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Dear sweet adorable Lorena,one of the loveliest of all girls,LOVE that pussy trim,LOVE that smile.

Always the best groomed model on the site. Doesn't matter if she is sporting her signature trimmed look or completely shaved looked, nothing is ever out of place. Could give some of the other models some tips.

Lorena's elegance, while at the same time being seriously hot, is unbeatable.

Love the small bush showing down below...! It makes her so much more sexy...!!!

Beautiful photos! Lorena is an extraordinary model!

Lorena gets my vote... hottest girl on Met, bar none! Just a jaw dropping, supremely sexy Spanish beauty....

Scheherazade enthralled a king with a new tale every night. That’s nothing compared to what Lorena does with every new set.

If you want to know more about Lorena from her own mouth, there is an interview vid over on VivThomas.com (under her name there as "Lorena Garcia") where she talks about being an erotic model and a little about her personal life as well.
Oh yeah, there's plenty of erotic content with her over there as well. ( : Photo and video.

Thanks for the tease!....:o|

YW, Rock!

Whenever I see Lorena, I always check out her bum and her legs. This babe is blessed with the tight butt, and sexy, well-toned legs. I think those two are her best assets.

Of course, I wouldn't fail to mention that she's really drop-dead gorgeous with long and athletic physique.

I didn't think Lorena could get more lovely.

Clearly, I was wrong.

This is another perfect shoot of Lorena B (A.K.A. Lorena Garcia) by Luca Helios. He discovered her for Met, and I think produces better photosets of her. Of course,with that killer smile and beautiful figure, she can pose. Luckily for us, she usually poses for the met universe

This set with the hot'n'sexy Lorena B redefines the phrase "stairway to heaven".

That IS a "heavenly staircase"...is it not?!! It's AWESOME!! And even more beautiful with Lorena draped on it!!

Captured expression(photos) is tantamount to having Lornea present.
Her smiles are so care free, her self brought forward......
She is delight to view.,.

oh shit! It's Lorena, attacking my resolve to be grumpy today. Oh no, I feel great now!

OK, your new MA nickname is "Grumpy Cat." :D

LOL She DOES have that effect...

#11 --

I would turn over my bank card without a second thought.

;-> (lol)

You mean 'to buy her some nice slacks'...right?? ;o)

At the risk of sounding bourgoise --- FABULOUS !!!!!

1. She's indoors --
2. She's smiling --
3. She's wearing heels -- heels, by God!
4. She projects an air of sexuality and under-stated elegance --
5. This set showcases some of the best -- no, THE BEST LEGS ON MET !!!!!!!!

I've been stumbling across a good bit of her material on other sites that manage to accomplish these goals -- but not with the "class and quality" of MET. Helios seems to have been "stuck" on beaches, forests, and patios -- with a lot less warmth from his subject.

FINALLY -- Lorena is flirting with the camera while luring me upstairs to what I hope will be "a bedroom set" !!!

In truth, I had given up on Lorena. But I see she still has "the touch" . Thank the Gods.

a "10" +10+10+10+10 -- so on and so forth.

Ahhh, There's our beautiful Lorena, with her beautiful face and perfectly framed pussy.

And let's not forget her perfect breasts.

Always a 10+++ to me.

Totally stunning!!!

Gorgeous. That smile is amazing, and so is she.

Spectacular location! Lorena has never looked better, but this "artist" seldom "hits the mark"... I'm in rare agreement with uuusssee..very few good shots, percentage wise. This 'could have' been a spectacular set! But since there has been so few sets of Lorena here on MA lately, I'll take it!!

Ava Gardner's grand daughter!

I can see that!

Now that you mention it...absolutely! The resemblance is certainly there.

So happy to see a new set of my girl crush, Lorena! This stunning lady never fails to amaze me with her confidence. Even when she's completely naked, she can exude sexy and elegant.

Her legs are to-die for! This set just made my day,thank you Lorena!

She does have the most awesome legs, but every bit of her is picture-perfect. She has every reason to be confident!

Very hot on the stairs.I wish Lorena is going up to the bedroom next.

Love seeing her pics and vids. She is always feminine, elegant, beautiful, upbeat, and sexy. A treasure.

120 photos but not more than 8 - 10 really good shots of one of the best models in the world! Boring!

Agreed. Since Helios obviously loves Lorena's top, I'd like to wring his neck with it.

Let's hang him from a tree
A lynching it will be.

Lorena is one of sexiest, and most beautiful women. She exudes desirability and elegance as few others can. Her personality is so flamboyant and totally confident it's almost overwhelming and her body is magnificent. I don't think I have ever seen a bad set even the beach sets with sand all over that lovely body are irresistible because her sexuality can overpower just about anything the environment might throw at her.

This is a perfect setting for her and the outfit really works. I love all the different angles and distances. Not to mention all the awesome poses. Lorena really put those long lovely legs to work creating some very interesting poses. Those stairs are a bit scary but it didn't seem to effect Lorena a bit.

It's been awhile but this set was well worth the wait. A very enthusiastic 10++++ for model and artist.

It's been a fantastic week on Metart! Thanks to all involved!

lorena is not the prettiest girl on met art but when it comes to sex appeal she is equal number one with Divinia.They ooze sexuality.boy that would be some daily double.On sex art lorena and mango are worth the price of admission alone.lorena is one classy.sexy babe she would be great to have a cup of tea with.

Remove the "not" in your first sentence and I'll agree with everything you say!

LOL Damn lazy I'd say...;o)

Lorena. Grinning. Bottomless. In heels. Spread wide on the stairs. Total perfection.

The lady is back in classic Lorena style! Hold on to your hats, this one's a barn burner. ( :
I really like the long braid, it looks elegant and refined and just a tad "girl next door" simultaneously. Her hair is glorious when she lets it all down, don't get me wrong... ( :

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