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Looks alot like a young Sharon Stone

Liza has to be the hottest model on Met Art. Her face alone is enough to melt the pc. Then her body, that's enough to make a grown man cry. Always a pleasure to see her photos and this set is spectacular. What a gorgeous face and smokin' hot body. Love her. And she does look a little like Sharon Stone, only sexier.

Finally, show us that gorgeous butt hole.

Liza is a stunning athletic beauty - what a body especially when it's a bit damp.

Love the panty play shots - there is something really extra sexy about a slim tall girl with such generous labia - gorgeous

If the model is in front the hair cover her beautiful breasts.
If the model turns its back the hair cover her beautiful shoulders.


One of the best model. I've always enjoyed her pictures starting back from 2007 !

this woman is pure sexual energy... confident and gorgeous, from head to toe. it's probably been commented before, but every time I see her, I think of a younger Sharon Stone.... the similarities are striking, to me at least. the power of seduction, this woman owns it!

Love the tightly trimmed bush.


A Fabulous blonde taking her pants off and displaying one of the most beautiful bodies ever! What more can you want? As for you nay sayers look at images 10 40 and 115. Liza most definitely smiles, but they are very subtile ones. Also, the tips of her ears are pink, and anytime the tips of a ladies ears are pink, the lady in question is enjoying herself.
I normally don't go into such detail, but I hate to see a great model run down. Liza's actions can be very subtile as she is a very self-possesed model

Ironically she has seldom been in the Top-Ten, but her longevity would make me consider her for my Hall of Fame Quest. But that quest is on hold until I get more data... And I applaud you for defending one of your obvious favs.

Total Dyck

Who cares? You're not going to get a shot at her anyway :)

Her early G/G sets would support that opinion, but since they all are on Met, that's all she has to play with. Think about what she would do on SexArt.

I love photo #90, standing on her tip toes, bending over, looking back over her shoulder, those killer legs and gorgeous ass on display. I think Liza lowered her inhibitions a little in this set. Nice to see that.

I really enjoyed this one, Liza shows us the complete confidence of the seasoned, professional and utterly gorgeous model that she is.

It has been commented on in the past that she can be "pussy shy", there's certainly no evidence of that here, especially in shots where both she and Leonardo display that beautiful cunt openly dominating the shot such as #068, as well as those lovely, oh so lovely long legs spread wide open, revealing her full glory (#085) and a more traditional, cuter shot sat on the floor with those great legs once again framing her intimate treasure (#094).

A great set and for those who enjoyed the beautiful Liza gloriously spread I hardily recommend her set entitled Warm in her archive, another masterpiece.

By far the best model, leonardo...a great photographer but. .. Always the same frame please return to the basic , lightning, different angle, emotion, go back in studio take one light no accessiries and have fun. It will be a perfect 10.

now if hadn't used 'cunt', I would have give you a thumbs up.

A rose by any other name...........

Try finding out how a woman feels about that word, and perhaps you won't use it when trying to compliment the models... if you can still stand after asking a woman how she feels about that word...

I agree totally, just wish he, one time, would give us a close-up....

Lisa has been around for almost as long as I have been a member. She was only 19 when she started. She has been and is one of the tallest models here. I doubt she has gained a pound since she started. Sailor is right that she is definitely a "hard body", her muscles are of the "cut" variety. If we had a "doll" of her it would not be a "Barbie" it would be an "action" figure. Just wish Leonardo had given us some close ups or isolation shots not his standard long whole body shots. Still at least a 9 in my book.

Add kung fu grip to her tags?, I'm also glad she has more going on downstairs than plastic underwear.

There's a beautiful set lurking somewhere around this girl, but this isn't it. Liza is one of MetArt's charter hardbodies and has produced lovely stuff in the past. This isn't up to her or Leonardo's usual standard.

Sailor, I actually disagree with you... for some reason, I found myself enjoying this set, and generally I do not enjoy Liza's sets.
There's something different about this one, and I haven't figured it out yet... perhaps because she doesn't look quite so "hard" the entire time?
Not that she shows any vulnerability, but perhaps she looks a little more open than usual?

Remember she is Ukrainian so Sailor will give her a "break" even if this wasn't one of his favorite sets. In truth he blames Leonardo!

Hi fer_realz, you're allowed to disagree with me—this time. ;)) I just never had much of a reaction to this set.It wasn't about vulnerability or lack of it. I just thought the poses and photography were uninspired.

Hola Don Quixote, I see the meds haven't kicked in. Blame Leonardo?!! Are you mad??!!! Of COURSE I blame Leonardo! Now go out and tilt at a couple of windmills.


Actually today I am in a pissing match with a member over on Sex about Delta Gamma, whom I like and defended when he had a brain fart. I wish I could send Liza over to bitch slap them. She would get the job done....

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