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Liza ia the most beautifull of all...Leonardo you have to pass the ball to someone else the chemistery with Liza is equal to zero. 120 pictures , 120 from head to tow...Wow. Each time you do the same copy and paste. Met art...were is the Art?
Close up does not mean simply between the legs it mean a different angle , a nice detail, a feeling, something different to impressed , it means a nice lecture of the light. It means some sort of talent...

Liza just makes my heart go into overdrive. She has a very beautiful face and one smokin hot body. Always makes my day when to see her photo set. I just love the squat shots (80, 81) and others like 57-72, killer eyes and legs, beautiful lips and hands. Sweet ass too!

It is sometimes interesting at the end of the day to look back over the entirety of comments made. 21 Hours ago I made the first comment and rags commented on mine. Later she analysed the complete set. That one prompted a flurry of comment more about rags than the set. So as my shrink used to say, "What have we learned from this?" I would say first that Lisa is still a great Met Art model. Second while Leonardo has been a leading artist for years an increasing number of members are frustrated with his, for lack of better word, orthodoxy. Now we have several "newer" artist such a Catherine, and yes Delta Gamma who are bring a fresher "look" to their sets. However there are more than several of the models that apparently have a great loyalty to Leonardo. (He brought them along to there current standing, an we should respect their sticking with them.) I remember when Voronin apparently retired in 2010 several of his models were never seen again and some ironically moved to Leonardo. There are several of Leonardo's "girls" I don't want to lose, Liza being one, so I guess we should tolerate his later work. I have been an advocate for Delta to the point that I worried about MY support of him, I was afraid it was hurting him since I have been known to "cause problems". That said I really hope that Delta can convince many more models to work with him as he is truly, IMO attempting to instill a newer style and to make our who site "fresher". And rags, some of DG's post have been even longer than yours so just keep doing what you do best. Give us old fart men a different perspective. I just wish more of the models would join in as DG has got some of his to do... Another plus for me to DG's commitment to our site.

swp - you have not caused problems! As if encouraging members and photogs to comment is a bad thing.

I like how you frequently mention DeltaGamma, because I feel with his degree of talent he is truly under-utilized here. I have emailed "K" to that effect.

swplf2....how could anyone claim you caused problems???
When...where....with whom???

I can't even recall a negative comment you made to anyone.

On another topic....how bad have you been hit with this snow storm?
I live in SW Ohio and we've it's pretty bad here....snow and ice.

I'm an idiot....it should read....I live in SW Ohio and it's pretty bad here.....


We're not idiots Browny....lol We know what you meant...;o)
(If typos made "idiots", we'd ALL be in trouble! lol)

Thanks rachsback (rock).

Boring! Shot after shot repeated again and again and stuck in one place like her shoes were glued there. Sorry but this set shows zero imagination from the model or photographer.

I would really like to see ANYONE (my choice would be DeltaGamma) shoot Liza next time. This is a great model that could benefit much from a fresh look of another perspective. Look what it did for Amelie.

I agree, DG would be a good choice as would several other Met artists. I feel there are several of his girls that I would love to see with another artist.

weren't you just telling me that meat parades were just fine?

This was not a meat parade. Leonardo's work never is. That is why he is one of my least favorite photogs at metart. Of course the fact that this woman is not my idea of perfection doesn't help at all either.

However ... I would really like to have seen all of this model!!

I'm always excited to see a new set from Liza... This one is a bit more exciting than most. I've always thought this is the most beautiful face not just here, but on the entire web! Thanks for the "reasonable" file size Leo, and thank YOU Liza, for sharing your beauty with the world! XOXO

And thank YOU Met for a solid gold day!!! Four for four!!

And although this is not only outside, but in the bright sun, both of which I detest, I saw no reason to give this set less than 10... That facial expression in 105 just knocked me out...

Rock, I agree with yah, there are some pretty bright shots, but all is forgiven for Liza!

Liza is Stunning!
All her lovely "talents" displayed perfectly.
A wonderful way to start the morning!!


Liza is totally beautiful all over. and she has made one small change, she doesn't wear her clit piercing anymore. I can live with it, an incredibly beautiful blonde like Liza B taking her pants off is absolutely one of the eternal verities of life. It forces old men(like me) to have a heartbeat.And Liza smiles as much as she ever does, check images 38 and 51.She won't disappoint you

There is plenty to get excited about with Liza, those amazing long legs to start with. I'm okay about the piercing. Leonardo never really gave us a good look at it anyway.

still the badest babe on the Met!

Pics 82-89 have me thinking I should move up that appointment with my cardiologist.

what if he tells you to cancel your metart membership? You only live once - make the most of it....

