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Absolutely DELICIOUS! I could live for a year eating nothing but her pussy.

love ya Loreen those blue eyes and sweet smile you are special quite a perfect woman nice to see the hair back too makes your pussy look delicious more pics soon cant wait

Wonderful set, Loreen is a gem. Wow. Would have preferred to see more close shots in this set, but when I'm treated to such nice pictures of a stunningly beautiful woman, I can't complain.

Agree the resolution thing is silly. If you're shooting for print, that's another story, but we are viewing on computer monitors. (And ALL of us wish it was viewing in person, I guarantee that!)

  • H WU
  • 10 months ago:

Another beautiful set from Loreen.

Rylsky, Bbi moje gero. No, ona moje lyubimaya.

Looks like you wrote in Latin letters broken Srbski(Serbian)+Russian words that you know as Cyrillic.
i hope I understood 90%.

Yes, she deserve it.

Loreen beautiful and elegant lady with an exotic look.
Magnificent breasts and blue eyes.
It offers its intimacy without secrets.
A set simple and enjoyable.
Excellent example of how the pretty curls of the model can caress her breasts
and not eat it.

Let's try to find some flaw.
The encounter between black and white is like that between the devil and holy water.
In my opinion it would take a third color vibrant and brilliant to establish the balance between the two.
(red stockings for Loreen ?).

  • Doug
  • 10 months ago:

I think you'll have to settle for her blue eyes and red lips :-)

OK. I settle.

Loreen is quite sexy unshaven. I prefer the area around the labia be trimmed but hers is light enough to be quite acceptable. She is a bright and cheery model who manages to look comfortable in what can't be all that comfortable place to model. I really like that there is no water because there is nothing to interfere with our view of this lovely woman and the hair would not have been as alluring had it been wet.

Nice set

  • Doug
  • 10 months ago:

It's nice to see Loreen has body hair! Quite a change from the last set.
Good makeup, too. An overall good look, including in her eyes.
How are you getting your 5000 pixels, btw?
17 -- the femininity of pubic hair...
34 -- a pretty decent amount, too :-)
39 -- blue eyes, black hair -- good combo.
57 -- very attractive. This time the one-eye focus works :-)
59 -- nuthin' wrong with both eyes focused, either :-)
64 - quite sexy.
77 -- down the drain :-) Push! She's got a nice rear end, too :-)
79, 81 -- the body hair looks great! It just gives her so much more substance.
86, 87 -- erotic. Lovely pubic hair. Focus a bit off, but...
89 -- lovely. 94 -- regal. 103 -- very nice.
105 -- ahh! naturel :-)
114 -- not a prepubescent!
117 -- rather seductive.
121 -- very pretty. I.e., gorgeous :-)

I think Loreen is the most spectacularly arousing model on the site, but I think she looks particularly lovely with the wisp of bush she currently favours. Keep it up Loreen!

How are you getting your 5000 pixels, btw?

- I really think that all above 10 Mpix* is acceptable and no big difference 12 MP vs 22 and even 36 is just a marketing.

* I meant: for erotic photography and portraits.

Of course even 120 Mpixels are not enough for astro (see NASA's photos) and macro photography, 39+ is good for advertising, landscape and interiors. but it is for still photography and camera's weight + sensor could be unuseable for carry it in hands. Erotica is 90+% dynamic when it is SET, not single photo.

  • Doug
  • 10 months ago:

Hey, not to bug ya, but your colleague Alex Sironi gets some of the best IQ on this site with 12 megs*, albeit via a high-end I think Nikon and prime lenses (and highly effective lighting.) Not unlike the stuff you're using. IOW, quality over quantity :-)
I wish some less-accomplished MetArt photographers would realize that.
Sounds like you've been reading Ken Rockwell :-)

I asked that question because I can't find a cam with that resolution. Looks like you're using several cameras. And you're right -- their resolution doesn't matter -- it's your resolution that counts :-)

*The max rez of a computer display is, what, around 3000x?.
My 24" is 1920. So those 12 megapixel shots are plenty, especially since they're high quality. And I've only got an A3+ printer :-)

"I asked that question because I can't find a cam with that resolution."
I just can't understand members who feel themselves as detective investigation bureau... find real models, real cameras, real places, real real real... I just will NEVER understand it... But I know our century is private goes public at all. No need to ask any "snowdens".

