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She's got some City miles on her that were not present in previous shoots. Something bad has happened to her.

Beautiful girl, yellow summer dress, wind in her hair, wind up her dress revealing a most wonderful body. I enjoyed it very much. I wish I had been there.

I find this a boring shoot. Not what I pay for, model is beautiful but too shy for posing nude. Pussy shy.

If you browse a few of her previous sets, you'll see that this is not the case. This is just a very tame set. Maybe she's not that comfortable with the new photographer....? Not what ANY of us pay for, but comes with the territory, as the old saying goes. They can't all be 5 star.

To clarify...all sets can't be 5 star for EVERYONE. But every set on here IS 5 star for SOMEONE. And I sure don't call this girl "shy"...;o)

Stunning, one of my top 10. However, compared with her previous shoot which was done with the same photographer, I think this shoot is a right load of nothing.

Lizel is a stunning beauty, and I am glad she now works it Mr.Livos as Mr Shoes has run out of ideas to pose her in my opinion. She worked for Mr. Shoes for the last six years, and it showed, in my opinion. Mr. Livos has taken her back to where she started, which is posing outdoors. Lizel is a perfect outdoors model despite being so tiny.

Gorgeous model with an incredible body, love the second to last picture showing off her perfect bottom

She is stunning, but the eyebrows..........

From the same firm that did Groucho Marx's moustache?

nice close up of Lizel's pussy lips especially images #114 and # 119, they captured the slightest details of Lizel pussy

Yes, but I expect to see a lot more than merely just two pussy images out of a set containing 120. At least 60+ minimum in my view which is 58 more than we got.

Hell...I've seen sets on here with NO pussy!!


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