Liza B is just magnificently beautiful within her latest set with Leonardo :) She still has that lovely body most of us all learned to love over the years !! and i simply loved the setting Leonardo chose to highlight her beauty ~~ I loved it from start to finish starting off with Liza just wearing a sheer see-through long pair of cotton pants just revealing her nicely trimmed vagina breasts erect nipples.I simply loved the way the way the sun's rays highlights her tall muscular body long blonde hair lovely face gorgeous green eyes curvaceous breasts erect nipples in images #1 to #23 both magnificent views of Liza from arching her back her hands above her head strecthing her taut body to the gorgeous close ups of her long blonde hair cascading down her curvaceous breasts erect nipples with a sexy sensual look on her face the sun's rays highlighting her beautifully against the golden bricked wall :) just as images #31-#40 both showing her taut body sexy round derrier with some gorgeous close ups of her nicely trimmed vagina breasts erect nipples and gorgeous facial features in different poses and angles simply priceless shots ;) just as images #43-#45 showing her curvy round ass her muscular back as she leans against the wall basking in the sun ! I simply loved Liza B's magnificent pose as she slowly peels of her sheer cotton pants in images #48-#49 revealing her long slender legs with them between her thighs in both sensual,sexy pose's and close ups of her stunning beauty :)sure there maybe to many close ups of her upper body but Liza B does them in different expressions on her face and angles from squatting on the tiled floor per images #81-#83 image #84 is a priceless close up of Liza leaning fowards her firm breasts,erect hanging down with her gorgeous face and long blonde hair cascading down her shoulder !! As well as some very serene images of her as well too :)From lying on the marbled tiles with her back arched her sexy ass high in the air from images #83-#88 as well as the magnificent image #89.To me i personaly think it has a certain touch of Gold from both within the setting Liza b's earrings bracelets her lovey tanned complexetion of her body blonde hair except black see-through pants and the red bowtie on her high heels otherwise i loved it and Welcome Back to MetArt Liza B and Thank You Leonardo for a lovely series you two both click very well together :) :)

Why is it that both men and women refer to a woman's vulva as her vagina? I don't like to think what trimming a vagina would actually involve?

I was not aware that you are female rags, but now that I do it helps me to better understand your comments. Thank you for your insight.

Just a question rags: Why whould I read such a long, detailed description of the whole set if I can just look at it?

manuel_du, luckily you don't have to read it. Nobody is forcing you to read any comment. Isn't life great?

manuel_du, I understand your question....and thank you for not being rude to rags25.

I appreciate rags25's comments because she is able to get in the models head and give me (us) an idea of what the model is thinking and why she may be posing in such a way in a photo.
She can explain why a model may be holding her hands against her inner thighs, or her breasts, etc....from a woman's perspective.

rags25, I do believe manuel_du was not trying to be rude.
I am quite sure I am not the only one who appreciates your descriptive comments.
After all, men and women think differently and it's nice that you educate us on how a woman thinks (and won't speak for all men, but I'm happy to have a woman give me advice and teach me a few lessons).


Dear manuel_du it's because i'm a female and i write what i see within models images some of the other guys like them quite well :) It gives them a different perspective side to them and some like Browning tend to miss the finer details within MetArt's models Cheers from Australia :)

Rags, you just keep writing here like you do. I appreciate your female perspective in this forum. I don't have any Foster's in my fridge at the moment, so I raise a Sam Adams Boston lager instead to you and say "Cheers!"

Lisa has been around for almost as long as I have been a member. She was only 19 when she started. She has been and is one of the tallest models here. I doubt she has gained a pound since she started. Sailor is right that she is definitely a "hard body", her muscles are of the "cut" variety. If we had a "doll" of her it would not be a "Barbie" it would be an "action" figure. Just wish Leonardo had given us some close ups or isolation shots not his standard long whole body shots. Still at least a 9 in my book. This is a copy of a post I did for her last set a couple of months ago. I find some irony in that it just as valid today for this set as it was the last one. IMO she is still a GREAT Ukrainian gift...

Hi swplf2 I also remember her 1st series too :) and she has'nt changed abit Liza B is still stunningly beautiful with her hard body beautiful breasts erect nipples and she's still a 10 in my books.I quite liked this series :)I only wish she would do another movie with MetArt been along time since she done one and i love watching her gorgeous body move with such gracefull movements and she is to beautiful to make a "Barbie" doll as you put it :) I don't know what they put in the water in the Ukriane must be the raditation from that nasty nuclear melt down at the Russian nuclear reactor years ago as i found that most of the lastest Ukrainian models are just simply stunning :)
Cheers swplf2

You will find little argument to the fact that some of the most awesome models come from the Ukraine. Some of the very best come from there. Not only in worldly beauty but in personality too. Unfortunately Liza has never been high up on my list simply because I am not a fan of big brassy blonds. I do agree that her body is about as well conditioned as it gets and her face is lovely close up when she decides to let the inner woman out but the regal inscrutable sex goddess look turns me off. It's a personal thing that reflects back to the high school days when the hot blond cheerleader types were so snooty and only would associate with rich guys in the hot cars and letter jackets. If you weren't on the varsity squad you were beneath them. If she had the coal black hair that so many Ukrainian girls have she would be a stone killer with that body and those eyes.

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