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Only 7,12 (at this time) for this photoset?! For me, surely 10!

Me too, Linzi! This is a smokingly erotic set of a woman with a gorgeous body,
who knows how to use it.

Lolly wonderful, gorgeous creature.
A body of such beauty and perfection to look amazed.
Ambience simple and effective.
Beautiful and very sexy red body.
Excellent photos.

Thanks Lolly for making us look your beautiful body naked and open without shame.

Slastyonoff find it shameful the low score of this set.
I think there are many subscribers of strange tastes and less competent

I feel like I need to visit the optometrist after this. Every photo I looked at, wherever I was trying to focus, the camera focused elsewhere...

Sorry, this one is *not* a keeper... (IMHO)

Glad to hear Lolly has better pictures elsewhere. She looks like she is not having much fun, that's for sure. What's with 83 and 84 being sideways? Just sloppy editing?

Would have been a nice to see Lolly smile or even frown instead of the same humdrum expression on all of these photos.

Absolutely uninspired photographer!

Lolly's beautiful photos you can find in the other 3 sets!

? ! ?

Agreed, gaetano... some peoples' tastes I have to question...

beautiful and tall girl with long beautiful legs and beautiful butt.

just 6 is a bit harsh. Lolly is gorgeous as ever but I think Mr Slastyonoff is having an off day.

I don't think Slastyonoff's having an off anything... I think we gots some hatas in the house.

well, you have to admit that the background is pretty horrible.
so yes, i do think its the photog

beebee, do you mean the olive-green wallpaper? I'd agree with you about it not being flattering. However, in the second part of the set when she's in front of the red box, I don't see that as a problem.

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