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What a breathtaking, captivating, stunningly beautiful, smouldering hot woman! WOW....

One of the few on Met-Art with a beautiful face matching their other attributes... Lovely.

Everyone has already heaped praise on Loretta and Arkisi, and deservedly so. She is simply stunning, and Arkisi you are the crown jewel of the MetArt photographers, in my humble opinion. Bravo!

Wow - what a sensational sexy set this is.

Loretta has it all - physical perfection & a smouldering sexuality - great work - more of this beautiful woman & soon!

Loretta magnificent witch, magnetic gaze embraces you with her graces and .... you bewitch.

scene 10
atmosphere 10
lights 10
Loretta 10 + +

nothing more

10 also to the winking red necklace

Wow! Loretta is Hot! Now if I cm come up with a friend like this I will die happy!

Stunning, Loretta is one of the best pure pussy models on MET. She knows how to show it off and Arkisi displays the masters touch in translating her sexiness to images. Gorgeous girl and a great photographer, perfect.

Agreed. I always hesitate to comment here about a model having a nice vulva, lest it be construed that this is all that matters. Of course, it isn't. Loretta is beautiful, slender and leggy, but ohhh, such a wonderful flower! How can one not notice these ample petals of womanhood, certainly as Loretta is unashamed to show it and Arkisi able to perfectly capture every detail?

Thank you Loretta and Arkisi.

This girl is amazing.

This is why Arkisi is on my list of favorite photographers...This is just an incredible set!

I'd hit it.

So, Birthday... let me guess... you kinda like this girl?
( ;

This is probably the best I've ever seen in MetArt. Arkisi, I always enjoy your photos as there's always "something" in your series. This is really the perfect match of the charm of the model and the talent of the photographer. Loretta, every part of your body is so beautiful but your eyes are so special... Thank you very much, both of you.

Thank you too :)

Well here we have a perfect set! What a sensationally beautiful woman Loretta is, and the unusual pose in frame 32 has got me mesmerised. Fear not though, I love all the others too.

pure beauty and total sexual energy

Wow!! This set is HOT!! Over the top Sexually satisfying

After long pondering, I am convinced that there is ~ and forever has been ~ one and only one Little Black Dress, worn simultaneously by millions upon millions of women.
See, it was designed and manufactured by the Devil hissef... as a trap for unwary and impressionable young men... to lure them willingly into a life of debauchery and woman worship.
That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. ( :

That would explain "The Devil Wears Prada" --


A well-reasoned thought, "fer".

Thank you, Dreadnought. As you might imagine, I have given this matter much much thought over the years. ( :

Loretta, if I got any where close to you I would probably mess that pretty black dress up.

Not to mention your pants:-)


Very interesting...

Luscious. What a stunner!

nothing could be more sexy or more beautifuly done if someone dont like this nothing can make them happy

If I have correctly interpreted what you say, I can say:
The men are white or blacks, yellows or reds (not the by the color of their skin but by their different cultures, for their different feelings).
When something you do not like, tries to say "enjoy" to a stranger.
I will do the same thing.

Agreed - it doesn't get much better than this!

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