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Lorena is definitely the most gorgeous woman on the planet.

I love this beautiful woman dearly --

BUT --


A plentiful supply of ugly dead grass and ugly bare dirt as well. Europe does have at least one nice fence rail.

There was rocks?

YES -- ugly ones !

Lorena is totally beautiful,and Mr Helios has done a good job with one exception,I think the scarf is too bright,sptbially when covering her hair.

Lorena has one of the prettiest faces and sweetest looking butts on MA. Love her smile and big beautiful eyes. Also love it when she has her pretty pussy framed with that short black hair. The scarf was an added bonus today, made her look somewhat 50s, 60s style. As always with Lorena, a beautiful photo set, thanks a million!

Absolutely gorgeous. My only suggestion would be for her to let her bush grow out fully. It would keep those tiny pieces of dirt away. That's what the bush is for, keeping the pussy free of those kind of particles.

Lovely set. Thank you.

How the hell is Lorena not a top ten model??? And even more mind-boggling... how the hell is she not even in the top 150 anymore??? There is something very, very wrong with this! Vote her up, people!

Unfortunately we can only give her a 10. Lorena is definitely a 20 in my book.
She is outstandingly beautiful and never fails to deliver, her smile is to die for.

Rocks, dirt and grass - very sophisticated, very glamorous.

Any place is paradise with Lorena there!

Lorena's beauty is unmatched. Muy Bonita! Where is Caballa when you need some appropriate Spanish comments for this lovely Spanish lady?

Yeah, now that you mention it... Caballo has been AWOL for quite some time now, has he not? Wonder what's up in that cowboy's world...

Yeah, got some good stuff from him.

Lorena is incredibly beautifu lady. Nuff said

This is my favorite Lorena set yet! Nice work!

Lorena, Katia, Erica, and Branna all on the same day?!?



Thanks, Met-Art!

Within 10 hours or so, everybody has said all what I want to write.
If I could treat English better, I would state another ode for Lorena G & L Helios.

May I volunteer to trim her pussy?

She seems to do well enough without you.

Likewise without you...I see she already has an asshole.

If we can see,
Then we agree:
Does well without us.

a lovely dish.
That, we do wish.
But not without her.

(note: pronunciation of "her" should rhyme with the end of derriere)

1 -slam beauty and choice
2 -then -defense given voice
3 -Implying that grace
or part of the whole,
Here serves as insult
-Like finding a place
to wallow and roll.

"Depends on what the definition 'is' is (is?)." The same "dazzle 'em with bullshit" response Bubba Clinton used to rationalize Monica Lewinsky...

What can I say that hasn't been said? Lorena sets the standard. Superlatives were invented just to describe her. She is beautiful, erotic, adorable, cute, fun and sultry all at the same time. Any part of her that she points toward the camera is perfect… OK, I'm done. Too many words. The rest will just be grateful silence.

I have been so involved in the Ry issue and other things I hadn't posted on Lorena until now. Actually Sailor my last post was over on Sex about Lorena. I turns out on set not involving her she posted to answer a question posed about the reality of orgasms on Sex. For your benefit I will post it here.
Thank you and the rest for commenting. To be honest with you, some directors ask the same question. To you, to them my answer is this: a secret kept to myself...

I can only let you know about this situation during the scene: Sometimes, a real orgasm in front of the camera might look fake (although it was real). Not all women scream, not all women are loud or shake strongly in 'real life'. If the women model has a real one, many directors might repeat that scene until it looks 'real' for the crew. And the same happens otherwise. In my opinion If you have trust in the director, if you feel comfortable, you can have it. If non of those things happen, director will show the orgasm by directing and repeating scenes.

My best wishes for you and the members reading.

Wish you could afford to be with us over on Sex also, its fun.

I so wish I could see her there. One of these days, maybe. It isn't about affording it, more about not enough time for another site.

You can do it. There are not that many posts as MA. 1 movie ,1 photo set every couple days. The movies (esp Lorena) are incredible. Won't regret.

Do the one day free trial. You won't regret it!

I left SA for a lot of reasons, but Lorena was not one of them. She was the best thing on the site in my opinion. And now, reading swplf's reports from the scene, I sort of regret my decision. I'm not sure I can about seeing Lorena have an orgasm, but I'd sure as hell like to give her one—no, dozens.

A great way to start a rainy monday morning after 6" of snow yesterday. Lorena is one of my favs.

As she is for many of us here and remains or should I say reigns as the absolute #1 model on SexArt. This on a site with dicks and yet she only does G/G and solo. We do get a different look since photogs other than Luca shot her there.

