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That face. Captured at just the right instant, with just the right expression, with just the right lighting. What could be better? Even the casual street shots are incredible.

Love the way Koenart does Lorena. She's so incredibly beautiful, and he captures it somehow. The end shots showing her more relaxed and informal seem to by his trademark. It's good.

Super cute !
Nothing else....:)

Far too hairy.

Lorena Complex?
Great frames on parade.This is just Lorena!
Few month later I expect her ,appering with full-length but no trimming.
I recognize the womanhood in the petals surrounded with bush.Or some of my friends calls me a "Rorikon" ( Jap. Loreta Complex ).

Lorena is a gift that is to be treasured and worshipped every minute of every day. Perfection at its highest level.

Lorena is simply a very beautiful and very sensual woman.

Lorena is gorgeous, but please just one set with her totally shaved! Thanks.

Prettiest girl on metart? I would really hate to have to split that hair! There are so many fantastic ladies here that everyone can suit there desires. She is indeed one of the finest but the thing about Metart is the bar is set so high that it is foolish to say THE finest. I do agree that this one is about as perfect as they get to my way of thinking. But there are several others that rate as equally perfect. Like one of the other members said, the most perfect girl on Metart is the one I am looking at at any given moment. ;)

No more. Sorry!

you sir, are gay


Ah Lorena: belleza fuera de serie y una sonrisa que toca el corazón. Besos de pies a cabeza. 10 veces 10. (Please excuse my Spanish, honey. I speak it but can't claim to write it well.)

P.S. Guys, check out her lesbian set "Spanish Lesson" on SexArt. The beautiful Castilian phrases flow like honey. It's a turn-on just to listen to her,

Sailor i have seen Lorena move "Spanish Lesson" and i to found it very sensual the way they were teaching each other spanish before getting down to the sexy nitty gritty ;)

Her sets on Twistys are pretty damn good too! More "freedom of expression" there...;o)

I think Lorena has the hot brunette category sewed up as tightly as Mila I has the hot blonds sewed up. You can't compare apples and oranges, but they both taste good,as Immanuel Kant used to say.

I almost forgot,Indiana A takes care of the redhead category.

How quickly some of us forget about the gorgeous Sapphira from...yesterday! Or maybe she falls under the "black hair" category.

I haven't forgotten Sapphira, but she's just started posing and she's young. Give her some time to get sexy.then we can cheer fo a three way battle between Lorena,Olga M and Sapphira

Lorena always gets a "10" from me --

AND -- wonder of wonders -- it's an INDOOR set !!

the old lower hairdo is back!!! i'm with the "best of met" crowd on this one. love her lil titties and that perfect face.

Incredibly beautiful, incredibly well maintained, incredibly feminine.

Classy and powerfully sexy, too.

Thanks for sharing your feminine perfection, Lorena.

You deserve beautiful flowers.

Lorena's beauty is, like all great beauties, unique and I love it. Her pussy is, by itself, a work of art and I love how she trims the hair length and shapes the patch - extremely erotic and beautiful.

The best pussy on Met. I love how she keeps her bush like she did here in this set. magnificent!

It is an uncommon pubic hair style. I call it "border" as she leaves a cropped border around her labia. She has had other sets where she was shaved, but this style is so manicured as you say, how could one object?

Lorena, my dear, whether you are clothed, partially nude, or nude in all your glory your beauty is beyond compare.

Gotta agree with a2m2 and rockhard Lorena is still beautifull as ever one just have to look at the close up images #64 and #80 of her beaming sexy face not to mention images #73-#74 of her cute round butt to mention a few she's still sexy as ever in my years with MetArt and this set really suits her well too your girl next door then again what set did'nt ;)

there has to be a function to delete or edit my comments i might be a blonde female but i'm not that dumb to post 3 times around !!!!!

