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Liza is totally hot,but I still think that Mila I has the hot blonde category championship now that Iveta B has retired

Liza is so frickin' hot. She looks like she could pass for Sharon Stone. Love her, love the photo set; different.

Generally spoken a very nice and valuable set with excellent cooperation between photographer and model!
Leonardo has used the artificial lighting masterly, and the littoral settings fits Liza splendidly!
There are admittedly a few weak shots in this set (it's a dangerous politic to publish weak pics -- these tends to diminish the set's overall rating), but not enough to affect the overall rating in this case: "10"!

Liza is gorgeous! Personally, I like this set. Yes, I would love to see her in the morning light on a bed with all of her beautiful attributes on display, however the scene was interesting and different.

I normaly avoid beach photoshoots, but liza b is my hands down fav model on met art ...and this set is totally striking and beautifuly lit...beside any photoshoot that includes her perfect gorgeous lil feet is an immediate download...esp after enduring set after set from voronin who seemed to be obsessed with covering or concealing every inch of flesh below the ankles of this head to toe gorgeous woman

I normally drool at Liza, but this set is very tame.

Interesting change of scenery, a night beach shoot. It doesn't work for me. Too many distant shots and generally uninteresting poses. How much can one do with the setting?

A very so-so set. Leo has done much better.

Liza is lovely but she's always been too inhibited for my tastes. Although this set may mark her finally loosening up a bit, I truly hope so, every inch of her is lovely.
The night and water don't really show her off that well.

This is called nude art not porn! Why do so many of you not get it? It is not about seeing every inch on the models body it is the art of the model and the place the shoot takes place! You want uninhibited porn go join a porn site and let Met-Art be what it was meant to be Nude Art!!!

I don't get how you see her as inhibited, whilst there may not be a glut of close up vaginal shots in her archive, she certainly isn't averse to showing herself fully in the works I've seen.

Compared to most of the other models on the site, I agree that Liza is a bit "inhibited". I've gone through her entire set of works here, and there is no "glut" of vaginal close-ups of her.
I've often thought myself that "I'd like to see a LOT more of this girl"... I've concluded that some of the girls just are not going to be so forthcoming as others. Liza is beautiful enough for me to accept that.

This sucks. Can we please get this gorgeous creature OFF THE BEACH!!?

Always enjoy Liza, her striking beauty and athletic physique are a pleasure to behold.

I'd love to see Liza do another set with Jenya D, that would be fantastic.

This is absolutely the best set I've seen from Leonardo. Of course, he had one of the most beautiful models on Met-Art to help

Decent enough set but doesn't rock my boat.

Nice background and light work but i don't like this model

Kinda strange that you would be here making a comment if you don't like the model. If I see a set of a model I 'don't like'( and on here, that's damn few!), I don't look at it....why would I? Why did YOU?

Huh, what? Don't like?

nice set... and nice pair too

nice set...

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