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loreen always one of the best you are beautiful those blue eyes melt the brain cant get enough keep the sexy pictures coming

favorite pic:

Loreen and Rylsky behind the lens. What a great combination. I never tire of Loreen and in all her 47 posts here I don't think I ever found one I didn't like. This is classic MA.

Hi Kilroy I like her sets on Errotica better, she lets her hair down ( or Susie does it) and it increases her fabulous beauty, Susie also does better make-up in my humble opinion.

Personally I favor Rylsky's Adieu...


Personally I favor Rylsky's Adieu...

really? because of


Wow! Simply Stunning!

Rylsky and Loreen save the day on Met-Art!

Great set... in the clutch.

Thanks, R & L.

ps - you're honestly getting more and more beautiful with time, Loreen.

I adore this girl. i love her face, the shape of her and all her bits. The more the merrier.

Wow Loreen has let her hair down, can't Get enough shots of that, I wish she'd do more,but that's up to her, along with her make-up. Her foundation is to heavy, I think, you can't see the little pock mark on the bridge of her nose. and some shots it's not worked properly into her hair line, and that makes her look like she's wearing a mask. Her set called The River was particularly bad for that.O f course she may want to do her own hair and make-up like Danae did when she was with Mr Helios, lousy eye make-up and poor hair arrangement was the result. Erro's Susie won't stand for it, and has re-vitalized Danae's career.

Seeing this adorable baby doll in a pretty pink baby doll nearly stopped my heart... Loreen such a sweet, adorable, gentle looking flower of womanhood...
This set is thedefinitive visual manifesto of just exactly WHY Rylsky has spent so much time documenting this incredible woman's beauty. A better statement could never be essayed...

That would be,
"Loreen is" and
"the definitive"
Gotta proofread before hitting the "post" button...

Its lovely to see Loreen back again with MetArt she certainaly has'nt lost that sex appeal of hers cute firm derrier firm inner thighs,nicely trimmed vagina,large labia lips,gorgeous breast,nipples i simply loved image #112 really shows off her statuest body of hers nor her creamy white skin against the back drop of the setting one have to love images #114-#119 with her leaning back her sex legs spread wide open revealing that gorgeous vagina of hers with her long black hair hanging down her shoulders and one breasts Rylsky really shows what a lovely model/woman that she is nice to see you back Loreen A i just wish Irina J was still posing i miss that sexy little minx :( :(

Do you know something about Irina J that I don't? She has had 8 sets on Met Art this year, the latest being less than 1 month ago. I do hope that she is still posing!

Dear nihil I have no idea where Irina J has gone to now but i have to agree with you as a female i also hope she is still posing i loved her sets just a Lorene B if i remember her name long time since ive seen her too look at her lastest set and see what other website she has underneath it.It might help you out with your question. Cheers :(

Hi guys Hate to nip in unannounced but I would point out that Lenora Garcia is on Sexart. Iveta, Chiara, and Danae, with her special friend Antea/A.K.A. Altea are on Errotica Archives alongwith Angel and of course Ariel/piper Fawn Although she is trying to work more as Ariel N. on the entire Met universe.If you are into Czech ladies join EA, and for Russian ladies go to RA, this spread will give you more bang to the buck. I know what rags25 is up against,I worked for the welfare dept, and many working moms were losing their buts on child care and health care, plus I raised 2 of my own

Irina J was featured in three sets and a video on RylskyArt this year, most recently in September.

Hi Neil Thank You very much for your info on Irina J will check the site even though i'm not a member your Green Back $ is higher than the Aussie $ at the moment at the moment being a single mother got bills,etc to pay Cheers :(

Loreen is incredibly beautiful. She is absolutely gorgeous and she is a very talented and creative model. Rylsky and Loreen have made so many great photsets together. They clearly have a good rapport. This set is wonderful.Loreen's usual happy and friendly face is different in this set. She looks more alluring and seductive to me, very nice.

I believe we are witnessing the transition from young lady into full womanhood, Neil...

You may be correct, but I think this is evidence of Loreen's amazing talent. After so many photo shoots, Loreen can present any look she chooses or any look Rylsky suggests. She is that good.

fer_reallz totaly agree with you and Neil on that one seen her blossom like a Desert Rose After The First Desert Rains Have Come within each series she's done :(

Great work Rylsky, you made this girl look special, you are an artist behind the camera.

Nature made Loreen look special. Rylsky provided us with (superb) photographic evidence of her beauty.

A very beautiful set—and a very beautiful Loreen

This set is a masterpiece. Loreen is stunning, the focus is flawless, the light is beautiful (is that natural light?) and the composition is fantastic.

I love the close up portrait and profile shots, but my favourite one is 107. That pose, the way the muscles stand out in her back, the look on her face, everything about it perfect.

Thank you to Loreen and Rylsky for a beautiful set of photos. 10 out of 10, and I wish I could rate it higher.

I have come to like Loreen more and more with each new set. Her smile is addictive....once I see it I can't get enough. She also has those beautiful blue eyes that draw me in too.
One more thing I'd like to add....Loreen could quite possibly have the best body on Met Art....absolutely incredible.

There is something about watching a beautiful woman untie her hair and allow it to drape on her shoulders that I find so seductive....comparable to a woman stepping out of a shower and brushing her still wet hair. MMMMMMMMMMM!!!!

Very nice set.

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