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I have traveled the world for over 30 years now and I have never seen a more beautiful and extremely attractive women as Lizza B. is. Her body proportions and her hair are just exquisite, along with the beautiful color of her skin. Her legs and feet are totally perfect and atone sexy.
In all her pictures her smile is never ending which makes her even the more beautiful. In Ancient Greek literature it was was said that Helen of Troy's face and beauty could launch a thousand ships. Well I can honestly say that Lizza B. is far beyond that where she could launch a million ships to her rescue. She is honestly the epitome of what a real sophisticated and beautiful woman is all about.
Dr. MJ...


this woman just keeps getting better with age,, it is a pity that I can only vote her a 10 once..

Definitely one of the most beautiful women in the world, been a fan since the first photos appeared on MET-ART. In or out of clothes in any setting. Just plain gorgeous.

Why is there oil running down her tummy in only the last few photos? Would liked to have seen Liza all oiled up and gleaming in the sunlight for a few photos in this set. Liza has one of the best bottoms of all the models on Met and I do love her rock hard abs.

Why is there oil or something wet looking running down her tummy in only the last few photos? Would have been nice to see Liza all oiled up in a couple of shots. Liza has one of the best bottoms of the models on Met and I do love her rock hard abs. Sure is one lucky guy who wakes up next to her each day.

I think Liza is as hot as they come, specially since she started wearing that small clit pierceing

Awesome body and firm breasts, gorgeous face, great set, except for too much unmanaged hair.

Love her perfect trimmed bush and beautiful pussy. gorgeous face too... Agreed with Rockhard though, too many outdoor sets of her. id love to see her naked in the bedroom...

I love her hair and I love that picture on the stairs, down on her hands and knees doggy style, looking over her shoulder, she's got a fantastic ass that I would love to see more of......

I agree with liza fan 100% Lose the stocking please!

Met Art has variety for everyone. Some like feet, some do not, some like armpits. This is supposed to be fun, and it is.

I much prefer barefoot models, but there are other sets we can all see where Liza's feet are shown. I must admit to being baffled when hearing comments by the anti-feet lobby. Are people actually grossed-out by women's feet? To me, footwear blocks the flow of energy, among other things.

Looks like you're the ONLY one that agrees with him... "Feet" is NOT what 99% of us are looking for! Stockings on the other hand.....

Liza is indeed a rare beauty, but her sets have never "moved" me. This one gets a bit closer, but still pretty reserved. One or two good shots does not make a 'set'.. And way too many of her sets are shot outdoors in less than ideal conditions. Still waiting for this flower to blossom...photographically speaking...

Gorgeous as usual.

I must say though, compared to other recent sets, she looks a lot trimmer here. There's a stark difference between the Liza of Allanias, Eternia and Fever, and the Liza of 30 Days, Theros and Influer. It's particularly visible around the jawline.

Hopefully we'll see some sets that combine her newfound daring and her physique of old. She was one of the few models that rocked a beautiful set of abs.

I wonder if this -is- an older set. She lacks the clitoral hood piercing, for one thing. And these are the abs I remember from a while ago—among the best on Met-Art, ever. Sexy as hell. Omigod... Liza B...

  • 3 years ago:

With or without clothes .. breathtaking beauty in all her sets.

Absolutely Gorgeous!
In shot 92, Liza displays all of her stunning attributes perfectly!
More Please and Soon!

Always stunning, what a beauty!.

dammit...we get models with so-so or average looking feet photographed barefooted nearly all the time but liza who has perfectly gorgeous feet gets photographed in shoes and stockings...really?...why not show off ALL of her gorgeous perfectly shaped body

You're absolutely right!!!!!!!! Gorgeous girl, no question, but her feet... extremely beautiful. More of those shoud be shown!!!

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