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For those members also having a Sexart subscription: if you like Lolly you will be able to enjoy her soon in her Sexart debut with one of the new sets we shot recently. The set belongs to the "silver mirror" series, including Metart models such as Candice Luka and Luce A and next Tess B. More Sexart and Metart sets with Lolly are waiting to be published.

The set with Lolly just came out on Sexart, check it out!

Lolly is a very pretty model with a baby face, honey-colored hair, amazing legs and an ass that no praise is equal.
Lolly, delicious, shows all without secrets.
The whole set is perfectly composed: background, decoration, lights, clothing, hairstyle.
10 + Lolly and the photographer

gaetano maria, it's nice to read such an enthusiastic comment about the model and the photography too, I am really happy to have pleased your eyes!

This is the reply to swplf2's request at the bottom of the page (I write it here at the top as a new comment so that it is noticed more easily).

I have actually shot a few g/g for Metart:
- Grace C and Lynne (unpublished model)
- Kami A and Iveta (unpublished model)
- Megan B and Abigail (unpublished model)
- other 5 sets with other unpublished models
I haven't submitted any of these sets yet, I may do it soon, probably starting with the one with Grace.
Then I have shot 3 or 4 sets with Edwige A and Luka B, and one of these sets will be published somewhen. These two models knew each other and were comfortable shooting together in a non-lesbian but softly erotic set such as here on MA.
But I already have 2 sets published on TLE:
- Mia Sollis and Edwige A
- Edwige A and Tracy Lindsay
They are "half" lesbian sets, since Edwige did not feel like touching or being touched in her intimate parts by her partner, so the other model touches herself.
Then I have also shot 7 g/g sets for Sexart so far:
- Grace C and Cherry (unpublished model)
- Grace C and Margot A
- Denisa Heaven and Whitney Conroy (3 sets)
So far none of these sets has been considered for publishing, but I think that these latter sets are very sexually arousing, with lots of chemistry between the models, who are friends, and I hope that K will consider to give them a try.
Recently I have submitted two new sets with Mia Manarote and Margot A (also a quite erotic combination, considering that the models, who I already knew separately, met for the first time on the set and soon became friends) but I am waiting for feedback about the publication. It would be useful to know if anyone is willing to see them, so maybe K can decide better.

As you can see I do have shot girl/girl and I consider it very challenging and difficult. From my experience I can say that Metart girl/girl sets - who do make sense to me - are to be considered essentially under an aesthetic perspective, and can be quite complicated to be conceived and shot if you want to emphasize the harmony of the poses and the erotic power of their combinations. Lesbian girl/girl sets, such as the Sexart ones, are focused more on the erotic chemistry produced by the action of the models, not necessarily connected with the harmony of poses or their aesthetic qualities. In general terms, two very beautiful models would work on a g/g set on MA, as long as their beauty is well exploited in the poses and in the framing of the shots, while they would risk not to work on a g/g set on SA either if there is not enough chemistry between them or if the photography doesn't render in an effective way the eroticism of the action. In some cases the chemistry may even overcome the beauty of the models in terms of importance.
If we consider MA and SA two complementary ways of portraying the beauty/harmony (MA) and the eroticism/passion (SA) of the interaction between girls, the two different policies/guidelines of the websites make perfect sense. But if we consider them as different ways of telling the same story we go wrong, because MA doesn't aim at the sexual act, which is SA's goal instead. This is probably why g/g sets on MA may look incomplete or damped: they simply don't aim at showing passion but joy and harmony, so once we don't let ourself be mislead by the presence of two beauties together and avoid expecting sexual passion we may appreciate the aesthetic message of those kinds of sets. I agree with the "what a waste" feeling when you see two beautiful models only smiling and enjoying posing together, but here comes Sexart for seeing them getting laid and eating each other...;)
I would also add that SA theoretically has the possibility of portraying both aspects we have talked about - beauty of poses and passion throughout the action - but such sets would probably be too long to tell both side of the story in a sufficiently effective way, so this is why it's probably better to keep them separate. A good idea would be, as someone suggested on SA once, to shoot two models in the same kind of set twice, once for Metart and once for Sexart, in order to fill up that "what-a-waste" feeling on one side (if you see it from the SA perspective) and to emphasize the beauty of the models posing together (according to MA's philosophy).
I think that the additional value of MA is the spark of erotic passion that is in the air but never ignites, leaving it all to imagination, as long as models can show the right kind of emotion (not too much sensuality but not just plain smiling). I personally don't like g/g sets which are too funny (that's just my opinion), but I know that people may like them and you could see them like "we know we can't really do more than this so let's just put it in a funny way". On the other hand, sets which aim at pushing the boundaries without really doing it risk to look fake (unless the models perform really well). In the case of Catherine's set I think she did a very good job and the set looks as real as it can be. Probably the best way of interpreting a g/g set here on MA stands in the middle ("In medio stat virtus", like latins used to say): two models joyfully playing with each other and with their beauty, showing that little spark of erotic passion between them and giving the impression to be about to ignite it in every shot, without really doing it.
Let's end it saying that Metart probably created Sexart to finally light that fire...
Long winded enough swplf2? ;)

