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nice beaver.

Lovely Loretta...Aaahh

I've loved each set this model's produced and enjoyed watching her grow. She's got a dramatic flair and really knows how to turn it on powerfully when she wants to, and is wise enough to turn it down sometimes, to laugh or smile or just be demure, yet always sexual.

Maybe I'm in the minority in this but what I like best about MetArt (aside from beautiful models and good photographers working together) is following (watching) a model throughout her career, from different angles and perspectives. Like turning a gem to see how the light catches each facet, revealing her moods and how she and the photographer are trying to create a "model" of something each time. I really like how this set adds to my enjoyment of Loretta A. Beautiful.

Those first few pix are awesome. She has a very lovely face, nice breasts and a tight ass but for me seeing her in the shirt was even sexier than nude.

I don't like the Jacket here.

Nah - it totally suits her "60's fashion icon" looks. An inspired choice if you ask me.

Loretta has a gorgeous face, great hair and wonderful body. Especially her well-developed pussy and anus, which in this set are wonderfully displayed. Good job Arkisi.

Maybe not the best lighting and poses, but what a face, chest, and pussy! Beautiful woman.

Lickable feet? Suckable toes? Where? She's not even barefoot!
Definitely there is a trouble with tags in Met-Art!

She has a super sexy mouth, really nice ass too.....

This is a good set of Loretta, a favorite of mine with her long legs and full-featured vulva. I particularly like 94, which shows the shape of her nice raised pubic mound. A good mix of poses keeps it interesting. Although some may not like that she has the jacket on the entire set, I think it helps accentuate her long legs, particularly early in the set. Great job, Arkisi.

Loretta is beautiful. I like this set, and the pubic mound in #94 is only one reason why. Thank you Loretta and Arkisi.

Agreed, this form had drawn my attention at that moment ;)

94 does it for me, too.

More Loretta.
My wishes are coming true.
Keep it coming MetNetwork.

Yes, she wants to shoot more and more, so keep fingers crossing for she won't change her mind.


You do a really nice job shooting Loretta, Mr. Arkisi. Kudos!

she is pretty hot.

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