I know Sironi personally and I know Rockwell by his site and articles. but I miss what part of this set is about their work.

  • Doug
  • 10 months ago:

Sorry for buggin' ya! :-)

I'm pretty much just seconding what you're saying.

The thing is as I've said before, some of us can't help wanting to know more. Some people do, some people don't. Since you know all the answers, it's hard for you to imagine wanting to know some of them.

We're just comin' from opposite points of view.

I think you and MetArt generally could give a little more info about questions like mine without harm -- and I think some day you will :-)

In the meantime you don't have to answer, and I appreciate it when you do.

I think we always want to know more about stuff -- including people -- we are interested in. You should be glad for piquing such interest!

Even if sometimes gadflies bug ya :-)

Doug, I too am extremely curious but I have learned from talking to some of the artists that the kind of things we would like to know can be very harmful to the girls. In our age of cyber information it is very easy to find out information from the smallest clues. A girls age and where she is from can be enough to figure out if someone you have seen or know is the person you are seeing. Several very wonderful models are no longer with us because small minded people found who they were and ruined there lives and shamed them in front of their friends and family. For most self righteous people in most countries a girl who does this type of modeling is considered a member of the sex trade and is looked down on. They do not see different shades only that a girl exposes herself to men for money. I have learned that it is better that the details be private than to lose one of these lovey girls.

  • Doug
  • 10 months ago:

I guess that's where someone has to stand up and be courageous. It has happened in this country, and in other countries. Even going against the male-female double standard.
I just hate to think of, well, for want of a better example, Kristel on the one hand being so confident in her modeling, and on the other cowering in fear for being herself -- or at least those meaning to protect her.
At some point somewhere things will liberalize, and men will have a lot to do with that. But they will be following courageous women...
people who dare to stand up to falsehoods and slander and bigotry. It's the same old unending story of human liberation.
I think we can do a little bit to promote that here. Just listen to MetArt's own words.

Shaved or not shaved is like blondes or brunettes which are the most beautiful?
The Beautiful!

This is awesome, especially the armpit shots and the fact that she's lightly hairy, so she's just perfect. Thank you Loreen and Rylsky and Metart

lightly? it was 2 months:)

Well then that's her natural state and it makes it even better.

Beautiful girl. Just wish the stockings would have come off at some point.

People here seem to forget that a woman maintains the right to change her mind without notice. That includes pubic hair. (Guess nobody here was ever married. I was for 16 years although she passed 24 years ago) Besides I prefer ladies who look like they are adults, that's why I quit Roy Stewart,he loved to play around with his models to make them look under age. O.K. now that I finished ranting, Loreen is a total, perfect, beauty. Rylsky has placed her in a perfect background to fully bring out her perfect skin,beautiful eyes and fantastic figure.

well, now I want to see pics of her with her natural hair colour :P

any idea what color is natural of her?

I have some ideas.


well, the hair 'down their' is pretty light. So I guess some blondish-ash tone.

But I might be wrong ^^

not wrong

I love the contrast here between the cold, hard black glass, white tile and tub and Loreen's warm soft pale skin and dark hair. The only colour is in her startling blue eyes (picture 72 is amazing.)

The lighting is excellent throughout, and I imagine that this is a technical challenge with all the shiny surfaces in the room. Loreen is as lovely as ever. Congratulations and thanks to Loreen and Rylsky for a lovely set.

Thank you

  • Neil
  • 10 months ago:

Simply stated, Loreen is just about as perfect as a woman could possibly be. She is preeminently beautiful, with a perfectly stunning shape which defines feminine beauty and sensuality. She poses with such poise and with such a happy, friendly and playful smile and sparkle in those exquisitely captivating brilliant blue eyes. Loreen is always a wonderful joy to see. She is among the very best of Rylsky's goddesses. Loreen, very warm regards and best wishes. You are perfectly beautiful.

Interesting idea, a bath scene with no water. Me thinks Ry is having fun with us today. For a model listed as shaved, Loreen A appears to my eye's as just a little furry. Cute member of Ry's regulars and well picked for inclusion here long legged, fit, projects well, with a nice smile.

The bios tend to be a bit off when it comes to pubic hair.I can think of several that vary Loreen being one of them.

I guess it really isn't that important. Just bugs me...

  • Doug
  • 10 months ago:

They could update their bios, too...

  • Doug
  • 10 months ago:

By that I mean the little story they tell.

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