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Definitely wins the best "muff-stache" award!

Where's Doug?? Here's a "bush" for Doug!! HEY DOUG!! LOL ;o)

If it isn't 'natural' I don't think it counts as a bush to Doug. I'm interested to hear his take on Lorena's grooming style.

Very emotional....I need a moment.....

Lorena is one of about 5 girls here that absolutely blow my mind...
That such beauty is being shared with the world, and us in particular, is one of the great pleasures of modern life.

Surely there can be no 'more' beautiful an ass in the world, and damn few that are it's equal!! And a face to make an old man weep....

Lorena and water is always a great combination :) It's great to see her hair getting wet, I wish we could watch her drying off afterwards!

I would like to add more to what has been said here but I just can't think of anything that hasn't already been said. She's just perfect.

But picture #20 just put me over the top. Just imagine looking at at that and seeing it come closer.

I have imagined that....many many many times!!! ;o)

Sorry for the repeat post.

No worries, it happens to all of us sooner or later.

I think MA needs to add the option of deleting, or editing, your own posts. There are times after I post that I think of something I should have said but I don't want to add a new post for just a couple of words or a complete sentence. Things here would just get too cluttered. And it would also allow us to delete our accidental repeat posts.

I agree, Copernicus... even on FB, one can finally edit or delete one's posts. I'm sure MA could add in the same options... or, to be accurate, the bright boys who write MA's code...

They're worded differently enough that it's hard to notice....lol

a beautiful young woman with an amazing smile. great way to start the day.

There's really nothing I can add that hasn't been said. Just perfect.

But picture #20 just about did me in. Try to imagine looking up at that.

I normally can take or leave shower sets, but when its Lenora(A.K.A. Lenora Garcia) they are never long enough. Mr Helios certainly photographed Lenora perfectly in this set. And of course on SA,TLC, and Viv Thomas. Lenore likes playing with girls and has made some great girl-on-girl movies.all in all a truly beautiful womsn, I gave aaaalenora and Mr. Helios both 10++++

Stunningly beautiful, always happy and her beauty just radiates thru the camera lens. I am now taking a class on "waxing" and hope to send an application to Lorena...the perfect combo for those who like bare and those who like hair...pretty fair compromise, right?

❤ to be Lorena's "hairdresser"!

Lorena never loses her magic. She is certifiably unique.

They could release an entire set of nothing but photos of Lorena's smiling face, and it would still be tantalizingly erotic.

She has a lovely smile and certainly brought a smile to my face this morning. What a wonderful woman! :)

...speaking of extraordinary smiles... ( :
Another incredibly poised and elegant lady, in every single thing she does. Amazing!

Miss congeniality, Photo #1 says it all. This beautiful bundle of energy is just several steps above the crowd. She is always radiant and sexy as hell! That 200 watt smile is capable of melting the coldest heart. She has a presence that just blows me away. She is constantly #1 on SA because she has a bold and open sexuality that just can't be beat. Her Spanish blood runs hot and deep and she knows how to work the crowd. I don't think I have ever seen a set that I didn't like. It is a lucky man or woman who gets to spend time with this Spanish doll!

Always smiling and looking happy to be naked, Lorena is always a pleasure to view.

#15. #116. Really?!

#106. Nipple nick.

What caused the bloodshot eyes? Spraying chlorinated water into them? Or chopping our model's skull, perhaps?

The combination of water and eye makeup does tend to irritate the eyes

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