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I love Slastyonoff's work,and ie is good to see him posting here again.Lolly calls herself Candy Wais on SA, and has some very hot sets and movies. The only thing I wonder about is she married or engaged,not that it matters,Jenya D was married for the last 6-7 years she was posing here,and on Playboy and her Katie Fey site all at the same time. She generally tied her ring in her hair, which was longer than Lolly's Kormos was the last set where she wore it, I think. Lolly ie a total sweetheart,and gets a10+++ as does Slastyonoff

Wow! It's my Aunt Matilda!! ;o) jk...

Nice set. Others have already commented on the wardrobe (which I really like) but I especially like the "candidness" of the set, especially the shots were the model is studying the papers she's holding and not looking at camera. I personally tire of the overly posed sets where the models are being directed to strike poses to show off their attributes. More natural and candid sets are more erotic in my opinion.

Agreed, in every respect.
I find sets of women in everyday situations dressed in everyday clothes ~ at least to begin ~ incredibly erotic.
When done right, you get the feeling you could walk through the door at the end of a long day and find your girlfriend gently teasing you...

Lovely stuff, a beautiful Lolly I'm sure I could lick for eternity.

Slastyonoff excels once again with a very simple premise and a very everyday outfit for Lolly, the result a delightful exhibition of this stunning beauty engaging the viewer, magnificent.

Lolly has significant eyebrows, lovely eyes, mini puffs, superb butt cheeks, and the ability to grow hair on more than only her head.

White panties rule. The conservative nature of the panties may indicate either that some of today's young women walk around in comfortable underwear, or that Slastyonoff wanted to leave us with that impression, or that the gallery was created at a time when tiny panties were less readily available.

Baggy, I get the impression ~ and this could be a mistaken impression ~ that when thongs came into style, a lot of women ~ and a lot of erotic artists also ~ got the impression that anything more than a g-string or thong is unsexy.
I think a lot of women nowadays think that their everyday panties look to men like "granny panties" and if they want to dress up or look sexy they have to wear a thong or a g-string.
I think that is why so few erotic artists shoot sets with their models wearing anything more than a g-string or thong. I'd like to think that this is a fad that will die out gradually and over time more and more erotic art will be shot once again with real panties, but I guess only time will tell...

@ fer_realz: You are correct of course. I find it interesting to see what women think is "in" when out in the wild, and I don't even have to be stealthy to see them ~ they're everywhere. Many are sights for old eyes, some are horror stories.

One of the two nicest plump rumps I have ever seen, so far, out in the wild was on a young lady just a few people ahead of me @ my bank. I suspect she knew her derriere was spectacular and chose to wear those leggings that the young wear, so that everyone who saw her knew also. A bonus for us voyeurs was that even though the leggings were black, the fabric was just light weight and tight enough to show her dark colored thong and an outline of superb butt cheeks; perhaps an early sighting of Lulu Lemon's quality control problems.

I'm sure my teller knew where my eyes were looking, but what the heck, I may be old but I'm not dead.

The panties were lost too soon.

Considering the gorgeous majesty contained within, I'd say not soon enough, although I concede she did look mighty good in them!.

Very boring. No imagination.

Correct in a a manner not intended.

Well-played sir.

Lolly has a REAL GOOD set of lungs!

Very boring set, if anything they should have photo shopped the pimples on her butt.....#83

Lolly really needs to stay away from this photographer; he does her no justice. Go back to Helios; just compare the sets between the two; what a clearly noticeable difference. Poor work, very poor.

Who, What, Where, Why, When, How, Describe, Explain. Please.

Nice set of a beautiful sexy girl.

Lolly has a wonderful smile, a lovely soft sexy body and a magnificent pair of firm round breasts.

When combined with some great close ups of Lolly's assets clad in full white cotton panties, Monday morning suddenly turned into a very pleasurable experience - thanks guys

Awwww yeah! The Master brings us yet another delicious white cotton panty set! This is cause for celebration. ( :
Funny thing, looking at the models' expressions during these sets (excepting Mia Sollis, who seems to have a good grasp of how sexy she is in every circumstance) I have to think they are thinking in their mind, "There's no way in hell a man could think this looks good!" but, yes, it does... very very good.
Sincere thanks to Slastyonoff and Lolly for satisfying one of my fetishes, and doing it so well. ( :

fer, I knew you would like this set when I saw the first page ;-)

Guess I'm getting predictable in my dotage. LOL

A very average set but Lolly A is incredibly attractive and sexy .

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