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For some parts of the World facing a drought, This set is wasting water. Please conserve water.

Boring boring boring!! Not liza

Just a few words: This set is not as boring as the most sets in bed in some hotelsuites. In this set the unbelievable sexyness of Liza is perfectly arranged. Thanx for this set, Leonardo

A total waste of one of the sexiest models on MetArt.

This chick is hot and she looks amazing wet. We should embrace all the different opinions and views in the comments. If we were all the same it would be a very boring world. I prefer the "self important" look over a childish smile. To each their own. :)

one of the worst shoots this month.

One of the most beautiful women in the world, all categories. You are an inspiration.


The seller

Not the most exciting set, but I love the model. She has only been shot by Leonardo and Voronin (now retired?). I would love to see what a different photog could do with Liza.

Kilroy, you're absolutely right.

I can't believe the awful sessions they've put together for the last year or so.

If Liza had gotten together with a half way decent photographer years ago, she would have been a top 10 model on this site.

Never has a photographer done so little with so much.

Look at her. Liza is absolutely gorgeous .....her last several sessions with Leonardo have been absolute CRAP !!!!

You got that right !!!

Lisa is very beautiful , but to raise her ratings she needs to show more of her hot pussy and less of her pretty face

Liza has taken out her Clit piercing! How COULD she! BeNot to mention the fact that Liza is totally hot and incredibly beautiful.Being so slender and athletic,she is one of two Met models that look good with one,(The other is Ennie.)

I don't think she has had it in for the last few shoots. Liza and/or her photog is rather conservative for closeups, so even when she had it, it was hard to see well. That was a little frustrating to me. If you are going to have body jewelry (or a tattoo), why not proudly show it?

As I recall, a piercing there is NOT essential to orgasm.

Liza B has the personality of an iceberg. She is so bland and unemotional in her sets from 2005, she makes a department store dummy positively animated. Worse, she makes an adult-store blow-up doll look stunningly voluptuous.

She has an over-rated sense of her own self importance. Just like Jackie D, the only other model on Met-Art I've dissed, in a collection of 500+ models.

The only thing she is thinking about is the money, money, money, at the end of the shoot. She's not here to entertain, just make money!! And the same goes for Leonardo!!

And I'm silly enough to pay the price!!!

Everyone wants to make money ... but there are those which are at present like this model. So do not overdo guy.
Leonardo may like the money but his pictures are some of the best.

I don't like props and gimmicks, the water hose was a bad idea and ruined the set

Ninety photos for the mesh panties to come off? They weren't that great. Overall like the last set of the night done in a shower on stage. Still a very attractive and sexy young woman.

Yes, I think the mesh bottoms were on too long.

The woman yes, the set no!

Yep. Sexy. Definitely sexy.

Congratulations on such a fantastically long and consistent sexy "body" of work Liza, all the way back to 2005. Keep them coming!

I just looked up the definition of 'sexy' in the dictionary... It didn't surprise me at all, when I find a picture insert of Liza underneath. She is one very, very sexy lady :)

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