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  • JANN
  • 12 months ago:

boring , koenart !!

sexy girl in the kitchen cooking? Hell yes - even better if naked.

But please Loreen, shave again.

I have appreciated this beautiful young woman since I first saw a set of her pictures. still beautiful and still appreciated. so...Loreana and this Viv Thomas? Is it serious?

Yes, the site is VivThomas.com. It is another of the MetArt network sites. She has a significant amount of material there ~ photosets and videos ~ under the name "Lorena Garcia."

Jeez what a load of whining!
Lorena is right up there for her body, her eyes and her smile. As for hair or no hair,....I like it. I'd really like to see her uncropped.
Guys give her a break, she is beautiful, always

Beatiful she is indeed but her poses are a bit boring.

Shaven would look better than the way it is.


I agree. 9 frontal close-ups of a hairy pussy.

And 10 close-up pictures of a hairy pussy from behind. I am falling asleep.

Tough crowd today.

Sure is. But I'll take whatever she's cooking.

I think even the model fell asleep during this shoot..

Time for a new trim job- please!

Lenora B (A.K.A. Lenora Garcia in the Met universe) is wasted on every thing but the last page. She is not allowed to even unleash her one million killerwatt smile until then. That is a big part of her erotic personality. As a result I prefer her in the top and jeans. Lenora gets her 10++++ but Koenart shoulda stayed home.

Don't forget to check out Lenora Garcia on Viv Thomas,she prefers girls, and she is VERY good at it.

She has a very interesting and revealing interview vid on VivThomas where she discusses what got her into the biz and her history with revealing it to others, including a funny story about being recognized "on the street." ( :

She certainly does. It is the same on SA but that doesn't make her any less spectacular.

The PERFECT pussi delecti specimen!

I LOVE Lorena's pussy, the way it is groomed. The short trimmed hair and the shaping of it are unique and erotic.

My least favorite part of her. The hair not the pussy. She has a great pussy but I prefer a landing strip or traditional triangle. To me this is like a big sign that says, Off limits!

Respectfully, I disagree. I find it very unappealing. I love pussy hair, but I'd rather see it shaved than like this. Did I just that that? Or let it grow longer.

I love this pictorial of Lorena because it looks simple, lovely and unexaggerated.
If you want to see her doing porn, go to SexArt.

BAD DAY for Met art all the way around, 4 big time disappointments...

I find her sexy...! What's wrong with her..!?!

There's nothing wrong with Lorena! She is one of the sexiest ladies here.

Sexiest. Breakfast. Ever.

Well I think this woman is very sexy. I like the face shots - 67 with her look, 69 with the eyes, kinda freaky, but you want to keep looking into them, and 90 is just sexy.
Thank you Lorena. :--)

Unfortunately an absolutely uninspired boring routine shooting by Koenart.

Could not agree with you more! Each page was as boring as the last. How is that possible when you are taking photos of Lorena B?

Agreed. Lorena always looks gorgeous, but less so in this set.

I have the feeling our lovely Lorena's next occupation just might be restaurateur.... ( :

Yo --

"r e s t a u r a t e u r" -- ??

Spell check -- ??


My Bad !!

In my aging ignorance, I thought there would be an "N" in the word.


She needs to show some interest in something --

I used to scour the net for her sets, but somehow she seems less worth the effort these days. Sad.

I'd say "Hey babe, what's cookin'?" Something is sizzling besides Lorena. Doubt if it would taste as good.

Lorena is awesome but this set is not inspiring. Not because of her but because of the photography. Almost all of the wide angle shots are harsh and overexposed. even some of the intimate closeups could have benefited from a bit less light. Because of this Lorena's lovey flesh tones and those gorgeous brown eyes don't come through at all. Also there are virtually not standing shots especially ones from the rear showing off those fantastic legs and that great butt. A terrible waste in my book. The only shots I really liked were the candid shots on the last page.

Opportunity lost.

Agreed, hipshot --

They completely neglected those beautiful legs. Just a few "pin-up" shots would have been an improvement.

And -- as someone else pointed out -- she didn't even pop that million-dollar smile until the end of the set.

We begged for indoor sets that would allow her to be more seductive -- and now that we've got some -- they seem to be deliberately ignoring the universal rules of sex appeal.

I just got the impression that ~ for whatever reason ~ Lorena just wasn't into this shoot. It's too bad, she's usually such a charmer. Oh well, everyone has off days.

I agree with your call, hip. Just not as inspiring as most Lorena sets are.

I liked those clothed shots as much as the nudes. Love her cute halter top and she looks great in jeans.

Bad times for the Spanish national football team,Lorenita!But your Spanish Beauty remains intact.Sure they woud have found the inspiration
and strenght to win glancing through this photos.Olé Lorena!

The seller

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