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Great looking girl, wish their was more spread legs and love the hair, why is it me woman I know have pubic hair only the little high school girls I think shave?

Why do I suddenly feel a need to hide my niece?

Please print a large copy of image 3 (on Kodak metallic, of course), frame it, and give it to the model. Can a woman look any better than that? I nearly lost my soul in the blue.

Kodak metallic - is the REAL and BEST choice, sir. I am impressed you think the same way as me.
I've already print some photos for Loreen long time ago. Yes, Kodak M.

Indeed, sir. You should be impressed. I learned it from a comment written by an impressive photographer.

Now what was his name..............

It is great for large format photos.

All photos smaller than a4 (20cm short side) are useless, at least because any cheapest notebook(tablet) screen size is larger.

I am shocked that after 26 comments, we have not had the typical shaved vs natural debate. Maybe everybody is worn out after debating it about 3 times in the last week. Lol

Um. I thought I noticed a few hairy comments in those 26.

Kinda meant that there wasn't a war going on. All the comments were positive or neutral, no negative comments.

Ah. I comprehend slowly.

Hard to be negative with such a beautiful woman, so elegantly presented.

Loreen is quite magnificent with a wonderful smile & a pussy to die for....

pussy to die for....
I really though that pussy is for start of our life, not for die...even die FOR.

If we were Black Widow spiders, I would leap for her web.

I don't think my heart can take another day like today. I viewed this set last because I knew what affect Loreen would have on me and I was correct. Her beauty is breathtaking. I'm not sure if there's another model whose face can compare to "glowing" beauty of Loreen's, like photos 35 & 52. Thanks for the beautiful photo set; they're all beautiful. Love the soft looking pubic and armpit hair too!

Loreen is gorgeous with a great attitude. I love her pubic hair. I hope she grows her underarm hair as well, that would be the ultimate.

I think that it's there in this set. It is just very fine hair.

With Loreen's flawless skin and piercing blue eyes, she could be walking the catwalk as a fashion model in Milan, Paris or New York. Absolutely love the portrait shots Ry. Nobody does it better.

Some stunning explicit closeups, wow

Exotic fox!

Loreen is incredibly beautiful, and once again Rylsky has handled her perfectly, good poses against beautiful backgrounds. I like it when the photog includes shots like #16 so we can appreciate Loreen's perfect face, shoulders, and breasts. I gave both Loreen and Rylsky a 10++++

A very sexy woman with beautiful eyes.
Great face shots (and body too)

Pubic hairs bring sensual pleasures The elegant stockings enhances the beauty of her classic body.

Natural, Pubic hair, what a great series... More please!


120 photos of lovely Loreen. Most are well composed, but even my favorite photographer could / did not avoid a few gratuitously cropped images. That nit aside, I always appreciate a visit from Loreen, especially when she brings her glorious pubes with her.

Kudos to Loreen and Team Rylsky for this much appreciated gallery. Yay K.

members favorite photos by vote score:

50+ % are cropped, not full body. why members like it?

Rylsky, there is an English phrase for this:
"Tempest in a tea pot."
Photographers routinely provide us (the members) with 100 + images of beautiful women.
If the photographers took standardized images, this site would become very boring very quickly.
Think of the challenge of providing enough diversity/variety within one single set of 100 + photographs, and imagine meeting that challenge WITHOUT "cropping" any of the photos.
Could you? I couldn't.
I trust Rylsky and the other photographers to know what they're doing. IMHO they are doing a pretty good job.
If, in a set of 100 + photographs, you find a majority that please you, I'd say, look at those images and be happy and don't complain about the others.
With this kind of complaint, I'm beginning to understand why the vast majority of sets on RylskyArt are all far fewer than 100 images.

Most are well composed, but even my favorite photographer could / did not avoid a few gratuitously cropped images.
Let me ask you for links or image numbers. This will be helpful to understand what you meant.
as example 1 and 2 are the same:

1 - http://protected.met-art.com/members/media/F5476E879866C33499A4B8367937A8DA/h_F70690C205B8EFE4893F0E9CCA39BAF3.jpg?5494b68253d6a10b1ee127bc1dbf8ea6259c11bbfc889d12f6a954e4e277c890ac325ea65d598bf82b67d17889125e7e04e963532f733940d95b22990c024ab2a6f6c46c09995923aff8de504c79bd046554fd8da8530298d5d75392569fe24cd25ca14db429e7f6e0c09fe7aff3a01e3a9427c6637b62f8467b416418b01d4644e5
2. image#43

please choose constructive way, not taste, which is impossible to describe.
and "crops" are all images that we made as photos on planet Earth, because the World is not framed at all.

Full disclosure: I know ZERO about the technical considerations that go into the composing and cropping of images submitted for publishing on met-art. I am fully open to anything you provide that will help my understanding of some of the issues faced by photographers and the steps they take to cope with those issues during a day of photographing models.

I was hopeful that you would eventually see my comment and would reply, and I thank you for doing that. What I believe you can explain is why / how some images, both full body and tight close ups, appear to be composed or cropped differently than others. Is that the case, or do I just not understand the process? Is it possible that some images differ from very similar images right from the moment that the photographer composes and shoots the image? Are some published images not cropped at all, but the original composing did not include the missing bits and pieces?

My comment is not always about full body vs close ups. A reasonable number of close ups is completely understandable. That's why today we have so many portrait quality shots of Loreen! Once you have decided to include an image in a gallery, some are more pleasing for me than others. Examples from today: #s 109, 110, and 111 were published without bits and pieces of elbows etc. Was this done to maximize the amount of Loreen's lovely face that we see? Did the original images you captured include the missing bits and also a significant amount of borders or margins? Do you or met-art make the call on how much cropping takes place?

#s 32 and 37 are perfect and I don't have anything to compare them to, or pick nits from. However, in #79 there is just enough of Loreen's right elbow missing to make me think "I wonder why Rylsky did that"?

As to the 50% plus of members that like cropped photos vs the lesser % that voted for full body photos, what can I say? Vive la difference! Sometimes I march in military parade precision with the majority. Sometimes my drummer leads me right off the parade grounds!

  • 2 years ago:


I am glad you liked the set for the most part. With the recent comments about the cropping of the photos I will definitely take note. I can't say we won't have them anymore (because obviously we have a large database). However future buying of sets I will remember what the complaints are :) Thanks!

It will be great to read what notes you take. I just miss it

K and Rylsky:
As I write this short comment, my attempt to provide #s outlining some of the reasons why I like certain pictures more than others is immediately above K's reply to my initial comment.
Thank you both for your replies.

great job! natural and not too musch photoshop! thank you ^^

A "rubber stamp" comment, with a typo....classy.

I love her face and smile as well as the shining black hair and those stunning blue eyes. Photos 3, 4, 5, 69 85 and 109 220 Are the ones that made me smile. I love the play of light and shadow on 3, 4, and 5. The floor shot #69 and he lovey shy beauty in #85 and 109. That room with its black and silver colors perfectly set of the lovely black mane and her creamy skin.

A lovely set of her long lovely figure and the nicest portrait photos I think I have seen.

It is going to be interesting. Loreen has done the hose bit before but IMO she nails that look in this set. And her now unshaven look, again IMHO one of the absolute best looking furry beavers around. It was a PP bare will she keep that status with the hair? Great set Ry! Must be fun working with her. It shows....


Loreen is once again sleek and lovely in a gorgeous set.

Loreen is always so very beautiful. It is always a special treat to see Loreen again. Gorgeous body and a perfectly captivating face. Wonderful!

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