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This is the best set ever. Sometimes leonardo can do it

i have to say...it might be a bit odd...but i dont think ive ever seen another model such perfectly shaped feet as liza...ofcourse theres not a thing wrong with this girl...i just wish she would do more barefooted shoots

Very nicely horizontal. Neck, back, waist flaring to hip; but never neglecting the face. Everything works well together here. Even the pictures on the wall work. How often does that happen?


I have to ask. What's up with the hat and the bola? Was there another photo shoot after this one?

83 to the peek folder.

Will we ever see Liza on Sexart?

A mature woman whom is every bit most desirable, hungry for the likes of her. More please, lovely Liza B..........

A very beautiful set of Liza, not that I didn't care for her others because I've always admired her beauty, but this on floored me. I damn near fell over when I got to #57 (need to get a seat belt for this frickin' wheelchair). That one required a 8x10 print (to good photo paper), framed and up on the wall. That's only the 2nd one that's ever got that treatment and I've seen a lot of beautiful women on this site over the years. You're looks are killing me Liza, thanks!

Pic #42 is the one, Liza you rock!

My mistake, that was #56 not 57 that got special treatment.

I really really like this "softer, gentler, smilier" Liza.
She looks so human and snuggly in this set. I can imagine being in bed with her on a sunny Saturday or Sunday morning, with nothing on the agenda but mutual enjoyment for the rest of the day.
And the panties.... damn! What a nice, sweet, sexy touch. Esp. shots # 6, 8, and 9.
Not so much when she pulls them up to look like a thong.

Tricky transition from Camel Toe to Closed Book.

I want to take this opportunity to Thank Leonardo for responding to our comments via changes in style and content. The last few of set have been quite awesome and IMO a great improvement over your previous style. Please keep it up. You have some great models and I'm looking forward to seeing them shot in this new style.

I second that!

Liza's normally a bit more dramatic, and that works very well for her. The same could be said for Leonardo. (And Voronin, if in fact they're different people.)

But it's wonderful to see them both depart from their usual styles here. The softer, more natural approach really suits Liza, and she and Leonardo are in perfect harmony. He really is very good at what he does.

As a matter of personal taste, I prefer this less stylized approach, and find it easier to relate to on a human level. Glossy surfaces tend to leave me feeling at arm's length. But the sets that Liza did with Jenya D, for example, are classics, and I wouldn't claim that being naturalistic is the only way to have fun.

I have all of the sets Jenya D did wwith liza and watch them regularly. one of the best parts is that Jenya is dominant instead of Liza.Jenya is small(5'6"if she pushes it) but mighty.

  • 2 years ago:

I rarely comment, but in this case I must. She is a Goddess. And thank you for a nice set of Panties shots!


Been waiting a loooong time for this. Liza is really perfect, and she has been rather stingy about showing it all. Until now!!

Too damned many close ups!

Risk of eye injury close to screen. Minimum distance 15 centimeters.

Looks like Leonardo just can't win for losing... for the longest time, the single theme in all the comments sections for his sets was "he won't do any closeup shots!!" over and over and over again.
Now, within the last month or two, we start seeing Leonardo sets with closeup shots.
What's the reaction?
"Too damned many close ups!"

We finally get a set of Liza with a few zoomed in pics, shot by Leonardo no less, and its too many closeups?

Sorry, my friend, could not disagree with you more.

Uh, What? Too many closeups?

View from adjacent room...

Ha ha!!!

A very young Cybill Shepherd?

I don't see that at all, and I was a BIG "Moonlighting" fan... I think Liza is much prettier...and a whole lot sexier!

Your best set EVER Leonardo, bedroom, panties, hot model.....so many ass pics, incredible way to launch me out the door!!! Thanks!!!

Totally agree and hope you had a "happy landing"...;o)

Wow! Liza wears some cute panties to bed! And from the way she is smiling(much more than usual) she really had fun. I feel the same way as everyone else "Leonardo did this? " The man has gone and committed a totally great photography set. I have to give both Liza and Leonardo a(Cough, choke)10++++

Seductive and sensuous.

Liza, My Dear! An extremely beautiful set!
There is nothing sexier than a woman pulling her panties to the side and exposing her wonders and your wonders are wonderfully displayed!
More Please!


Other than one of her very first sets, this is the best I've ever seen of Liza. She looks so very real and less severe than usual. So sexy

I totally agree, gorleau.

WOW Liza is smokin! Love the panties. We need more panties....

I think that Leonardo is paying attention to these comments, because last year everyone was complaining about his lack of closeup shots, and now he regularly gives us closeup shots.
And last year several of us started asking within the comments for more panty shots, and several of the photographers have begun obliging us... among them now, Leonardo.
Thank you, Leonardo!

I like this entizing games with panties .. it really turns me on ..


It's great to see Liza with a more feminine look, recent sets have been a bit too domineering for my taste. Great set.

Absolutely beautiful. Near perfection.

Anyone else notice the resemblance to Sharon Stone? Pretty face, great hair, powerful body, great butt and legs good breasts and a very nice pussy. A nice selection of poses with good closeups and nice rear shots. nice color balance and true colors. And it actually on a bed! Am I talking about Leonardo???? Wow.

Nice, Got my 10 for the day

hipshot, I see sort of a resemblance, of course Liza is prettier than SS.

I had to pinch myself - Liza B with an indoors set, done by Leonardo, and there are closeups and rear shots! I thought I must be dreaming, but here it is. I am definitely enjoying this set today. Likewise, 10s all around.

Tad too bright and a little overexposed ,nonetheless this set is utterly beautiful with some gorgeous shots of Liza's delicious rear . .One of Liza's better sets, so sexy and sensuous. Wow !!

The Liza B set that I've waited so long for.... Stunning! Absolutely beautiful!! This girl is magnificent from head to toe! Those gorgeous eyes are hynotic... 10 to the n'th degree!

D'OH!!...make that "hypnotic"....lol Leave it to Liza to rattle me enough to miss typos!! (3am didn't help either..) SHAME upon my head!!

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