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Smokin hot woman...

you are great!! write me daweave72@yahoo.com so we can chat! :)

Liza B is back to her best. Very feminine.

Love the 'hair-pulling' photos towards the end of the set ... very nice

Only the photographer knows why such legs and feet having to be hidden.
A look at the beginning of the year shows what will whithold us. Yes, whithold - it annoys me seriously. :-(

This set is horrible!

I usually like Leonardo's work...But this was horrible!

Model=hotter than hell! Set=not so hot...

Gives terrible in my eyes as I look at this set...
Vote fetched 7.

What a circus of mistakes. Mediocre at best! Those yellow knee highs and gross shoes are the ugliest combination I every saw and an extremely poor choice for a tall brassy blond. They should have been chucked early on if not excluded all together. The photographer needs to be very careful with facial angles and posses with this model well as clothing. She is beautiful but she can also be very hard looking if presented wrong. Shots like 5, 6, 12, 37, 61 should have been left on the cutting room floor. This set has way too much emphases on glamor and no substance. As is usual there are no intimate closeups. Add to that that the need to play colors down to comp for those almost florescent yellow stockings and you have a formula for failure.

As Liza Fan said. once again a gorgeous girl NOT shown to her full potential.

Great earrings.

Took too long to get naked and didn't do much once there.

shit set!

Liza has always been very hot, and rarely works for anyone but Leonardo(Voronin) She is another model who will work for only one guy fully nude. She and Mila I are duking it out for champion of the hot blonde category. Mila maybe has a slight advantage as she has been posing more than Liza.

I would give Mila-I the advantage as she is not afraid to let a camera get close between her legs.

hot as ever, but not her best set

Lots of yellow going on. If a model has to wear a shirt or sweater, this is the way to go. I like Liza's beautiful face highlighted by those eyes. She also has nice labia and a sweet butt.

sigh....once again a gorgeous girl NOT shown to her full potential

The very latest from Lizas knigh-high collection




Maybe --

Amazing stomach. Yowza!

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