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Oh - !

By the way, Lorena -- thank you so much for the INDOOR set !

Much appreciated --

Oh-! It took us 75 comments for someone to express appropriate appreciation for one of the most significant aspects of this pictorial.

Yes, I thought I perhaps noticed a hint down there, but something was obscuring the view...

There is much discussion about pubic hair because there is generally so little of it on the models here. Then once in a while along comes a Super Star like Lorena who shows how sexy it can be. And Muff-lovers of the world express our appreciation. But the Muff-haters don't sit quietly and let us enjoy these rare moments. Like the Queen from Alice in Wonderland they shout "Off with the hair!" And that's the attitude that generates so much discussion. If Violla, Adele B, Janice or Anna AJ has a nice set, you will never read a response from a muff-lover that says "She should grow some pussy hair!"

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Don't be so sure of that!
They should grow a bush! :-)
They would be MUCH sexier :-)

They should let their underarm hair grow at least a little, too :-)
Don't worry. It's natural, it's womanly, it won't kill anybody. Even though some dudes think they'll die if they see it.
They'll recover! :-)


Oooops -- I meant hair, didn't I ?

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

I'm not so sure of that.
I think it was a Freudian slip! :-)))


Waaaay too much discussion about hair !!

I say get rid of it -- then there will be nothing to discuss !!


There is much discussion about pubic hair because there is generally so little of it on the models here. Then once in a while along comes a Super Star like Lorena who shows how sexy it can be. And Muff-lovers of the world express our appreciation. But the Muff-haters don't sit quietly and let us enjoy these rare moments. Like the Queen from Alice in Wonderland they shout "Off with the hair!" And that's the attitude that generates so much discussion. If an Adele B, Janice or Anna AJ has a nice set, you will never read a response from a muff-lover that says "She's should grow some pussy hair!"

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Well, considering that hair is a pretty big part of the human body, and shaving it a big part of this site, I think it merits plenty of discussion. And when someone wants to stop that discussion and just get rid of hair (I'm guessing you mean head hair too :-) that just proves people are trying to sweep the trimmings under the rug, ignoring the wooly mammoth in the room :-)

On The contrary, We've been ignoring the 500 lb gorilla in the room for far too long.

But I am not in favor of armpit or pubic hair and no amount of discussion will change my opinion on the subject.

And -- no amount of debate is going to change the opinion of anyone else that posts to this site.

And since you guessed wrong, I will simply explain that I came of age in the 60's when women had beautiful long hair on their heads that they had to move before they could sit down.

Consequently, I tend to find this endless debate on the subject to be futile and utterly unproductive. My saying "get rid of it" and you saying "let it grow" will produce no change whatsoever in MA's choice of material. Will it? Hence, futility.

I sometimes think some of the members start these discussions just to stir up other members. Hence, unproductive.

Having said all that -- it's exactly why my post was so "flippant". The photo sets will continue to be a mixed bag regardless of member's comments because they will try to post material that will keep everyone happy and the discussion will go on ad-infinitum.

I do hope the 500 lb gorilla dozed off during this particular conversation. If not, the boredom will probably kill him.

a long contribution to futile and unproductive.

I agree Dreadnought but trying to get Doug to agree "IS" an exercise in futility. It will never happen. Sort of like tilting at windmills. Just take comfort that you are in the majority camp on this site and that is not going to change either. :) The powers that be know what works and you can bet they will go with what the numbers tell them.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Almost as tuff as gettin' you guys to agree! :-)
The times they are a'changin', and MA will change with 'em, or else! :-)

Arm pit hair no! Hair on the mounds is fine is better than ugly stubble but it should not go lower than the beginning of the vaginal cleft and should be clean from there down. That is my take on it and mine only.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Very exacting, quite restrictive!
Hey, what happened to Milena's armpit hair you seemed to like :-?

