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Could be a really promising set. She has a rather attractive body but has to work on her "modeling sense", Her facial expressions in most shots are pensive and, for the most part, she actually seems scared in front of the camera. Looks more like a first posting than her 4th set.

They have "plump rump" which fits her's nicely and isn't as harsh as "fuckable ass". Not that I have anything against that... I would like to know why her bio states "small" for breast size, they look at least "medium" to me and are very nice looking too.

As for the photo set, what's up with the first two? Yes the panty photos were nice in the beginning but then the bra and panties got in the way of what could have been some nice photos about halfway through.

They're definitely "Cs" and not "Bs". In some of her other sets they look even larger. But all-in-all, they're quite nice.

I love it!

When it suits the model, I think I will "borrow" plump rump.

The lingering lingerie was distracting to the point of ruining the shoot.

I totally agree - after a few pages, it just looks dumb!

Kudos and thanks to Slastyonoff for the awesome panty shots at the beginning of the set... but having the bra literally "hang around" the entire set really makes no sense to me.
Any disagreement with the photographer aside, Lolly is sensual and sensational and I hope she continues to return to us often!

"Superb bum" is absolutely imperfect and definitely unacceptable according the rules for the propriety of tagging. The phrase you need is "fuckable ass".

Farmer Brown's old grey goat has a "fuckable ass", if you don't mind being kicked in the balls.

Unless more people enter the same tag it may be problematic to enter a new one.

After reviewing this gallery, my opinion of Lolly, which I also tried to enter as tags on her model page is comprised of: tall, attractive, nice hair, love handles, shapely breasts, and superb bum. For some reason superb bum was not accepted. I wonder what is up with that?

"Suberb bum" is an affront to tagging etiquette. Try "fuckable ass". So much better.

oops. thought I lost the first one.

Patience Grasshopper.

I don't think I will ever understand tagging. One thing I think holds true is - get all your tags in in one go. If I forget one and try to add it, I usually end up deleting all I have entered before. Then I try again, get them back but now I have two of the forgotten one I tried to add. And it seems like the most vulgar crap can be added if you know how.

Squeezes head and moans "I get soooooo confused".

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