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I love the framing of #64 with Loreen in the mirror. Great composition

This is one of my favorite sets of Loreen.
Very nice job Rylsky!

One of my very favorites. Loreen's smile could have melted the Iron Curtain as easily as it melts my heart... One of the most beautiful girls here at Met. And I believe I've mentioned before that Loreen is one of the models that Rylsky always captures brilliantly. Never has the collaboration been a disappointment to me.

The yellow stockings was dumb.

I love the yellow stockings. I think the yellow and blue are great colors to go with the blue eyes and black hair. The effect did not really work with the combination of bright white background and light. I would love to see her in these colors again.

Agreed. They totally ruin the set completely.

The exquisite, fine pubic hair and the unshaven under arms, stunning. More please.

Lovely Loreen √

Astutely captured and presented by Rylsky √

Tastefully groomed pubes √

Am I pleased √

No one knows the time frame of the MA sets. Maybe Loreen's sets were all done in a few months, or maybe they were shot over a period of years. Either way, one thing is certain: her charm & sweetness have consistently shone through in all of her sets. A rare jewel indeed!

Loreen is absolutely the most beautiful woman. I love her face, smile, beautiful back and front, perfect skin, and perfect figure. She is just lovely all over.Now ,is she sticking her tongue out at us or Rylsky? I gave a 10+ infinity to both

P.S. As wonderful as Loreen is,I do prefer her with her hair down,she has very lovely hair too.Look at her sets on EA

You can see this hair down style on MA as well.

I stand,or rather sit, corrected. I saw 7 sets of loreen with her hait down.

The amazing Miss Loreen. A supremely brilliant star in Rylsky's galaxy. Such a perfectly gorgeous feminine body and oh that absolutely captivating face, with those exquisitely oh so very blue eyes radiant smile. This is an incredibly beautiful woman. Such a goddess! Perfect!

As always Neil....you are the man who knows how to describe a woman with words perfectly:)

Utmost feminine! The soft pussy hairs give the right contrast to the rosy pussy lips. Heart-warming smile. The tongue at the beginning ...
welcome ... Nice colors!!

In the dictionary next to the word "adorable" is Loreen's picture.
I love the yellow stockings... very flattering.

She always looks great in stockings....
In fact she always looks great!

I love the legs under the yellow stockings even better:))

...diplomatically stated, Browning, well played! ( :

I can't really take credit fer_realz.....I was born a smart ass:)

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