Delta. Thanks. You did exactly what I was seeking when I raised the issue. We all needed the perspective of an artist facing this dilema. As far as I am concerned this explains and should end all bitching. What I get from you is that many elements must fit if you are going to provide us with "worthy" sets for both sites. It is a challenge for the artist to draw those lines Candice is a good example even though it is not a g/g. You and Don brought us a potential star. Alis "finished", so to speck our "picture" of her. In both the intensity of the main part and the inclusion of the wonderfully playful nymph at the end. I would be interested in Catherine chiming in, but I doubt she could really add more than you have already given us. Now if "K" would let us know if he has read all of this it would help. If he doesn't read our comments I will e-mail him directly with a copy of all your mine and Alis's back and forth for the last day or two. "K" if you are reading this now I think you will have a better feel if not of the overall membership at least the representative opinions of the regular commentators. I remember years ago finding years ago find a split set. Met published the first part but while cruising the more explicit sites away from the Met family at the time the second part which continued from where the Met part ended. Trying that at least once might be a good idea, unless contracts and compensation preclude it. Like I said about Candice being a potential star, so is Deltagamma. No he doesn't have the "cred" yet. But give him a chance and I think you will be surprised. Yes I am still long winded. And like Ry, I don't really give a damn about faceless boo birds. You want to challenge me, speak up. I can take it. All my post could start with "In my, sometimes less than humble, opinion after being a member for at least 8 years."

Thanks to all of the members who kicked in on this and to Alis and Deltagamma, for their comments.

Nice post swplf2, and again I want to thank deltagamma74 for the detailed explanation on this topic.

Thanks for the comment and explanation deltagamma74, I think you've done a very good job of clearing up this issue for many of us (at least I hope so).

I'm not a fan of any hardcore porn (B/G or G/G). I have no desire to see a man without clothes in any situation.

I do believe Catherine did an excellent job with her latest published set with Luiza and Penelope. This set goes a far as any G/G set on Met Art should go.

Met Art is Erotic Art, not hardcore porn.

Browning, I am happy to read that the explanation of my view may help clarifying this complex issue to many. More comments are welcome.

The second last line should read...This set goes "as" far as any...I apologize for my spelling error.

nice set i loved it a very beautiful girl

thanks baseball 1958, I am glad you liked the set and the model!

Lolly is an interesting model, but this is a compliment. I like the tall, leggy types and she has many other attributes as well. She is still a little reserved, but I do see this gradually wearing off. I enjoyed this set, as I did 'Pax' because I like variety and these sets with Lolly appealed to me with a nice mix of poses, expressions and closeups.

