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One of the best stomachs on all of Met-Art and you never see it. I don't mind a striptease, but eventually the clothes must come OFF, please.

One of the best stomachs on all of Met-Art and you never see it. CLothes OFF, please.

nice to see you again loreen to hell with artistic value you are fucking incredible. hot and sexy keep it up!

I admire Loreen's imagination and creativity in this set. Weather you like it or not, it makes you feel and form an opinion. That is the essence of art. Loreen showed a bold creativity in this. We all know she is beautiful. That is obvious. She knows it, she sees her image in the mirror. We allknow she has big breasts. She knows that too. She buys the bras. But what is not obvious is her intelligence, creativity, imagination and passion for her art. She should be commended for these atributes.

I do not think that critical comments will change the kind of work RylskyArt will do. Rylsky 's goal is to help his models cultivate their creativity. If some other model model came up with another idea like this, he would do his best to make it into a masterpiece.

Sometimes it is better to say nothing than to say something. I'm afraid this is one of those times.

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Loreen is beautiful,but this set was a waste of time

This is one of those sets where you definitely hit a sour note for me. I hate the water sets to start with then the fire gimmick and the ugly yellow spot lighting? What ever effect you were going for is for sure not in my taste.

All artists have ideas that are sometimes a little to far outside the box and for me this set was way to artsy for my tastes. I come to see beautiful women enhanced by fine photography. This set was all gimmicks and no beauty.


I totally agree with this. I want to enjoy the beauty of this woman, not the silly effects

Even geniuses have off days.

I do not frequent this site for the artistic aspects of the photography (gotta be honest, right?) but I immediately got the metaphor... I must admit it does tickle my funny bone.

Gorgeous Loreen. Light too harsh ,could have been tad subtle. 8

Rylsky, I told you I would spend some time with Loreen. She blew me away. That was incredible. Like a beautiful exotic, mystic priestess in an erotic water and fire ritual. Amazing! Wonderful creativity. Loreen is magnificent. I went through the set twice. Each image better than the last. What a fantastic set.

I always knew Loreen had something red hot between her legs. Great set, I don't think I have ever seen this true beauty looking as good as she does here, great work.

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