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Magnificent are the arches formed by her feet, and beautiful are her soft looking soles.

There's no excuse for not shaving. What a waste.

ummmm! another one.
really good job! thank you

Luca Helios reaaly showed what a beautiful model Lorena B is i simply loved the beach front setting with her sexy swim suit (could have been smaller to really enchance her body still sexy ) as she slowly strips it off revealing her small breast perky erect nipples in a sensual strip tease.I simply adored images #18 kneeling on the decking revealing her sexy tanned derrier image #19 is simply a goregeous close up of Lorana B of her gorgeous face small perky breasts erect nipples with her long black hair hanging down her body :( just as the lovely close up of her in image # 20 also showing a lovely close up of her firm tanned derrier ! I also loved her sexy poses on the beach she is simply beautiful as as lays basking in the sun per image #68 showing her long leg sexy legs small breasts erect nipples with her long black hair cascading down just as images #47-48 .I also loved images #92-#95 specialy #95 a lovely close up of her stting sideways showing her firm pear shaped derrier :( I loved the sexy rear end shots of her derrier but i simply adore the lovely close ups of her beaming face gorgous smile sexy brown eyes per images #80-#83 what i really loved is that Lrona B never loses that sexy smile glowing face throught out the entire series :) just as Sapphira does with hers Lorena B has alway been one of my favoutite models and she is truely is "Where Flawless Beauty Meets Art" i would love to see a movie of her in the future to come :(

Sorry, but I've just never really understood all the fawning over her. I mean she's okay...but not "the hottest model that's ever walked the face of the earth" like most make her out to be.

Sean, are you sane?

I've got to get a second home, in Spain!

Will i see more photoshoots of the divine Lorena B?

Wow what a beautiful babe lorena B is she is beautiful from head to toe and i love her bush but can lorena grow it more hairier please

Loose the bush --

Loose the beach --

Put her in elegant clothing and an elegantly furnished bedroom -- and THEN you will have complete perfection!

These pictures are as close to perfection as I've seen here. Just a little more bush is all that's needed.

This girl is a sexy doll.

God I wish she'd go back to her slick and smooth pussy look. Bushes bug me.

Just once I'd love to see her with a full bush.

A young Ava Gardner.

Nice thought --

But Ava's smile never held my attention like Lorena's

Lenora Garcia is definitely the reason I want to go to Spain. She is totally beautiful,and her smile lights up the world!

As you may have noticed Lorena can get me so upset I can't spell her name

Lorena is great including her perfect small tits. So why not show them more?

She's fabulous. Totally.

Lorena is absolutely beautiful. She looks good anywhere, specially on a deserted beach. Is it impossible to find a real deserted beach without motorboats in the background? Regardless, you are very beautiful, Lorena.

Boats? What boats? Why are looking at boats with Lorena on the screen?

Absolutely my all-time favorite girl

Great set! Another time Lorena is unbelieveable ravishingly beautiful & seductive.

Excellent set, love the bush Lorena.

I too love her bush! the way it frames her perfect little pussy is so arousing. I also love the way her bush compliments her beautiful long brown hair. Lorena also has one of the prettiest faces and greatest ass on all of Met-Art. Lorena is another Met goddess! I always "enjoy" her pictures...

Lorena - What a beautiful beautiful woman. And Luca gives us her inner joy; that she is happy and enjoying Life is readily apparent. Image #92 -
Traffic stopping gorgeous. And if you are behind her you are NOT out of luck as THAT is a world class ass. Thanks for sharing.

Now that's a bush I could learn to love! I haven't been a fan of her signature trim until now but with it grown out like this it is quite stunning. Before you start all the "I told you so's" remember there are exceptions to every rule. It is nicely trimmed and very inviting. She is so damn hot! If you haven't been to Sexart yet do the free trial and check out her work there. Her girl on girl sets there are amazing and her solo sets are hot as hell!

Nice work Luca.

What a delight she is.

Lorena, guapa, with you I don't care if I get sand in my teeth.

Big P.S.—We've just gone an entire month without a solo set from Indiana A. That is unnatural; no good can come of it. What gives?

  • 2 years ago:


Coincidentally I already have a set with Indiana on our schedule for Monday, November 4. Enjoy! :)

Thank you. Life had meaning again.

That should be "has" meaning again. I got caught up in my excitement.

Yo, "K" --

Where is Anita ????

  • 2 years ago:


Do you mean Anita E or Anita C??

Yo, "K" --

Anita "E", of course ! (lol)

Ome of your best young ladies.

Haven't seen her in some time.

I wouldn't say 10/10/2013 is all that long ago?

Even with the sand on the nether parts, Lorena is a bundle of sheer, good sweetness.

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