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Absolutely amazing!

¡Qué hermosa!

A really gorgeous women with a body to match but I'd much more prefer if she was completely shaved

If there is a more beautiful girl on the internet to masterbate to I have not seen her yet. This girl is an amazing beauty. Her smile is breathtaking, her eyes dazzling, her wonderful long legs to go with a perfect ass, and her pussy is simply stunning. I personally love the way she frames her wonderful vagina with that beautiful bush. How could anyone complain about a set with so many great images of all her glorious body parts?!?!?? I dont think i even noticed the setting. I just saw an incredibly beautiful woman getting naked for us to enjoy. Bravo Lorena! more please:)

I prefer more fluff on the muff.........

Lorena is one of the best. No question. She can make a poor set good and a good set fantastic. She has a glow about her that just makes you feel good. She must be a joy to know. Dressed in jeans she looks every bit as good as she doe naked and that never ending smile would warm anyone's heart.

For me though that trim job is distracting. I don't want anything that bristly around those oh so sweet lips.

Lorena is one of the top 5 beauties on this site (in my opinion). But PLEASE stop posing her on rocks and stumps and all the other crap. Put this beautiful woman on a bed or a bear skin rug or SOMETHING besides rocks!!

I totally agree Lancelot. Lets see this gorgeous woman in a nice comfortable bed!!!

Beautiful pussy! Enough said.

There's no bigger fan of Lorena than I am, but I tire greatly of these outdoor sets of her, especially when they look like this! There's a few good close-up shots of her gorgeous body, but overall...crap! "Most' of Lorena's shoots are outside, but most are quite a bit better than this one. Please take her back inside!

The MOST beautiful, the most warm, and the most stylish woman on the internet.

Thank you, Lorena!

You bring JOY to everyone.

ps - I love you.

Lorena,you´re too thin now.Try to eat more Paella and Fabada!

A Spanish godess.Give her this message.Querida Lorena,criatura de Dios,no
solo eres una preciosa mujer,sino que emanas una luz que eclipsa a todas
tus rivales,cuya mayoria vinieron del frio.Tu eres española, y eres el buque insignia de met-art y,por supuesto,la mujer de mis sueños

I agree Lorena is a goddess. And has a wonderful attitude. I also agree that the hazy look detracts. Outdoor light is superior for lifelike colors - and should be used to advantage not destroyed like this. I suspect some sort of filter was used.

Love the trim job! Frames a gorgeous pussy to perfection.

Not for me. a landing strip is good but hair should stop at the clit line.

Lorena is totally beautiful,she lights up the world with that smile. I wish she would stick to Luca Helios as her photographer,(some models are touchy about who they will work for totally nude)because Koenart is so totally repititous,among other things. We could do without the repeat photos of the same pose over and over If Koenart didn't have Lorena to carry this set with her beauty, I wouldn't bother with it.

I would love to eat her pussy.

I think we can all agree on that desire


Cara bonita! Esa es una increíblemente hermosa, coño abierto!

Lovely lady. This is the best her muff has looked since a shoot with Erro in 2009.

Horsefeathers!! And in my book, Erro rates a 4! The worst stuff on EroticBeauty is his!

My comment was about Lorena's muff, not Erro's work. I doubt any photographer other than Rylsky has much influence on how the model's muff looks when she shows up for a shoot.

Who shaved that pussy. looks a wee bit strange, almost like a glue on mustache. Still pretty tho

If you're going to have hair on your pussy, this is the way to do it. Beautiful and sexy as always, Lorena is one of my absolute favourites.

Unfortunately, Koenart has somehow managed to completely destroy the set with so much sun glare onto the camera lens that it makes the resultant picture almost worthless. Glare filled, washed out and flat images. What sort of amateur effort is this?

Lorena gets a 10, Koenart a 3.

Learn to use a camera mate.

....it's a "8" set!

I'm afraid our present rating system oftentimes harms good-looking models -- maybe MetArt members should have the opportunity to submit three -- 3 -- separate rating estimates -- viz;
1. Model
2. Photographer
3. Set

In this case it may look like this:

1. Lorena: 10 -- Photographer: 8 -- Set: 9

OR, for this set it may look like this:

Lorena: 10, Photographer: 5, Set: 3!

I was merely giving an example and explaining how to vote on each item because some posters did not realize that you can easily vote on all three aspects of set while viewing it.

If that is your opinion then give those scores in the manner i described.

When they started doing the rating system a few years back I interpreted that if you wanted to rate the model you ticked a number on her page if you wanted to rate the set/photographer tick the number in the specific set.

I am not sure how much of an effect the rating has as I have no doubt that many members do not even bother with it.The site administrator can also easily gauge popularity of models and sets by observing how many hits they get respectfully.

also just doing a qucik look see you vote like this:

Each tab at the top of the page (to the left of the tags section) has a rating so you simply click the tab model,series or photographer.

You simply go to the respective tab and set your number obviously the rating you have given a model or photographer will be recorded until you change it.

So Urbitorix would click the seris and click 9 the model tab and click 10 and the photographer tab and click 8.

I agree, Lorena is an automatic 10 but it takes a good effort to capture all that beauty in a flattering way.

Great idea.

See my post above

Fabulous set .


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