive but in my opinion every image is bland, flat and life-less.

Rylsky needs a wake-up call!! I have lost all respect for him as a photographer. Go back 2 years mate, and compare what you're doing now, with what you did then!!

I woke up and see this set that was made 4 years ago.
Thank you so much hate my work. The worst thing is to see no feedback and interest.


This is amusing, but keep in your mind that we don't expect "new" sets to be 4 years old... For this set I have no interest, but still I have feedback...;o) Good job!

It was about to avoid any Mr. "KnowHow" from anything like this "it was better 2 years ago", etc. Sometimes weather or bad taste of a coffecup can make you go to Internet and say something......"like I love you ...tadada-damm".

Photographer never choose time for updates. Keep it in mind too.
And keep your rock became harder.

peace to all and keep in mind that erotic is for happiness, not for finding better cameras, lenses, megapixels. If you see this first - you better change your coffeemaker or call to your best friend, then back again to MetArt with a smile on your face.

peace peace peace.

LOL And peace unto you also Mr 'Sensitive' ;o)... You do not choose time of release but how do we know this? We do not know MetArt keeps sets for many years before release. Thank you for clarification. We are in complete agreement regarding your final suggestion...a visit here should be for pleasure only.. I do not care for 'duets' but the artistic aspect of this particular set was very nice...btw.

Peace, Happiness and Good Health to You

Clarification? Ok, I am glad that now you know it.

Thank you for positive thinking.

Now my coffee cup is very good and it is in my hand right now. So I drink it for everybody here be happy. Cheers!


Another overexposed set of ruined bleached out photos, typical of Rylsky. The models are lovely, sexy, even erotic, though not really engaged and interested in each other, which is a pity. But the models are beautiful. Maybe that is all that really matters.

I must say you really have a lot of pleasure if you visit my sets again and again. You said many times that my work is garbage. Ok. I will not kill myself because of your comments, trust me. My models will not leave me because of your comments too. Surprised? I am surprised more because you didn't realize it before...
As I said many times before, METART is a collection of 100+ artists, even if I am worst, why you spent your golden time with me, what a waste! Life is short, enjoy only best parts of life, don't try to change somebody if you dislike him - it takes YOUR TIME and have no chance to change all the world to your rules...and because those who love you will wait so long.

In short, enjoy possibilities of METART. Or you here with me really just to make me "tasty for you"? I am sorry, I am not yours...

psychologists said that if you say to someone on a daily basis that you hate him - then you really want him to think about you. so it means you love him and want his love... are you so lonely? think about it.

I was only thinking Ryslky might be willing to listen and improve. Obviously Ryslky has no interest in improving. I will not be renewing my account. There is much better quality out there. I made a mistake subscribing to this site.

you did subscribe to MetArt because of Rylsky? And unsubscribe because he have something in his head that not the same as in your head?

Liv and Paloma are beautiful. They are professionals and work well together but there is only a little more feeling, as they are only slightly pink around the ears, not beet red like Jenya D and Liza B used to be.

Cute girls.

But, everything pales in comparison to the set before this.

Who gave bad ratings to this set???

Do you really care about ratings?


8 megapixels? really? 14 should be the minimum.

That’s because it’s a really old set from before Paloma went blonde.

Very similar to yesterdays set with Astrud & Alysha although I think the blonde & brunette worked better.

The set is a bit cold.
A warmer, cozier set would display the talents of these lovelies perfectly, in my opinion.

Both are favorites of mine and it's nice to see them together.


Fake lesbian sets like these are a bit vacuous & bland. The girls are lovely of course but it always feels like there's something missing...

Agreed. There's a lot missing. Why can't the photographers just let the girls actually kiss each other?

There is. Rylsky's imagination!!

I agree as well. This set just didn't do much for me, and it's not the girls, because both Liv and Paloma are fine and have great sets on their own.

I agree. The 'middle ground' just doesn't cut it. For me, its either two girls, or two lesbians. No faking.
And completely agreed. Beautiful girls.

Girls need to get out in the sun and get some color.

Disagree. Pale skin is far sexier IMHO than tanned.
Besides, they're finding now that the number one factor in premature aging of skin is exposure to ultraviolet -- i.e. "tanning"

On one hand I agree mostly with fer_realz, because I prefer fair skin, imagining I am therefore seeing "very private exposure", It is also exciting thinking about "watching" more publicly displayed exhibitionist models, especially sun darkened nipples and labia. The voyeuristic value is certainly similar, maybe equal, but certainly different.

Rylsky makes it very easy to decide if I like either one more than the other without switching back and forth between two open tabs. Both ladies are beautiful and for me its still a tie.

Bravo. Perfect loveliness.

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