DG, I really appreciate the dialog you have given us today. The paragraph about the shoot and model are very interesting and detailed in a way that we don't often get from other photogs. I hold you in high esteem not only because are you very talented behind the lens, but also for your willingness to participate here in honest discussion with us members.

kilroy, it is always my pleasure to bring my sets to life participating in these dialogues which are so stimulating for all and often very rewarding for myself, like in this case with your nice comment. Thanks to this opportunity you and the other sharp and passionate members I even realize many things I hadn't noticed consciously when I did the shootings, so it is a real added value to my accomplished work. I really have to thank you all!

Lolly is quite special, with a great body and such a unique face. I can't really think of anyone else whom Lolly A looks like. I certainly hope we'll see more of her.

Ouchstopit, you are right, as I also wrote Lolly is definitely not the average Metart model. But when I saw her the first time she reminded me in a way another model I really like, Conny Carter. Their face is not really similar if you look in detail, but somehow the slender curvy sexy body and the oval shape of their faces makes these two models quite similar, don't you think? I am even thinking of convincing both of them to shoot girl/girl together, although none of them shot lesbian, but I have the feeling that they would perfectly match. In any case these days I am planning a shooting with Conny, we shot the first time together 4 years ago when she just started posing, but at the time I was not shooting for MA yet, what a shame. I realize I like the same things in Conny and Lolly, they are both very "physical".

I know what you mean about the superficial similarity to Conny, deltagamma. She's another of my favorites...
I was also thinking as I was viewing this particular set that she has also a certain similarity to Edwige as well. I can't tell if it's a visual/physical thing, or an attitude thing... but it certainly isn't a bad thing! ( :

fer_realz, now that you noticed I must say that you are right, Edwige and Lolly really resemble each other, especially in their faces. Let's say that they almost look like sisters where Lolly is the taller one. So now I think that a g/g set with Lolly and Edwige or Lolly and Conny would highlight this similarity in the best possible way ;)

I would not complain about a set like that! ( : Edwige is another of my perennial favorites.

p.s. I'm definitely looking forward to further sets of Conny here on MA... ( :

Well, I think that this weekend I will define details of the shooting with Conny, since at least you and some other members are going to like new sets with her. You gave me one more reason ;)

I popped the zipper off my britches when I gazed upon this beautiful set.. A+++

Lolly just might have the most beautiful breasts on MFC!!! They are absolutely perfect, and a true natural wonder!!! And the rest of her is just as good!!! What a beautiful, sexy girl!!!

l_l_c, as I wrote Lolly's breasts were one of the things about her that I liked the most, so I am happy to read that my choice was right!

A jackpot day for those who, like me, love tall, elegant and graceful women with long legs! Lolly and Chantelle are slender goddesses!

I am glad to have contributed to the jackpot ;)

I shot this set with Lolly last year in Prague (her other set "Pax" was shot in the same circumstance). She had just started as an erotic model, and like Sailor noticed she may have been a bit self-conscious at first, but gradually warmed up and felt more at ease, smiling more often and feeling more comfortable at posing. Also my opinion about her changed at the end of the shooting: she did seem a bit "cold" or indifferent as I described my intentions for our shooting before starting, but then I realized it was mainly due to inexperience and a bit of shyness, which didn't influence too much the photography though. What I liked in Lolly were her "fawn" eyes combined to a very sexy and tall body, with her firm breasts and long legs, not forgetting her buttocks. The setting is a famous historical hotel in the heart of the town, where I used to go often because of the "liberty" style of the rooms which I liked. After the other set from this shooting session was published I called Lolly again for new shootings, this time for Sexart, where she is supposed to appear in the next weeks starting with a set belonging to my "silver mirror" series. She was much more comfortable during this last shooting, even if was a more erotic one, due to the fact that we already knew each other and to her increased experience in the erotic field (she even did some boy/girl shootings since our first session). If you members show to appreciate her enough I may consider to shoot her again, even in girl/girl sets in case (although at the moment she has never done it, as far as I know). Waiting for your suggestions/requests.

its been 2 months sex art????/

Very interesting, DG. Having a little background can let one appreciate the results even more.

