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  • Sten
  • 7 months ago:

I think, that there is something wrong with the colors...

Herrlich, sie ist von Anfang an ganz nackig, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

She is special, something in her facial features. Very alluring.

She has the face of an angel. But I'd much rather see her photographed on a big fluff bed instead of tables and chairs.

I really like this beauty but this set leaves MUCH to be desired!
Especially proper lighting and point of focus! Her first set is still the best!

Rockhard I don't mean any offense dude, but clearly the lighting in this set is designed to be artistic. Arkisi's success in achieving that is perhaps debateable; personally I think its a pretty good job. If you like even lighting with no shadows, this set will obviously disappoint. I can certainly understand that point of view. I am not a huge fan of the use of light and shadow as an artistic element in nude photography, because I think it is actually quite difficult to do it well. And often times the shadows can be annoying. One thing is for sure--this girl is gorgeous and she obviously luvs to show off her sexy body!

This is a lovely set. I like the close up shots as well as the fact that the model is nude throughout.

Thank God there's option to hide comment... :-DDD

Lovely Loretta,don´t skip meals anymore

Stunning model who is happy to model like all models should. Moereover this is one of my more favourite photographers. The shoots are hardly ever (if at all) boring and the models are photoraphed in such a way that shows everything, often in close up, with nothing concealed and everything sticking right out there in the open for the viewer to see. I like that.

Lovely Loretta - what a great set! You have no inhibitions at all. Thank you for the bend- over shots of your sweet little anus. In both sets so far you pinch and pull your nipples - please make that a habit! Above all thanks for the closeups of your luscious curly labia. You are SO sexy.

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