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I can't believe how well this worked. Especial compliments for color and light. (not much left to be said about our model.)

Considering our artist's excellent use of the location, I am a bit surprised The Rock is not more central in the background.

Beautiful girl, great location...pity about the bike. Ducati next time please !

Nice Bike!!!
Too much sea, boring.
No boobs!!!

There's one, at least.

Wonderful eyes.
Wonderful smile.
Wonderful woman.
Wonderful traveling companion.
Bon Voyage, Luca.

Wow, Lorena is just gorgeous! Very sexy set! Luca, you neglected to include a few shots focused on her perfect boobs. Still a great set!

She has one of the greatest most genuine smiles ever :-)

No nudity until #52 is absolutely inexcusable.

I didn't think so. Lorena doesn't need to be nude to be sexy. Normally I would agree but I think in this instance it worked quite well.

True, hip. Normally, I would agree with Southern also, but for some reason I find Lorena is special.

With all of her sets here, we've all seen Lorena fully nude plenty of times. As for sexy women on this site, she is tops, most will agree. That goes for with or without clothes. Granted, we pay to see her without clothes, and we do, just later into the set than usual. It is still Lorena and she is still sexy any way you look at her.

If you really want Lorena at her all out sexual best go to SA. She is number 1 there and has been for months! When she gets it on with another woman it is magic and the solo sets and videos are mind boggling!

I even like #1. She’d look sexy in a suit of armor.

Nice "glam" set! Hardly "erotic"! Sell it to the Tourism Bureau... Great location.

¸.•*¨*•.♪♫♫♪ I don’t want a pickle♪♫•*¨*•. I just want to ride on my motor-cicle.••°•♪♫ And I don’t want a tickle♪♫•*¨*•.¸.•*¨*•♫ I’d rather ride on my motor-cicle ♫♪♫♪ - Arlo Guthrie (1967)

Lorena B (Lorena Garcia in the Met universe, she is Spainish)is a total,incredible, stunning, mind blowing beauty. And the ocean is O.K. too.If this isn't the Mediterrian, I'll go with the Czech Republic's coast on the Baltic.(Big Willie Shakespear convinced me)I think Luka Helios Has given us a masterpiece. I mean what is better than Lorena's killer smile?I give Lorena and Luka both a 10+infinity.

How about Austria's coast on the Indian Ocean?

P.S. Lorena has some hot updates on EA too,and I love what Suzie (Erro's hair and make-up tech)does with Lorena's hair.

Never have I ridden a motorcycle, the combination of girl & motorcycle can not attract me so much. I'd like to see ordinary Lorena B next time.
-Tokyo Sukimono-

No such thing and "ordinary" Lorena B. Its always special.

Aside from some sites. As for MA & EA, Lorena does not rely on garments, does not rely on machines or tools, does not rely on male or female co-stars.I call them ordinary,not mediocre.
(Sorry,my English often induces misunderstandigs.I learned that
"ordinary" is similar to "as usual".)


The Harley is one thing, but Lorena's beauty and attitude are the real highlights of this set. She's an absolute masterpiece.

Girl all pretty... Sexy, adult, and smiling...! Love the pubic hair... Please do not shave it off...
(By the way, Harley's do drive better than they say... They Rule...! )

Damn! And I though my 04 Road King had some great additions!!
Lorena could make a Honda look desirable!

Best Harley/ocean/jean/sunny-day decoration I’ve ever seen. And she’s beautiful too.

Harley's sell on their name, not their performance. They are maintenance intensive, and require a lot of money for upkeep.
I still wish I could afford one.
And have one of those new Triumph's.
And have a BMW to tour on...

Uh. You might have missed the point of the shoot.


I'm delighted to see that when she's riding her Hog, Lorena protects that delightful cabeza of hers. I hope she also wears a leather, because road rash on that body would be an atrocity.
While this does not rank among the most explicit of her shoots, it was a refreshing change of pace. Her beauty is fully mature and is complimented by the motorcycle ~ in fact, I'd dare say she makes the motorcycle look good. ( :

I'd bet that ONE of her contracts would prohibit her participation in an activity like motorcycle riding... Even a minor "mishap" could result in days or weeks of lost time...

....and she makes that lingerie look damn good too!

Despite the gorgeous sunny day by the seaside, Lorena's smile is by far the brightest thing in these photos. Stunning as always.

Playboy stereotypes!

Siempre maravillosa Morena.Mujer increíblemente atractiva.

She could sell me a Harley any day and I don't even like motorcycles! I have seen loads of models doing shoots with bikes but this is by far the best one I have ever seen. This lady looks like she is totally at home on that bike. The location with the wind in her hair and the blue sea behind her is perfect. I think Lorena was built to model jeans. Jeans, spike heels, and a halter top never looked better. 50 photos before she showed anything and I was enthralled with ever single shot. Lorena is a sex goddess extraordinaire. That radiant smile travels clear to those dark lovely eyes and I find it hard to imagine a man she couldn't seduce. I have loved this lovely Spanish bombshell for the first set and she has just gotten better with time. It may seem redundant but I think this is the best set she have done. Luka did a great job of capturing the heat but there is no question who was directing this set.

Hipshot I think you've said it all, she can ride bitch with me any day ... or I can ride bitch with her, whatever gets me on that bike

Hear hear, Droog, given what I know about motorcycles and how to drive them (that would be zilch) I'd trust her to do the driving, as long as I got to put my arms around that beautiful middle and feel her hair in my face.... ( :

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