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This set is an epic, and abysmal failure. Loreen has the body of a goddess. As such, when photographing her for an erotic set, every single photograph of that set should have her completely nude.

This set would get a zero for all the wasted shots of her in clothing. Leave that for fashion shoots!

You indisputably haven't learned how erotic a well dressed woman can be. Learn to enjoy the seduction of watching her reveal herself,for the fact that she takes anything off for the world to see is a gift.

let me add my 5 cents:
I think erotic is also (very big part of sensuality) in the eyes and it shows the mood and "turn on"...
If full nudity is the main part of erotica - I have no idea why we are called as "humans" and why we use brain instead of pure instincts for erotic fantasies.

Once again we are graced with the incredible beauty of Loreen. What more is there to say? This is another masterpiece by Loreen and Rylsky, who has not forgotten that Loreen's back is as beautiful as her front, and when the model is outdoors, the photographer has to keep the sun out of her eyes.(Something some Met Photographers never learn) I gave a 10+ infinity to both.

P.S. This is known as planning ahead, you stay prepared to do indoor sets if the outdoors is too sunny and vice versa.

Home from work....and Loreen to make my day. Beautiful as always.
Thanks Mr. Rylsky

Loreen is exceptionally beautiful, but better when unshaven. Bring back those velvet underarms!

Outstanding!! Loreen is another of MA's "truly gorgeous" models! Very exciting and beautiful set! I like both the outdoor and indoor locations, and that beautiful dress was perfect for Loreen's colors. My only complaint is the sequence! Very disconcerting!

My, my, she has a beautiful body! I especially like the sepia (black and white) photo which I feel makes her look like a woman from the early Soviet Era (or the 1920's in the USA). Thank you very much Loreen!

She's the living embodiment of the pixie dream girl.

She would have looked much prettier with shoes ( high heels) on.

and after the porn some tourist-y pics in the sunflower field.

I like that.


What is the meaning of 352 ProctorGuard?

It's part of my personal rating system. I'm a geek that loves numbers, and I've started doing something new, am me the comments are the best place to put it.

I was blind
but now I seeeee...

let us know more about this personal system, sir.

Thank you, since they added up to 10 (3+5+2) I wondered if that meant something (or not).
I figured Rylsky's response was probably just his unique sense of humor:-)

conspiracy theory... 314

"314"!?? What is the meaning of the difference?

keep the secret...summary...

But what of the butler and the maid in the pantry??

She reigns supreme

At least one of the reasons I'm giving this set a thumbs up is sentimental... esp. during hot weather, my ex sometimes used to wear a long skirt as a dress around the house... this pictorial is a bittersweet reminder of better times. ( :
As for the B&W photo... I generally don't comment on them, but this time I'm going to because in her color pictures, Loreen always looks sweetly pixieish, somehow young and yet ageless. Somehow, the B&W photo ages her and I don't like that effect on beautiful Loreen... let her remain forever young! ( :

Loreen, the supremely beautiful reigning queen of Rylsky's goddesses. She is so perfectly beautiful, with a stunningly gorgeous figure and those exquisitely brilliant blue eyes. Again, I am most taken by her wonderfully happy, friendly and inviting smiles. I find myself perfectly happy to just view the portraits of her beautiful face.

The outdoors location at the beginning of the set is lovely. We have seen this place many times before. The indoor location is elegant and rich, a perfect location for such a beautiful goddess. I was surprised to find the set ended with Loreen fully dressed in a sunflower field. Very nice.

Love the dress. Love what's in it too!

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