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One of your best models. She's got it all: Sexuality, charm, generosity, fun, passion, beauty….

Why oh why Lorena's delicious rear and yummy pussy are covered in sea weed. No need for it . Never shave please.

Shave it -- !!!!!!

Lorena is amazing! As others have suggested, please give us some indoor sets!

YES -- YES -- YES !!!!!

INDOOR sets -- PLEASE !!!

Dreadnought there are plenty of indoor sets from Lorena if you look for them. I enjoy the outdoor sets, its great to have the sense of beautiful Lorena in the beautiful sea, I could never have enough. Good job Luca - I love seeing her getting messy and then clean again.

If 1 indoor set is good -- then 2 would be better.

If 2 indoor sets are better --- 33 would be fantabulous !!!!!!!!

Lorena is a goddess. There is no bad view of that body. She is magnificent no matter where she is or what she is wearing. From blue jeans to a ball gown to naked she looks spectacular. She is a perfect timeless beauty in every aspect. To have amassed such a library of photo sets and movies and still look as fresh and beautiful as the first set is unbelievable. This woman exudes sexiness now matter what setting they place her in. There is no doubt in my mind that this woman would be as awesome in real life as she is here. She has one of the most powerful personalities in the Metart network. Her sets on Sexart are mind boggling! Well worth the price of membership.

Over 50 sets and I am just as eager to open each new set as I was when I joined! Magnificent!

There ya go again, 'shootin from the hip'...and hittin that nail right on the head!!... I haven't had the pleasure of seeing any of her SexArt work, but what I have from elsewhere is as magnificent as ALL of her work.. everywhere!! And I agree about that exciting personality of hers too...she defines "stunning" in every possible way!

Rock, Do the 2 day free preview and then download all her sets. :)
You won't believe how hot her sets are! They are solo and girl/girl but damn she is a natural. Her girl/girl sets are as hot as I have ever seen. Try Spanish Lessons video first you'll love it.

She #1 on sexart and deserves it 100%

Gotta check out her Sexart stuff!! I joined just to see Lorena and Slyvie get it on. Wow! Lorena's even more incredible in live action G-G. Go get ur stroke on...

Still waiting for some INDOOR sets !!!

If Helios doesn't hurry -- the girl will be too old to shoot any more sets before we see something in a bed !!!

I love this girl -- one of the reasons I came to Met. But this outdoor fetish is beginning to turn me off. I really hate the idea that I could lose interest in her.

If you look back through her sets you will find a few indoor sets and even a video but if you want some truly awesome indoor work by Lorena try Sexart. Her work there is nothing short of spectacular!

Ssssssssh !!

Don't tell -- but I'm currently "borrowing" her SexArt stuff!

Another place to see this angel spread her wings is "non-network", so I better keep it to myself....lol ;o)

Yo, "rock" --

I've searched her out and found quite a bit of her stuff floating around the internet -- busy girl -- some quite unusual. Occasionally, I wonder how she finds time for road-trips to that blasted beach with Helios!

Surprising that as small framed & thin as she is, Lorena has such a magnificent ass!

That's a big TEN-FOUR good buddy!!.....;o)

SouthernMaster I guess thats why the Eastern Block models looks so sexy all that fresh air and one must remember her 1st photoshoot was at the age of 26 years old accordining to profile and she's not as skinny as one may seem one just has to look at all of her series and if you think just look at Anna AJ as an example she may look on the skinny side too but she surely makes it up with her lovely breasts,sexy face and a very curvy ass too :) kind Regards From OutBack Australia

Rags25, She is not eastern block. She is pure Castilian magnificence from sunny Spain. One of the few non eastern block beauties here. I wish I could send you her movie Spanish Lesson from Sexart. It is he most beautiful girl/girl video I have ever seen.

One has to simply adore Lorena B wether she's shaven or not she has the cutest small breast,lovely body,firm thighs a gorgeous ass,beaming bubbly face wether her sets are indoors or outdoors she seems to enjoy her work and she always brings a big smile to my face and after over 50 series plus movies in her portfolio she is truely in veteran model of MetArt wish my late departed partner was still alive she was one of his favourite models too as well as mine i hope to see more of her in the future to come :) :) and this new sreies by Luca Helios is by no means is a lovely truely sexy series depicting all of Lorena B's lovely assets ;)

Perfect Lorena,perfect pussy and perfect smile.

Lorena brings to my mind the Grand Tetons in Wyoming...
no matter how many times you seen them, each
viewing is virginal. She gets better with time. I loved the
photography too. Bravo!

Lorena is totally beautiful all over. And her killer smile says it all.Once again Mr Helios has delivered a masterpiece.

could not have said it better myself Seadog. Lorena has the prettiest smile on the Met network. She also has the best bush! Her pussy is awesome. Her ass is amazing too! Great legs, great breasts, beautiful eyes, beautiful hair.. I could go on and on about this girl. Easily one of, if not the hottest girl on Met-art. Every set of Lorena's is incredibly arousing! more please:)

Spies, that's it. Lorena has everything a girl needs, a totally beautiful Face,a killer smile and a butt to die for. and she seems to relate better to Luca Helios than she does to some of the photographers on the net.

please shave

YES -- !


She's a woman not a little girl...

Little girls don't need to shave -- do they?

SHAVE -- !!

This is her style. If they were all the same you may not like it either.

Shave -- !

Luv it.

Beautiful lady and a real trooper. She keeps on smiling in spite of rolling around in the muck and mire and sand.

True, but the setting would have been better if it were different.


That's enough outdoor crap !

Unbeatable highlight under all MetArt's photosets!
Masterwork beyond any rating.

Damn! This incredible woman just keeps getting more beautiful. I love every inch of her—and don't I wish I could do it for real! Every time I see her she makes me feel like a goggle-eyed kid. I would join MetArt all over again just to have the last to photos in this wonderful set. Muchisimas gracias, Lorena—and you too Luca Helios.

Damn! This woman just keeps getting more beautiful. She oozes sexuality and charm in equal measure, and makes me feel like a goggle-eyed kid every time I see her. I'd join MetArt all over again just to download the last to photos in this set. Lorena, you are beyond beautiful. Thank you once again—and thank you Luca Helios.

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