In the short time I was on SA I developed a whole new appreciation for Lorena. She has always been in the top level on my list of favs but seeing her talents there shows a side of her that is even hotter than she is here. How much is acting and how much is natural is anyone guess but she is so radiant even her lesbian sets are amazingly sexy. I have to say that I think she is the reason a good deal of the members on SA are there. If her orgasms are not real she is one talented actress! If you get a chance look up Spanish lessens. THAT is what G/G videos should be! The passion is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

First of I miss your point of view over at Sex. Second she has been working with the Lupins, Andrej and APF and some of the videos are really outstanding. She does one where she is kick boxing and damn she makes that a believable as her orgasms. And her photo sets are shot by Don Caravaggio and we get a totally different look than here.

Caravaggio is an artist with a video camera! Of course anyone shooting Lorena is going to look good.;) SA is a connoisseurs porn site the videos there are awesome. Not course f... fests but like girls with there best beaus really making love not just showing off for the audience. The girls there are gorgeous and the guys too(is it safe for me to say that?) No hard core hairy tattooed studs these guys are working to please their women not to score a big one for the camera. I like SA and have even considered dropping Met and signing on there. Weeellll kinda considered it. :)

Luca Helios could not have picked a better outdoor setting to highlight Lorena B's stunning beauty one just has to look at her close images #99-#107 of her gorgeous beaming face brown eyes and her lovey sexy smile of hers long black hair lovely small breast perky erect nipples of her ~ We all loved about her :) I simply love image #9 it truely shows Lorena's tall magnificent figure long slender legs with her white sheer frock orange scarf revealing one of her gorgeous small breasts leaning against the rock wall :) Just as image #5 with her long slender legs inner thighs her gorgeous trimmed vagina are stunningly beautiful !!! As well as the lovely close ups of lorena's cute derrier delightfull face smile firm breast perky nipples as her top glides down her shoulder in different sensual poses they surely paint a pretty picture wthin the soft light in images #20-#22 ;) There are some both very magnficicent serene images #58 to #61.In sexy provocative pose's of Lorena B's magnificent long slender tanned body from her gorgeous beaming face sexy smile of hers :)As well as her perfect small breasts perky nipples trimmed vagina to her perfect cute round firm derriere with some magnificent rear end views to lovely close ups to her spread legged in different sexy poses !! I lovely image #51 with Lorena sitting spread leeged her long black cascading down her shoulders looking down between her legs as if to state i need a shave/wax :) within this truely lovely beutiful series of hers and as a female i also think within this comment of mine some of the fellas may agree with me if not stiff bickies about Lorena B's Beauty :) :) Thank Lorena B and Luca Helios on a gorgeous sensual,sexy series :)

Uh. Yeah. What you just said. I think.

Lorena is a master (mistress?) of the fine art of being simultaneously sweetly adorable and red-hot sexy. Several of the MetArt models pull off this trick nicely; but Lorena manages to make it look easy.
She seems the kind of woman one would (almost) be content having a platonic friendship with because she'd be so warm and genuine and fascinating just to talk to.

An ingenious contrast – gorgeous, classy, and elegant (top half), sexy and explicit (bottom half).

I adore that contrast. Something super sexy about that.

I keep saying I have to many of her sets but each time a new one comes I just have to download it. Lorena never fails to enchant me with that ready smile and gorgeous body. I would swear she hasn't changed one bit in all this time. If anything she has gotten more enchanting.

58 sets and as lovely as ever. Amazing!

hipshot, 58 here but I also have 9 Movies and 10 photo sets of her from Sex Art. Never seen her on the two other Met sites she populates or I would have even more. She has been a "Must" download from the first time I say her. Which may be the movie that was shot of her Indiana and APF that Luca dug up the photo set from and posted recently. One word for her "Winner"! If I ever get us a Hall of Fame here, she is defiantly a charter member.

Stunning !!

Blevet (was ~Norwegian): – my favorite since the early mcns, femjoys, and ninablues. (been ~Danish): – that way ever since.
Is: – another excellent set.
Will be: – many, many more. – in charge of all production if met-art is smart.

"Uh. Yeah. What you just said. I think."

Sorry, couldn’t resist the word play. And swplf2 has mentioned that she wants to do production work too.

A visit from lovely Lorena; mmm, mmm, mmm. Her brilliant smile, tiny ta tas, incredible ribcage, and sleek legs start my day very nicely. Thank you Lorena, thank you Luca!


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