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Exactly what is the point of shoot a girl in a heap of rubble?

No more sets using urban rubble, please. Major turn off. Ruined the photo shoot for a beautiful babe.

just not spread enough, pore photography.

I Love to see a pretty woman in her street clothes first it sort of wets my appetite. Bon appetite!

There's nothing appealing to me about a beautiful naked girl in the middle of 'urban rubble'. Don't know what the 'artist' was going for here, but it looks like it may have been shot in a bombed out section of Bagdad. A bit beyond my taste for "art", but an interesting concept...

This is a crap photo set, not one shot of her bottom. Come on MetArt time to lift your game.

Why would you take a beauty like Liza to a building site ! She really does deserve something significantly better - preferably indoors

Crappy setting much?

Speaking for myself, I found this set fresh and visually interesting, in a way that yet another bedroom set would not be. If all you want is to have models presented as erotically as possible, according to narrow conventions about what's supposed to be erotic, no, this isn't what's attempted here. But the light is good, the background is interesting, and the contrast with the neglect and the harsh functionality of the bridge brings out Liza's beauty in an immediate way, as does the contrast between a public place and personal intimacy. On a more sensual level, it's easy to imagine yourself under that bridge, and what it would sound like to walk there, and what it would smell like, and that makes things real in a way that a fantasy studio background would not. Liza herself comes off very well here, as not only beautiful but relaxed and funny. It all makes her vivid and attractive, as an actual woman, in a way that reducing her to body parts would not.

Egon,photography is not your thing.Try gardening instead.

The seller

Love to see a neatly trimmed bush framing a perfect pussy!

Lose the necklace.

Love to see a neatly trimmed bush framing a perfect pussy!

Pretty girl. But I'd much rather seen Liza on the bed, relaxed and coño abierto.

Agreed --

Outdoor shoots are becoming boooooorrrriiiing!

Gotta agree ... the location is terrible! A beauty like Liza needs a softer location.

i didnt even notice the location till i came back and read all these post. All i saw was a beautiful girl with an insanely sexy body and an amazing bush. She had me fully aroused from the first pic and i couldnt take my eyes off her. never even saw the background....

Pretty woman, but substandard photo shoot. Come on Met Art, it seems that lately that someone has been asleep at the wheel....just saying.

Nice to see Liza again!!! I'm really scratching my head about the location for this photo shoot. Underneath a run down, dirty old bridge??? Come on Egon!!

Liza J has a stunning body with delicious rear and pussy. The photographer is not doing her any justice. She needs Catherine, Rylsky or Arkisi .

I am in agreement. I find the quality of this site is not keeping up with the competition. The women are beautiful but taking pictures out of focus, washed out or in a poor setting is neither erotic or artistic. The manager of this site needs to take a look at the quality of the produce. You will notice that the ratings of the photography sets are on a continual slide.;

Very, very sexy face. Yummy.


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