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She is so beautifull

I thought that here were some great shots of a very beautiful girl. What do I know.

Shot # 97.... really!

We've all heard the phrase, 'drop dead gorgeous.' Liza is drop dead seductive.

This late addition to replace the repeat of Selestina session from last month is a rather uninspiring effort.

Liza B is one of my favorite models on this site ....can't say the same about the photographer.

Thanks for the explanation, wgworld... I didn't remember seeing this set the day it was supposed to have come out, and I had returned the next day as well, so there were two possibilities: either I had missed a set two days running, or I was going quite mad. ( :

fully agree.

what an insanely sexy gift for our eyes to behold.... I'm sure it's already been said, but every time I see Liza I see a young Sharon Stone... Liza is pure sex goddess, I love this woman!

I've always thought the same. One of the main attractants for me to Liza.

I can see some similarities. I think Liza is noticeably taller.

Yeah, I think you're right, kilroy, Liza is taller than "The" Stone. ( :

Is it me, or was there a set of Selestina here not that long ago and now there's a set from Liza B? I download ZIP's from Met in a particular order, and when I went back later the same day, something different was in the place of the set with Selestina. Just curious.

You could delete yesterday's Selestina set - it was the same, frame-by-frame as her July 26 "Dybave" set. Only the cover and title was different.

It isn't just you, there was a different set. I didn't get a chance to look at it yet, and then there was this one instead. I wonder if we could get an explanation.

It was a duplicate set with a different title and cover shot: see kilroy's explanation above. ( :

Selestins was there but it looked like the July set that
I have on my computer, downloaded all 4 just after midnight
now i have 5 sets for aug 23.

Right beside the incredible Jeff Milton we have the incomparable Liza B. Here is the visual proof of the French phrase embarisment of riches. I mean how are we to separate the sweet and innocent Jeff from the equally beautiful but not sweet and innocent Liza? It's impossible.

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