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Loretta looks so lushious!!! Need a lot more like it please.

This girl and this photographer get it: we're here for the cunt and ass!

the trouble is I am of an age now where I can only sleep with happy dreams after a good set of MetArt photos. You need one hell of a lot of cash for any girl the appropriate age and shape to take any notice of you!

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Same as it ever wuz :-)

Ain't that the truth!

Gorgeous girl without secrets.
A photoset less baroque would most exalted its overwhelming beauty.

Wow, typically I find the extremely thin to be off-putting. But this lady has challenged my perception a bit. Lovely dramatic features, exotic, and sexy. Sexy and engaging, she's a beautiful lady.

Well done set.

  • Gary
  • 12 months ago:

Loretta is a goddess. Her face is stunningly beautiful and so is her pussy. Unbelievably erotic and artistic set. Well done.

I hate to say it Doug but it is a straight case that I don't like eating Fluff!

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

Then use your hands, Simon! :-)

arkisi love this love your work i think your a true master

If you want film and photoshoot together one of the best I know is by Luca Helios. A photoshoot called Dialitias dated 24/3/10 with Anastasia C and Vera G becomes a film called Stardom. I have been critical in the past of Luca Helios' photography but this is damn good!

When I see Arkisi, I know it's going to be well worth my time to look. This set with Loretta did not disappoint. She is beautiful and erotic. What more could one possibly ask for?

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

I *always* have to say that a bush would go well with those lovely locks.*
Try it -- you might like it!
After all, pubic hair is part of the adult vulva.
For several reasons, I might add.
Trust evolution, and the hand of "God."
Seductive colors in this set.
Oops -- couldn't resist the airbrush: 66.
I don't get why that looks better than "not photoshopped."
Are you ashamed of the human body?
Parts of it, ¡si!
But certainly not the labia, which are studied ad nauseam.

*and hands (56)

You are fighting a losing battle, my friend. Shaving is the norm, pubic hair is rare. The pendulum always swings back, maybe you'll see the day come. (And maybe someday tattoos will be less popular, but I'm not holding my breathe!) Meanwhile, these are no doubt the most beautiful women you will find anywhere, and they choose to be shaven. Enjoy it dude!

By the way, some of us do not grow weary of seeing labia. If that is a part of the female body you don't like, just move on to the shots that show what you like! Life is too short, concentrate on the positives!

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

Who said I didn't like that part of the female body :-?
It's just not the only part :-)

The pendulum swings because people push it :-)

Agreed about tatoos -- another piece of unnatural that usually degrades for me.

And fortunately on this site there's a girl or two who let it grow. I'm grateful :-)

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

And BTW, Red, the pubic hair is always there, lurking, waiting to express itself :-)

Good points Doug, I understand you better now. Suffice to say we disagree on how often close-ups are appropriate. I don't think labia get an unresonable amount of attention; in fact I rather like it. That's not to say I don't appreciate these women from head to toe, I marvel at how that part of the world has such amazing female beauty.

Well, go ahead and nudge the pendulum, and good luck with that. When women started shaving over a decade ago, I was horrified. Over the years I've come to appreciate a clean-shaven pussy. What I don't understand is when I see stubble. Why would you shave and then on the day of a big photo shoot, decide to leave a few day's stubble? It's a popular look with men these days too, I don't get the appeal of the 3-day shadow. With pubic hairs, I get your preference for "natural" yet if a bush is too thick, trimming lets those wonderful lips express themselves. I do feel that with redheads, it's a crime to shave. Red pubic hair is so rare it should be a national treasure, not shaved.

Yeah, tattoos- yuk. In about 25 years all these people with tattoos are going to notice how bad wrinkled skin looks with all that ink. But they are ubiquitous in the U.S. and elsewhere. I hope that trend ends soon.

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

The smaller the tatoo, the better. I've heard all that ink is not good for your health.
Yeah, my feeling is just move the bush out of the way if you want to see the flesh better.
It's just more of interest for me. More of her. More sensuality.
More furry warmth, for that matter :-)
Rylsky's recently photographed (or published) somebody with a red bush. I've got her tabbed somewhere...:-)
The first time I saw shaved at a nude beach many years ago I -- well, she was a beautiful tawny blonde, and I just wondered, why the hell would she do that? Kinda kinky. Her boyfriend must have loved it, but I thought it looked about as good as a clear-cut :-(
I just don't like seeing 95% shaved. A little stubble at least gives the outline of the bush, suggests how much hair is there. Gives things a little more texture. A little more womanliness :-)
Let there be a real choice, not what looks to me a dictate.

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

Clarification: I don't like seeing "95% shaved" on a site with this many beautiful women. Seems to me it ought to reflect more of the population at large, outside the realm of porn.
You'd think these girls were prepping to be porn stars.
A 50-50 mix would be OK. Heck, I'd settle for 25% unshaved, to begin with :-)


This was actually a follow up to a discussion from yesterday and strictly a comparison to her earlier work with clear polish not a bitch I think Arkisi reply made his opinion, the one that really counts, clear.

I am not too happy with this set. Oh, she is a pretty girl and the setting in itself as the posing is ok. But the colours make look her sickly.

I like slender girls, but Loretta seems to be verging on anorexia. Would someone please buy this lovely girl a double cheeseburger and milk shake?

I'm with you, wheelerrr... she is so damn pretty I want to like how she looks but she is so thin now that she almost seems emaciated. I look at her and I would rather cook her a filling meal than make love to her...

Some of us like them petite and slim. I find this girl to be amazingly sexy and perfect as she is.

I'm fine with her long & lean figure. There are no ribs showing.

  • Mg
  • 12 months ago:

Arkisi...It would be kind of interesting to know what the pre-shoot preparation involves.. In terms of perfecting the look, with regard to shaving/waxing, makeup..do you get involved? Also, how long does a typical shoot last? Might be interesting to see a movie showing the actual photo shoot in progress. For some reason this seems quite erotic to me.


Actually Erro did this a couple of times years ago. We got a movie and a photo set by the same name. He shot the photos and had a videographer shot the photo session. He, Erro, was actually visible in part of the film. And your right it was very interesting to see.

An absolute perfect 10!

Great photography. Lovely Lady! Awesome close-ups of Loretta's Luscious Labios! Awesome...I want!

Loretta certainly knows how to make love with the camera, and she's not shy about it either. Loretta is a firm favourite of mine and I hope to see her back here soon.

Arkisi, This set demonstrates what I commented on yesterday. Her hands and the manicure. I reviewed her previous sets on the ones I looked at clear polish, and good use of hands. On this one when her hands were in the explicit shots the two tone nail polish was a disraction for her spectacularly formed labia. As others have commented on previous sets sh has one of the most photogenic labia's going and presents it almost perfectly. Overall she is a good poser, ie leg and arm position, etc. Whats your opinion.

Sometimes it is very hard if not impossible to remove shellac nail polish at location. I have liquid but only for a regular one. So I always try to make two shots with hands and without them. Personally I do prefer including fingers into close-up image to make composition more dynamic.

Thanks, and I have noticed that you do, do that. At least you do not enhance and give us the models as they really are, which is a good thing.


I have a hard time seeing anything as a distraction when I am looking at this body. I have the same feeling concerning tats. I think when a woman has a sleeve or is grossly tatted up is a distraction. The finger nail polish gives me no concern. Although, I do love a woman who has beautiful nails. I was to busy looking at her to notice this time!

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