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Thanks for comments about the set.Lorena and I finish to do indoors sets recently..and more indoors sets will be done this month like some ask to have variety.We'll do outdoors and indoors equitable.Lorena choose if trim or not...I try let the girls choose how to look..she do herself not in salon or spa as far I know :) Regards!!

Welcome, Luca!
I can tell you with certainty that we members love hearing from the photographers and the models. It adds a new dimension to the sets when we can hear from your side. So thank you for joining the discussion!

Luca, I think this is the first time I have seen you join us here. Welcome! I have been a long time fan, so I am delighted to see you join us in the comments.

Lorena is my favorite Spaniard, and I'm glad to hear that you have an indoor set finished. I like variety, too. My opinion on pubic hair is that it should be left to the model as you say and I like how Lorena has shown us both trimmed and shaved. She is a very beautiful woman and it makes no difference to me how she keeps her body hair.


Luca, please accept my thanks for oining us hear from me and my band of old farts. Please come back anytime you post.

Another stupid set. Don't care for the sand. Tired of the stupid gymnastic poses.

Never fails to please. She will go on forever.

please please shave or at least trim

Hi KKronful she is trimmed, thats how she likes it. I think she has one of th ladies at the day spa do it for her. I doo agree we could use some of the shots from Sexart here, she has done some very good indoor sets and evidently likes girls.I bet if Cathrine or Flora were to shoot some sets with her she would score even higher than she does now.

Enough of the woods, beaches, patio's, more bedroom scenes please.....this woman is a Goddess, what a beautiful face, ass and other 'assets', just a gorgeous, beautiful woman...what a man wouldn't give to look down into those eyes. Wow.

fully agree. more Indore sets please

Patience grasshopper!

fully agree. more Indore sets please

Everyone does indoor bedroom scenes. Beautiful women covered in the grit of nature is sexy and taboo, and much more original and artistic .

Yo -- "trickydick" --

(NEVER thought I'd be agreeing with someone called Trickydick !) (lol - lol)

Glad to see I'm not the only one upset with this. I've been pleading for more bedroom shoots for over a year.

I signed up to MET simply because of Lorena and those susper-sexy bedroom shoots she did early on. "Complex" may very well be the BEST set of pictures ever posted to this site.

Lorena is a devastatingly lovely girl and her camera persona is truly amazing. Those eyes -- that smile -- !!! This girl could make granite go all mushy !!

But it's totally wasted in this endless succession of outdoor shoots. What happened to silks and lace, candlelight, and soft music -- romance ???

After all -- this is all about fantasy, isn't it?

Dread, I think your real point is, variety is the spice that "flavors" Met. When a whole string of any of the same thing happens it makes us want just that variety. On the absurd level Shel Silverstien once wrote, "After you have been eating steak for a while, beans taste fine." I would never accuse Lorena of being "beans" but just how many rocks/sandy beaches can she adorn!

Fast losing interest in rocks, sand, and bushes.

As someone once sang -- "The thrill is gone".

Damned shame --

Lorena B,AKA Lorena Garcia, has the most beautiful smile on Met. Several models come close, but Lorena is the best. Lorena also has an incredible figure,only Liza B and one or two others come close. Mr. Helios shoots her at or near the water, and the sets are always good. I don't think getting a little sand on the ladybits will nake her curl up and die. She gives the appearance of an athlete that lobes the water. I gave both Lorena and Mr. Helios a 10+++

Another example of ruining what should have been an awesome set by covering up the goods with a foreign substance.

Enough already.

Love the sand and grit, but all the smiling doesn't match it.

Too much sand & wet, disheveled hair doesn't do a whole lot for me.

I normally am very much in agreement but with Lorena It just seems to be her nitch, at least lately. I suspect that many of these sets were shot in succession during a few days of work and are being released over time. I would much prefer her indoors and free of foreign substances but that seems to relegated to her SA sets now days.

I do not understand the fixation with taking beautiful women out and rolling them in sand, dirt or other substances or slathering paint or food all over them.

Oh how I would love to be the person to wash them off...

One of the best asses on Met Art!! Hands down!!!

This woman is a goddess! I don't think I have ever seen a set I didn't like from her. She so radiant and charming I can't imagine her as a less than spectacular woman to know. She exudes a sexual allure that is irresistible and does it as if she isn't even trying. I love the way her eyes dance with amazing charm and never fail to echo that gorgeous smile. I have watched her SA videos and know she has a preference for the gentler sex but I can't hold that against her. They are some of the sexiest G/G videos I have seen. She is the top SA model and I would not dream of disputing that standing. She has been in the top position here many times and is always among the upper 10%

She has been on Met since 2009 and done 59 sets and is still as lovely and inviting as ever. If we had that Metart hall of fame she would certainly be one of the first inductees.

hip, thanks! For once it isn't me posting about a Met HOF. IMO Lorena is both the perfect example of a deserving inductee and an example of the problems the concept faces. She has been spectacular across the Met family of platforms. Still #1 on Sex, but where here. She has always been a fav but not often in the actual top ten here. You can pick any one of several models that are a consensus HOFer, that today linger in the depths on top 150. APF is probably one of the best examples. Who can deny what she has meant to the whole Met Family. (Like Lorena now.) All long term members such as you and I know the ratings are suspect at best and down right weird at times. I have tried to figure out some "criteria" for a HOF but am no closer now than when I first brought it up. Since the comment section is bases on the published set for a model on each day we really have nowhere to get into a real discussion about the concept unless it comes up for that model as your comment today does for Lorena. While I am getting ridiculously long winded on this today, until another possible inductee is posted and we comment it is a moot point. Jonathan says a revamp of Sex is coming but how long has Met itself remained primarily static. I can appreciate that it is the Met-Art families #1 site and thus why "mess" with it, but both the blog and the news section have stopped being any help. So my guess is that as long as it stays #1 our "dream" of whatever you want to call a HOF will remain, just that a "dream".

You CAN'T put Lorena in a HOF !!!

She won't go inside a building. !!!

Just look at that cover photo. I'd know that bottom anywhere. And that smile. With Lorena, I don't think I'd mind getting sand in my teeth. Wonderful.

Hell Sailor, if you had a chance to get your teeth around down there, you would bring the sand if that is what she wanted....

You read me like a book. : )




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