I like the way you do this. You are damn near as long winded as I am. With this explanation I will take back my comment which could be interpreted as "dump her". But dammit your good, I hate seeing you get the somewhat lower ratings. Over on Sex today I compliment you, and Don for getting Candice in the Top Ten without a movie. IMO that has a much to with your part as it does her's. Once again as you point out, you have no control when or the sequence of how these get posted, so we had no idea she was a virgin, so to speak, in this set. Believe it or not I am trying to give constructive criticism here without my own biases being the determining factor. That's why I asked you about the g/g issue since you shoot for both Met and Sex.

SW, as long as there are people like you and the other members who show such a passion and true interest in every single aspect of this site it's philosophy, models, photography and artists - well, I won't be able to avoid making (hopefully) useful comments and explaining what I consider interesting for further discussions and deeper understanding of the images you all see. I do appreciate your criticism, it's one of the added values of the comments feature by now. Lower ratings can be disappointing of course, but they are expectable and understandable when you don't go for mainstream, like when you choose a model that is not the average looking model or you try to develop a concept that has a meaning for you but probably not everyone will understand or appreciate. So when I hear that these insights that I give really help you and other passionate viewers better understand the images and the choices, then it really rewarding. I will write about the G/G issue later, don't worry. I also read your very nice compliments for me and Don on SA about Candice, I will write there too later. Thank you for being so frank, deep and passionate!

It would be interesting to hear what isn't liked in this set, so far I read only positive comments but I see a low rating. Is it more the model or the photography?

Personally I like Lolly and her strong features, but i suspect that's not everyones taste. The use of natural light here suits her well, but perhaps going the opposite direction with a strong cloured background and brightly lit studio series might also work. I agree with Byron on the necklace and appreciate you taking that comment on board. Naked wins everytime.

justagigolo, that's true, tastes as different so it's normal that when a model has strong features like Lolly, as you noticed, she may not meet the average taste, but that's normal. When I decided to shot her I knew she may not be the typical Metart model, but I liked her so I guessed that others may have liked her too and appreciate her in the name of variety, not forgetting the photography itself. I agree that a studio series with brighter lighting could highlight Lolly's features in a different and maybe stronger way, it is surely an option. In the case of this set, after choosing such a location, I was obliged to go for a matching make up and hairstyle, using a soft natural light, and having her wear accessories for a longer time, but it's sure that her naked body alone could be enough to satisfy the viewer with a plain coloured background. I may try it next time.

Sooo sexy. All of those close ups of her pussy caused me to ejaculate all over my computer screen. There is jizz everywhere!

hey.... I wonder what happens if you get to see her set coming out on Sexart... get a good screen protection! ;)

I love when a woman sits with her legs folded under her, as in 97 & 98.....sitting pretty, as I call it.

Lolly, jsi krásná žena! Krásná tvář. Krásné oči. Nádherné tělo. Úžasné kočička. Oh! Sladká žena! Ano! Jsi šířit otevřít! Děkuji vám! Krásné růžová! Krásné roztažené! Ano, zlato! Vážení sladká žena udělej to znovu! Ukaž mi víc své růžové! Nádherný! Vážení sladká žena, Děkuji vám!

Damn, Caballo, I had no idea you are polylingual!


Jeleba!.....Hungarian for "Here!" I just love the sequence of 59 thru 63! It's as if Lolly says "Here, look at this!

Smokin' hot set of a smokin' hot babe. Thanks DG and Lolly! You two really made my night. ( :

fer_realz, it's a real honor! I am really looking forward to seeing how much Lolly is appreciated by you all so that I can plan new shootings with her, gladly considering any of your suggestions.