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

I'm not so sure debate on this topic will make no difference to any opinion. In fact, I think it has, and will.
But, when we bring it up, it stirs things up, that's for sure.
Kinda keeps things from getting too boring.
I'm sorry to hear you say you are not in favor of armpit or pubic hair. That's almost like saying you're not in favor of people :-)
Dread not!
My futile advice :-)

I like that kind of thinking...;o)

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Not to confuse things. I know you don't like my kind of thinking :-)

From day one since I first saw her online I fell in love with her eyes and smile, I just love to see her smile, beautiful lady, gorgeous body. Lorena Te Amo y si estuvieras conmigo, te amaria toda la vida.

nice model and great job so natral (i hate photoshop)

Nice beard :-)

  • Gary
  • 6 months ago:

Lorena is gorgeous with a great attitude. And she has the most awesome tits, legs and pussy! Totally erotic.

The really amazing thing about Lorena is that she is every bit as sexy with clothes as without. That radiant smile and those beautiful eyes could seduce any man and that long slender body makes everything she wears sexy. One of her sets has her just walking up a sidewalk in jeans and a sweater and it is soooo sexy I see it in my head every time I hear her name. You could walk into a restaurant with her on your arm and spend an hour or two and no one would remember what you looked like ; ) Lorena and Sex Art are a match made in heaven. Her videos there are mesmerizing! Spanish lesson is a classic!

SPECTACULAR! Is the one word description for Lorena

sixty sets & videos here at MA -- and not a so-so one among them. Viva Lorena!

Thanks for bringing Lorena indoors and in bed at last!!! She is absolutely gorgeous and sexy as hell. Wonderful bush, I hope she never shaves it off, and I don't care how she trims it. As always, the choice is hers, not ours, and I thank you Lorena for the choice you made. IMHO not many women can rock a bush like Lorena, some need to shave, but not Lorena. Let it Grow! Let it Grow! Let it GROW!

My feelings for Lorena have not changed since the day I laid eyes on her.
Going out on a limb here, I'm going to claim that she is one of the five most beautiful women on the planet! And how gracious of her to share every little bit of that beauty with us...her adoring fans! THIS set is way overdue! Absolutely mindblowing!! If I could, I would have a membership to every site that features her...in ANY way, shape or form. I just love everything about this woman...especially her sense of humor and style!! XOXOXOXOXO for you my precious...

true dat! I don't dispute Lorena's world-class beauty and elegance being in the top five. What a woman!

Her work on SA is awesome!

Beautiful, classy, and fun.

Sincere thanks for sharing your beauty with us, Lorena.

Just breathtaking.

❤ to be Lorena's hairdresser!

Let ME trim the bush please!

Lorena (AKA Lorena Garcia)Has bright smiling eyes, bright smiling face, and in general lights up all over when she smiles. That's the first thing I noticed when I first saw her on one of Luca Helios' sets. She always gets a 10++++ for her incredible beauty.

So beautiful. Can’t get enough of her smile and eyes.

For my money Lorena is the best looking career nude model I've ever seen. She's not my all time favorite, just the most attractive. However, as much as I love pussy hair, I wish she'd either shave it, or let it grow.

I wish she would change her signature style. she really looks better with it cleanly shaved or a nice triangle above the clit.

Would you be willing to change your "signature style"???
Doesn't "signature style" mean that it DOESN'T "change"?

I love the suntan :)

There are many sets with different pussy trimming styles on here. She is just beautiful whatever the shave.

I call this groomed style "border" and it is somewhat unique, just as is the rest of her uncommon beauty.

She 'sported' this look back in '09 also... This could be from that time period... I like it!

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

All right, you knew this was coming:
You Can't Beat Natural.
Nature knows best.
It is the vastly superior artist.
Its shapes and patterns are perfect.

Lorena, my advice to you is
let your pubic hair be.
You cannot improve on its natural shape.
Only make it look kinda funny and harsh.

Otherwise I like many think you are quite charming :-)

And no I haven't really looked at this set. Don't have time!
But I'm glad to see your are still apparently going strong :-)

If "Nature knows best", hows come you weren't born a mute??? (LOL jk)

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Come on, you don't agree with me that Lorena would be even better-looking "natural":-?

