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i didnt mind the jeans, the necklace, or her expressions...but once again...i really wish the shoes had come off...why cover up some of the most perfectly shaped feet on the planet?

Boring and rubbish (but exactly as I expected)!

totally lame set.

Liza is the baddest bitch on Met-Art, has been for years. Beautiful, smokin' body, and attitude to match. Keep up the great work.

Show us your butt hole. It is gorgeous


Typical Liza set...leaves me wanting much more. And please don't put jeans on this girl! And please throw that gaudy necklace in the trash!! It shows up way too often, in way too many sets! And if anyone has ever seen a 'close-up' of that gorgeous vagina, that would be Jenya...;o) (and she didn't take a picture!) Looking at Liza's incredible body of work here, Jen seems to be her favorite 'partner'..;o)

Yet another Leonardo set. :(
Washed out, out of focus, over lit, repetitive junk! Rather than try to make the model look less harsh he emphasizes her slutty look. Jeans are ok for an opening but shouldn't be used past the first page. The sever hair, the cheap necklace, the thong under the jeans, the clit stud all say slut. Why does the met keep buying this garbage?

Your question is no doubt rhetorical, but I have a few 'suggetions' as to why Met continues to buy this 'garbage'(?). First, it's 'Leonardo'. Second, Liza is beautiful enough to continue to receive high ratings in spite of the crappy sets that are being produced of her. Also, I'm convinced more each day that the site is co-owned by Leonardo and Rylsky. Both are capable of great works AND great flops!! This set isn't near great, but I'll keep it for the few good shots and burn the chaff (which is plentiful). "Love you Liza, please let your hair down and show us what you're capable of...;o)"
"Unless this is an old set and you're not even around any more"...lol

I almost never download anything from him with the exception of a couple of girls that somehow inspire him to do closeups that are actually in focus. I don't know about Leonardo but can assure you that
Rylsky is not an owner except for his own site. I have talked with him many times and have great respect for his work and the way he treats his models. I have gained lots of insight into the world of erotic art in Russia and the way it treats these girls from him. And gained great respect for the girls and the risks they take. Also the reasons for the way he shoots certain models the way he does.

Yessir...I agree with you on the 'downloading' issue, and I guess I did kinda pull that "ownership" thing outa my ass, but seldom does a day go by that either Leo or Rylsky have a set posted, and occasionally BOTH of them do. That's where the 'idea' came from, and it slipped my mind that Rylsky has his 'own' site. (Many things are 'slipping' these days ;o) You would know better than I what part of Russia he shoots in,(I would think it would be several locations) so maybe you can explain the "risks" that you mention the girls taking for 'posing nude'(?). Catherine and her models seem to show no fear of "authorities", or that they are risking being "busted"(?) while shooting in and around the city of Kazan in Tatarstan...
I find it hard to believe that posing for erotic/nude photos would be any kind of taboo in ANY of the Eastern European countries or Russia, except of course in those countries ruled by religious fanatics, which Russia certainly isn't. But I'm always open to enlightenment and dispelling erroneous conclusions, so if you don't mind sharing a bit more, I'd be interested. And it's just occurred to me that you're talking about the "risk of rejection by family/friends"...? That I can understand completely, and if that IS what you mean, forget 'almost' everything I said...lol

Just phoning it in.

The necklace is the worst. It distracts and cheapens the set. I like her topless showing off her upper body and firm small breasts.

I think Liza is one of the most beautiful models on MetArt but someone needs to start doing a better job of editing the photos being posted.

Do we really need 50 photos of Liza with her jeans still on ?

Far too many repetitive poses throughout this entire session.

You have one of the most beautiful nude models in the world to photograph.

We don't need to see one lame pose after another.

Beautiful model, lousy job of photography.

Personally. I love the jeans. I think its sexy as hell. And the fact that's Liza, its 10x sexier than hell.
I absolutely agree on Liza's beauty but. Has and always will be one of my favourite Met models.


Leonardo has made a nordic valkyrie from an Ukrainian girl.

I like Liza as a model, but would rather see her with her hair let down, at least in some of the shots. I think there was a little too much emphasis on the necklace. The nine photos with it in her mouth were too much. Instead, I would have liked to see more variety, including some from behind and a few focused on her pussy so we could see her hood piercing up close. Not a bad set, just could have been so much better with this model.

Liza always looked better with her hair down. Liza has a beautiful face and body but the look in recent sets is not the best. I like to see some pictures with Liza smiling and looking cute, not scowling and looking intimidating.

Liza B is an incredibly beautiful woman. She has a butt as good as Altea B does, and that is saying something. She does look too severe sometimes. She has always had that problem, look at presenting Liza B by Voronin.I love the little silver clit piercing she has taken to wearing, I think it is cute. All that being said, any time you get a fabulous blonde like Liza B willing to take her pants off,life is good!

If she has this furious look you could think she's a Domina. Then you only miss the whip. That's possibly inspired from the fotography of Helmut Newton. Ok.Liza.Give DSK a proper spank! I never used much with Newtons style. I would like to see her more naturally in future again.

Some things are nearly a worst case scenario which became reality here. This hairstyle is impossible. I didn't like it in other sets before. She should carry her hair open and wild (see thumbnail) Here face hasn't much charm - why still emphasizing it in this way? She often looks like a shopwindow doll. But that seems to be a problem of the photographer too who prefers strange poses which underlining this. Because of the third thing I have unfortunately to repeat myself. Shoes form the legs but we also should be allowed to see the rest sometimes.


Have a look at the alternative set: "Gloriuos" by Voronin. I think the darker coloring suits her much better(the original one can be recognized) I don't like this very fair blonde coloring. Another example is model Leonie (have a look at her brews) But not even this unnatural coloring can run down the immense beauty of Leonie.

Thanks for the suggestion of "Gratious". I haven't had the time to go back that far in her sets and see that one. It's beautiful!! Possibly the best set of Liza here! And I have to agree about Leonie!

Sorry, this set just does do for me and that chain !!

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