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14 Megapixels, really? The camera on my iPhone can take better pictures than these. Seriously. I guess we better pass the hat around and take up a collection so all these dead-broke photogs can go out and buy some better cameras.

Sean, thank you very much!
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Loreen drives me wild! Her body is absolutely amazing! her face is breath taking, and she has the most beautiful pussy and bush on Met-art. Loreen is easily in my top 5 Met girls. I found this set very arousing with Loreen flirting with her dress and giving us some lovely views of her delicious body for us all to "enjoy". This set worked well for me.

Loreen is gorgeous, and I luv her perfect breasts!!! I liked the way she teased with dress, but it would have been nice not to see it all in the last half of the set.

Such a great model and such poor photography. Unimaginative and poorly composed set. Loreen deserves better.

I think Rylsky produces too much work and the net effect of that is some of it suffers from poor quality. I'd rather see less from him and a consistently much higher standard.

....noisy set,Rylsky!

Loreen is indeed beautiful and sexy, but file this set under "hardly worth it".

Agree. Loreen has a hardwired connection to my inner-being so her image is cause for instant arousal, but this set is poor by any measure, and well below Rylsky standard.

Loreen is absolutely awesome, such a beautiful face that always seems accompanied by a truly gorgeous, heart melting smile. That such natural beauty is matched with such a tremendous body that she has never been scared to show fully, gives us the marvel Rylsky has shown to us so well many times before, however I see it as no insult to suggest that an untrained chimpanzee would have to work hard to make Loreen look bad!.

Well I don't know what species Rylsky is, but he sure "worked hard" on this one and came real close to making her look bad.

Actually it may be Loreen's hair-do that's bothering me about this set... 'Most' of the pics are actually very nice... My apologies to Mr. R... (Except No.80 which is the worst kind of shot for me, to focus right past a beautiful pose of that sweet pussy to her face which is displayed prominently throughout the set. This is ok only if the next shot is the exact opposite.)

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