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What would be great is for Loreen herself to respond to some of these comments. Absolutely DDG!

Loreen allways delicious

Loreen looks 1000% better with her hair down than the way she usually wears it.

Wonderful black curls. Loreen is my all-time favorite model.

Wonderful black curls. Loreen is my all-time favorite model. More please.

another beautiful set Loreen your smile makes my day everytime love the long curly hair cant wait till your next set ;)

Loreen is an achingly beautiful woman. Simply stunning. Cannot get enough of this beauty.

Loreen is an achingly beautiful woman. Simply stunning. Cannot get enough of this beauty.

Those labia are to die for. If Loreen doesn't get you hard as a rock, then nothing will. Wow. My only complaint is that there are not another 119 pictures to drool over.

Loreen A is the most charming model on Met Art.

The loveliest model on here....one day there'll be the perfect shot: with that smile, those eyes, short hair and a smooth puss with her butterfly labia spread & inviting. Until then I'll just have to make do with Rylsky delivering 99%
Shame huh?

Set very pleasant made ​​with pastel shades.
The beautiful blue-eyed Lorren has eliminated the unwanted hair of "Daurat" and she shows here her soft, smooth, delicious femininity.

I think Loreen is a total beauty, who cannot be improved in any particular.From her lovely face to her pretty toes, she has it all, and wearing her hair down just totally sets it off. I think the screen is a perfect touch,myself, and repition is no bad thing when you have something worth repeating. The only photoshopping I saw is on the close-ups of her face,she has a large pock mark on the bridge of her nose, and for all we know she may have asked for that. That is totally her right as a woman,and it's Rylsky's job to meet her halfway on getting comfortable. You want to be picky,I bet her name really isn't Loreen either. I gave both Loreen and Rylsky a 10++++

P.S. Loreen has a fabulous update on Errotica Archives too.

Take. The clothing. Off.

Loreen is gorgeous, as always but miss that soft patch of pubic hair that she kept so well groomed.

Agreed, but i love her pussy no matter what she does with her pubic hair.

She's fine just the way she is, thank you.

I love her beautiful eyes an hair and especially her lovely and large labia. I've always wondered though, do the photographers use eye drops to dilate the pupils? I've seen this in most of the sets, if not all

Loreen looks gorgeous as always, but to call this set repetitive would be a gross understatement... Twenty shots would have covered it.

However....without this set, it would be a day mired in mediocrity.

Nice model,pleasant environment, but this serie is too musch PHOTOSHOPPED one more time , as often, on MET ART! damage.....

Cascading Curls of Raven Hair, Loreen is a vision of sensual delight. The ice blue panties pulled over, displaying her perfect flower in full bloom......


The supremely beautiful Loreen, always a wonderful delight to see. It is difficult to keep track of how long her hair will be. I like it long and luxurious. Loreen's smiling and happy face is always so pleasing.

I love her long hair! She should wear it down more often. beautiful....

As cute as Loreen is with short hair and I have to admit it does suit her personality that way ~ I like her long hair look best.

I'll like as many good hairstyles and looks as we get too see. Show me what you can do!

I do too. The trouble is when photographers use it to cover up their breasts - much like Leonardo does with one of today's other models Kaylee. It just annoys the hell out of me.

Call in the detectives. We are the victims of another thong robbery.

The light blue is a perfect color for this model. Is there a bad color? The short little top is dreamy. The head shots from above always work. That lustrous luxurious hair is a wonder. It generally looks better pulled away from one side lest it overwhelm.

The folding screen by itself or the wall by itself make our model look best.

81,82,83. Each a masterpeek. An effect again to seek.

More visits are welcome, of course.

Oh, c'mon. Surely "masterpeek" is worth 2 thumbs.


Whew. I feel better.

I move that we officially petition the PP Club that you be deputized as official thong-sleuth on their behalf, Magwich. Do I have a second?

Perhaps as Parade Potentate I could sit upon the Throne of Thong. My lap could be a PP Perch.

The panties were a good thought but when you pull them aside on the 3rd crotch shot and never put them back they aren't really of much use. Granted the butterfly is lovely but I could have waited to see it until she took the panties off. 14 photos with the crotch pulled aside in very similar poses? That is getting a bit much.

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