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Herrlich, wie schamlos sie ihren nackten Schamhügel zeigt, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

Very beautiful girl, do consider making more videos of her. Just a single video across all of your networks (only in Eternal Desire) just doesn't do her justice.

Like the smiles in photo. Would like a natural photo with some hair and maybe 10 more pounds. She's beautiful!!

Loretta has been posing all year, probably because she looks even better without cloths than she does with them. That little black dress is really beautiful on her, but then so is her birthday suit.

I love the tall and slender Loretta. She is very fine in every way. Arkisi can be counted on to give the proper attention to the female vulva as he does in this set. With Loretta being so beautifully endowed in that area, that is very much appreciated.

Loretta : beautiful sensual and uninhibited.
The mirror : excellent idea.

Loretta: stunning, as mentioned, a mind-blowing combination of thin frame and protruding meaty lips. All I can say is wow!

Arkisi: arguably one of the best photographers on MetArt in my humble opinion

Lighting: I'd have preferred to see just a bit more fill light on this set. It's always a balance of nice directional lighting, but not leaving too many deep shadows (we like to see the models tasty bits!) OTOH, too much fill leaves you with a "flat" look. I'd probably also warm up the color balance a tad as well. I'm nitpicking here since I'm a photographer, but overall this is a great set of a very hot young lady.

Warm, feminine pocket babe rocket.

LOVE her petite body to meaty vulva combination. So lovably huggable.

Very inviting. Very sexy.


Loretta is a stunning beauty with a wonderful attitude. Nice work but I do agree with fer_realz that the lighting could use improvement.

Finally today an eleven. Very nice.

I enjoyed this set of photographs very much. The happiness on Loretta's face is so appealing, and it adds to her beauty.

I like the light in this set - it is bright, but somehow soft at the same time.

As a rule of thumb I'm not thrilled by Arkisi's lighting... it generally seems too harsh somehow.
But in this set it works beautifully to highlight not only Loretta's gorgeously pale skin, but also brings out/highlights the red in her hair.
A gorgeous set of a stupendously sexy woman. ( :


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