There's a "lag time" on the MA blog server. Happened to me once when posting a comment. When it happened with one my comments, I thought "Wow, Hope noboby thinks I'm really trying to "make a point", ;)

"Dumb" may be a bit harsh rags, more like "impatient"...and apparently you ARE, like so many of us have been before...;o) I've had my comments not show up for 10-15 minutes, but now I know that eventually they will. 'Patience' dear...:o)

Save your comment, click post comment once only, give it time - it will show up. If it doesn't, repost your saved copy.

Thank You Baggy36Pants but i click post once only i did'nt allow it for you and the other members comments to download at the same time as mine at the start there was only 2 comments as one of our famous Australian bushrangers last words said before they hung him "Such Is Life" guess i'm not dumb after all Cheers ;)

"Such is Life" ... In that situation, That's an interesting epitaph!

Ah Lorena, always the panties off, always the legs spread, always the body so Divine!

Gotta agree with you a2m2 Lorena is sure is beautiful as ever as one can tell by image #64 and #80 of her beaming sexy face not to mention image #73 and #74 of her sexy ass she hasn't changed abit in my time with MetArt still beautiful as ever this set really suits her your girl next door ;)

Gotta agree with you a2m2 she sure is one of MetArt's beautiful models as one can see by this set special image #64 and #80 a nice sexy close up of Lorena's beaming face and not to memtion those lovely images #73 & 74 of her cute round ass she certainaly has'nt changed abit in my time with MetArt still as sexy as ever ;)

Absolutely magnificent! There aren't enough adjectives to descibe the beauty of this Angel. Not a bad set either... Thanks for taking her back inside...;o)


To me Lorena is a Beeauutiful...lady, maybe not the prettiest on MA, but close, JMHO. Pretty, classy face annnd a niza, poco, rosa ~(¡)~ Oh,¡Sí!Bebé!

Me justo a ver encanta su dulce sonrisa y esas hermosas piernas, abiertas! ¡Qué hermosa la invitación!

Lorena is very pretty but hardly the prettiest model here. 'Each to their own' as mum used to say. Where as dad used to say ... 'prettier is out of a2m2's league'

Your first sentence is ALL you needed to say Byron, because that's the truth...."to each his own". And NO ONE'S opinion is more valid than another's.

Byron, people are allowed to have their own opinions and at times it just might be different than your own. I do not think that Lorena is the prettiest model on MetArt and just because someone else does, does not mean that I have the right to throw insults their way. I would be willing to bet that ALL of the MetART models are WAY out of your league pal.

'Just like Byron's comment' glimmertwin, your last sentence is uncalled for. We don't have to insult each other to have a good time here....do we?

byron it all depends on how long a2m2 has been with MetArt so in his view she's beautiful to him no disrespct to you either ok i'm not here to agrue with any male Metart members ok ;) Cheers form Australia :)

So if I'm a 'female', you're willing to argue with ME? ;o)

Rockhard my reply comment was directed to byron's ok and i'm not here to rubbish any male members comments like you seem to do ok and i did'nt take much to your smart ass comment about being impatient either as we all come from all different parts of the world with one common goal to post our opions on models sets and movies but this time around i never seen so many comments downloaded all at the same time ok nor argue with anyone so put it in ya pipe and smoke it jeez bloody men

Touchy, aren't we now.... My pipe is full at the moment though...;o)

Rockhard you'd be touchy too if you were a single mother and spent most of the day behind the wheel of a w-series kenworth prime mover with 3 trasilers hitched up behind that's over 150ft long in lenght ok it takes alot of work to do both and i've been a member of MetArt before 2009 and log into the site to unwind and i know what's in you pipe so MILK IT OK !!!

(; LMAO! Cheerio, Down Unda!

There are very few times I wish I could give a score to a model above ten, Lorena is one of them. I have been in love with her beauty since the first time I saw her. She knows just how to drive you nuts with her body. So, I can agree with a2m2, however, she is she is the only one on my screen from MetArt at this time.

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