One suggestion, DG, and it is a general suggestion covering all models... I've always been fond of lingerie, but the kind that "real" women can afford and wear.
"Fantasy" lingerie is OK, but palls after awhile, as do thongs.
I like to see models in "everyday" lingerie like panties and bras and pantyhose.
Naturally, the whole set doesn't have to consist of or revolve around that, but it's nice to see some good shots in lingerie that everyday women would wear.
I'm also (no surprise) a fan of upskirt, and when the two are combined... magic. LOL
Hope my input helps!

your inputs always help fer_realz, thank you for letting me know what you would like to see, I wrote down similar preferences about everyday lingerie after some comments in this sense in my first set "Meyve" with Sunshine A, so be sure that I will consider it in my next shootings, since this one was shot even before the set with Sunshine. In this specific set I would have gone for "fantasy" lingerie in any case, I guess, because as I wrote I wanted to match the unusual setting with some unusual clothing and hairstyle, but for modern settings the "girl next door" look, including ordinary lingerie, makes perfect sense.

I definitely see what you mean about this particular set, deltagamma... the nice fancy lingerie was just right for it.
I don't have anything against it in general, I'd just like to see "real" lingerie featured more often, kinda like the way Roy Stuart did... but then, panties have gone out of vogue over the last decade! LOL
Thanks for taking my tastes into consideration, I appreciate it!

Stunning beauty beautifully shot! So many models wear these long necklaces which I find distracting. I would love to see the models eventually take them off at least

Byron, I am glad you appreciate. Ok for the necklace, I also agree that a model should always be seen without any accessories at least in the last part of the set to admire her in all her beauty. I will take this into account the next time ;)

With Mila, Miele and Chantelle, Lolly is running with some very fast company today, but she manages to hold her own. She seems a bit self-conscious at the beginning of the set, but warms up quickly. The result is lovely.

Sailor, I am glad you noticed how Lolly warmed up throughout the set. In effect this was the first time we shot together and this was our first set that day, so you perfectly caught the situation. I will write more details about the shooting soon.

Sailor, I figures you check this one last... Did you get my request for you to comment on g/g sets. Please do. By the way Good Morning.

swplf2, good morning. I just saw your request a few minutes ago and left a reply on the page.

Hi Delta, remember me? Well I have another off the wall request for you. hipshot131 says you won't be able to answer because you don't dare, but I will ask anyway. So far you have given us 13 sets and have been active in our comment section since it began. None of your posted sets are g/g. Since you have disclosed that the timing of postings is up to the site administrator I don't know if you have already shoot a g/g. Over the last couple of days I have been requesting comments on the concept of g/g under our guidelines here. Go back and read the start of this between kilroy and me two days ago on the g/g posted that day. I would love to get an "artists" input on this issue. I case anyone is reading this, I am not against them and not pushing for any changes. I am soley interested in getting a feel for what members think in general. If you don't want to or fas hipshot131 says can not comment fine. But please acknowledge that you read this. Thanks again and grab Grace who you introduced to us and shoot her again. I am sorry to say this young lady is just not in the same class. Not your work with her, just her.

SW, I have just wrote about the g/g issue, I hope I replied what you wanted to ask.

Hi swplf2, of course I remember you.. ;) I haven't read many of the past comments here, so I missed the ones you talk about (when I don't have any of my sets published in a long time I don't always read comments about other photographers' work). But I will read it soon and I don't see any problems in answering on the issue, on the contrary I will be happy to give you my opinion. Just stand by and I will write something within the next few hours.

Fantastically sexy. I love the way those inner labia peep out, and those puffy nipples are perfect. And such a sweet smile. Great job!

We asked 100 women 'What was the most wonderful thing someone said to you?'

*I love the way those inner labia peep out*

Oh uh... 0/100

ROTFLMAO, menetkel!

Myshking, I am glad you liked Lolly and my work, what you pointed out are also some of my favourite things about her. I hope that many more express their preferences and wish to see more with her so that I can shoot her again soon.

Excellent. Keep those great sets coming, and give Lolly my love.

Please do shoot with her again soon! You've both got my vote.

I wrote your vote down and I have already wrote Lolly asking her to be ready to shoot soon... ;) Maybe she will reply to some of the comments, I will keep you all informed.

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