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She looks great in those panties..... and out of them!

THINGS I LOVED: Fabulous breasts, delightful bum, exquisite quim, figure appreciative poses, erotic poses, long lean lovely legs, excellent skin textures, luxurious loin close ups, fun final fanny feature.

THINGS I'D PREFER: being the table.

Lolly is a total beauty,and is shown in a perfect setting.Mr. Helios has produced a perfect photoset. A10++++ all around

And don't forget her updates on SaxArt where she is known as Candy Wais.

Cute and sexy all around. Some neglect of our model's back and some clumsy cropping of close ups.

Nice thong. We should see it. An upshot with the dress would be nice. C'mon. Use it or lose it.

I agree on the upskirt issue. I mean... they've got 120 pics to play in, why not use a few for enjoying the full effect of the dress/skirt before taking it off entirely? I think most guys (even if only secretly) wish they could peek up the pretty girl's skirt... here's one of the very few opportunities to do so!

I see someone followed some good advice, and now the beauty is back! Lolly and Luca, what a pair! A perfect 10 on this set guys!


Not to mention those gorgeous EYES!!!

ZOMG, Lolly certainly has a fine fundament. Mmmm mmm mmmm...

Oh, and a sterling example of a PP....

Not to mention that PA!!

Hmmmm. Longs to lick Luca's luscious Lolly :) Radiant loveliness. Thanks blue eyed angel!

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