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oh no ! pubic hair? wow its so hot! its hard to describe. short & simple.
you're a beautiful women!

wow! why dont you guys make other sets like this?
undressing is the best part of a women. so sexy.
i love her bra and panty. so sexy and cool color for pictures. giving a warm feeling.
really good job!
she is beautiful!

Nice pictures,, nice to see some with hair and not just shaved, need to see more vagina better shots maybe.

Wow, what a wonderful model! She really has a beautiful pussy, lovely anus, pretty breasts, and a beautiful face. Please bring her back for more!

Well I must comment that there are only 6 photos where her legs are really open, and in every single one of them, the focus is elsewhere, leaving her lovely kitty very blurry. I'm wondering how Baggy36Pants can comment on her "always lovely labia", since we are really never treated to see said labia in focus? I will never understand this choice, but it seems more common with female photographers. If we are not supposed to be looking down there, only focusing on her eyes, then shooting with her clothes off is not really necessary. Maybe the thinking is fuzzy mystery is more erotic than sharp detail?

So for me this is a tease. But in the end she is a lovely woman, I'd just like to see all of her, please.

There are a couple of nice shots of Liza's "lovely kitty" taken from behind...and speaking of "behinds", that too looks pretty nice.

I believe a butterfly in razor sharp focus is "lovely". For me, that is not the only lovely view of girlie parts. As an example, I consider what we see of Liza's labia in #68 to be lovely. "Always" is an absolute term and I should not have used it, my bad. I wonder if I need to specify inner and outer when I comment on labia?

Good point, the shot you reference (68) shows off outer labia, we see only a tantalizing peek at her inner labia. A better look at her INNER labia is reserved for the blurry shots, ha ha. I guess when I say labia I am thinking inner, so I should be more specific. I guess I tend to yearn for the fantasy that I'm "going in", so it doesn't have to be gross or pornographic, but if that fantasy is facilitated with girls of this quality, then I'm a very happy camper.

You ask a surprisingly provocative question, RedPilot, though I will instance Catherine as an example of a female photog. who isn't scared to show "intimate" shots, and Flora doesn't seem to scruple at 'em either...
That is an interesting thesis about the (possible) preferability of fuzzy mystery over sharp detail, however. I don't think I can think of male photog.s who operate on that principle, at least not nowadays!

Liza is a nugget of pure gold recently entered in the coffer of MetArt.
Like all Ukrainian girls is beautiful by law.
Angela Linin is fine interpreter of its charm daring and provocative.
Angela is also careful to balance color of his sets.
Remember the wonderful Liza in: 'The Woman in Red' ?
Also in this set the color balance between the environment, dress, lingerie,
would be perfect if it were not for the little flaw of the color of the shoes completely out of place.

Liza is totally beautiful, and Angela Linen has produced another perfect set.

looks way older than 25 to me?

Lisa is lovely, and I particularly love her unshaven pussy.

Liza is stunning, there is no doubt, especially when she smiles. ( :
I love the dress and the lingerie, in particular the panties... very hot.
But I'm not a fan of the chunky high heels. As a rule of thumb I love high heels in photosets, just not these ones in particular. They are not flattering.

Lovely unshaven pussy. More please.

I dream of a day when those who like furry and those who like clean shaven can live in harmony on the same site... Personally I like lasered clean, but I understand that there are other people who get turned on just as much by the opposite, so I can respect that. How boring would the internet be if we all agreed on everything?

Anyway, it's a beautiful set!

Swordfish, I like them both. I think that only certain women (a limited number) can do justice to the unshaved look and we know who they are. On any given day the majority of sets (usually all) present shaved or trimmed women. So when the ocassional hairy set appears, I think that those who prefer hairless should quietly move on to the next sets, which will likely be the kind they prefer.

A beautiful red haired young woman, with a gorgeous, petite but shapely womanly figure. Liza is a darling little sweetheart.

Liza has lovely breasts, areolae, and nipples; sometimes a brilliant smile, always lovely labia; and I hope always nicely groomed pubes. Thank you ladies for this second visit and please hurry back.

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