Seriously, she obviously knows better than to "enhance" her breasts :-)

Look, maybe like a Japanese gardener you can tweak nature a bit, but the bottom line is that you respect her eye. You follow what she does, instead of trying to make her follow what you want. This is where people go wrong, aesthetically and otherwise.

In my very humble opinion of course :)

Of course I don't agree with you!! LOL

But you'll have to agree with me that screwing with "nature" is one of the things we do unceasingly!! Especially when it comes to our bodies. And thank goodness we DO, "in some cases"... And according to your philosophy, we shouldn't be cutting ANY of our hair AT ALL... In fact, we'd all be hippies straight out of Haight-Ashbury...LOL

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

That's what I mean about "tweaking."
Basically you're following nature's patterns, etc.
That isn't to say you don't cut your hair, or shave, or bathe, or whatever -- it's just not to be anti-nature, and to see what nature has in mind, so to speak. And to appreciate it.
A lot of the best stuff in the world does exactly that.
When I see people going against nature like it was some kind of monster, that's when all is lost :-)
And nature's gonna win in the end anyway.
To be sure we are part of nature. We would do well to remember that :-)

Super dooper!

Hmm, pussy 'stache.

One smile to rule them all.

OK. I can admire a perfect (if unusual trim). And I can appreciate how well it frames. But it dominates the whole series. Wait. I'm complaining? I do think the coverage of the thong is not a good match.

106, counting by thumbs, belongs in the chop shop hall of fame.

Easily a 9. Can this model be less? A pox on any of our photographic artists who manage to give us less.

By the way, have you heard her talk? I would give up seeing her to hear her.

I know she's got some g/g vids on SexArt. I believe one is called "Spanish Lessons" in which she is tutoring her companion, which rapidly devolves into some rather hot sex.
I believe one can hear her voice in this vid, but it was awhile since I watched it...

You're in luck, Magwich. Fortunately, I saved that vid before I canceled my SA subscription. It is entitled "Spanish Lesson" and she costars with Sylvie Deluxe. Forget the sex, the lesson is amazingly erotic! And yes, you can hear her AND see her. ( :

(It's a damn good thing Lorena wasn't my Spanish professor and/or tutor, I would have never learned any Spanish!)

I'd like to give "French" lessons to Lorena!! This beauty could turn anyone into a 'linguist'...;o)

Lorena is already fluent in french, Just check out her G/G vids on SA!

Lorena en parlant francais?

Allons y. Vite.

Yeah....like I have you're kind of money!! LOL

oops...lol "your" (being back here with Lorena has me dazed...)

  • H WU
  • 6 months ago:

Maybe Lorena can do "Spanish Lesson II".

You would have been fluent in six weeks or less. Yes you would.

I don't know about all y'all other old fogies, but I would say that Lorena's is the prototypical PP. ( : ( : ( :

Uh. I'm probably going to regret asking this, but what's PP?

desertrat, a week or so back, one of my fellow old farts proposed the existence of the "Perfect Pussy" Club. Since then we've been amusing ourselves by proposing candidates for that club.
I believe that Lorena would be right up in the first ballot. ( :

Agree. And I like it just the way she trims it.

Me too. It's pretty unique nowadays.

Absolutely a founding member of PP club. Probably my all time favorite model!

no argument here!

Top of the float. Head of the parade. I believe the proper acronym should be PPP.

( :


I'm so in love with this girl !!!! Everything about her is incredibly stunning. The way that beautiful bush frames her delicious pussy is absolutely mesmerizing!

You can see a bit further than me................

okay, perfect vulva!

Q: Who is in the gallery?

A: Lorena.

=: Instant download!

She is very nice but I wish she would have a shave. It would be much prettier.

  • mep1
  • 6 months ago:

Great photos! Lorena is amazing!

  • a2m2
  • 6 months ago:


  • a2m2
  • 6 months ago:


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