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Absolutely DELICIOUS! I could live for a year eating nothing but her pussy.

love ya Loreen those blue eyes and sweet smile you are special quite a perfect woman nice to see the hair back too makes your pussy look delicious more pics soon cant wait

Wonderful set, Loreen is a gem. Wow. Would have preferred to see more close shots in this set, but when I'm treated to such nice pictures of a stunningly beautiful woman, I can't complain.

Agree the resolution thing is silly. If you're shooting for print, that's another story, but we are viewing on computer monitors. (And ALL of us wish it was viewing in person, I guarantee that!)

Another beautiful set from Loreen.

Rylsky, Bbi moje gero. No, ona moje lyubimaya.

Looks like you wrote in Latin letters broken Srbski(Serbian)+Russian words that you know as Cyrillic.
i hope I understood 90%.

Yes, she deserve it.

Loreen beautiful and elegant lady with an exotic look.
Magnificent breasts and blue eyes.
It offers its intimacy without secrets.
A set simple and enjoyable.
Excellent example of how the pretty curls of the model can caress her breasts
and not eat it.

Let's try to find some flaw.
The encounter between black and white is like that between the devil and holy water.
In my opinion it would take a third color vibrant and brilliant to establish the balance between the two.
(red stockings for Loreen ?).

Loreen is quite sexy unshaven. I prefer the area around the labia be trimmed but hers is light enough to be quite acceptable. She is a bright and cheery model who manages to look comfortable in what can't be all that comfortable place to model. I really like that there is no water because there is nothing to interfere with our view of this lovely woman and the hair would not have been as alluring had it been wet.

Nice set

This is awesome, especially the armpit shots and the fact that she's lightly hairy, so she's just perfect. Thank you Loreen and Rylsky and Metart

I thought you liked stubble.

lightly? it was 2 months:)

Well then that's her natural state and it makes it even better.

Beautiful girl. Just wish the stockings would have come off at some point.

People here seem to forget that a woman maintains the right to change her mind without notice. That includes pubic hair. (Guess nobody here was ever married. I was for 16 years although she passed 24 years ago) Besides I prefer ladies who look like they are adults, that's why I quit Roy Stewart,he loved to play around with his models to make them look under age. O.K. now that I finished ranting, Loreen is a total, perfect, beauty. Rylsky has placed her in a perfect background to fully bring out her perfect skin,beautiful eyes and fantastic figure.

well, now I want to see pics of her with her natural hair colour :P

any idea what color is natural of her?

I have some ideas.


well, the hair 'down their' is pretty light. So I guess some blondish-ash tone.

But I might be wrong ^^

not wrong

I love the contrast here between the cold, hard black glass, white tile and tub and Loreen's warm soft pale skin and dark hair. The only colour is in her startling blue eyes (picture 72 is amazing.)

The lighting is excellent throughout, and I imagine that this is a technical challenge with all the shiny surfaces in the room. Loreen is as lovely as ever. Congratulations and thanks to Loreen and Rylsky for a lovely set.

Thank you

Simply stated, Loreen is just about as perfect as a woman could possibly be. She is preeminently beautiful, with a perfectly stunning shape which defines feminine beauty and sensuality. She poses with such poise and with such a happy, friendly and playful smile and sparkle in those exquisitely captivating brilliant blue eyes. Loreen is always a wonderful joy to see. She is among the very best of Rylsky's goddesses. Loreen, very warm regards and best wishes. You are perfectly beautiful.

Interesting idea, a bath scene with no water. Me thinks Ry is having fun with us today. For a model listed as shaved, Loreen A appears to my eye's as just a little furry. Cute member of Ry's regulars and well picked for inclusion here long legged, fit, projects well, with a nice smile.

The bios tend to be a bit off when it comes to pubic hair.I can think of several that vary Loreen being one of them.

I guess it really isn't that important. Just bugs me...

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